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Daily Rituals to Harness Your Divine Feminine Energy

Research has shown that engaging in rituals can have significant psychological benefits.

Rituals can create a sense of meaning, purpose, and belonging, and can help individuals cope with difficult emotions or life transitions.

For example, studies have shown that individuals who engage in daily rituals, such as meditation or prayer, experience less stress and greater emotional well-being than those who do not engage in these practices. Rituals can also serve as a way to mark significant life events, such as weddings, funerals, or graduations, and provide a sense of closure or transition.

In addition, communal rituals can create a sense of social cohesion and solidarity within a group. For example, participating in religious or cultural ceremonies can foster a sense of belonging and identity within a community. Research has also explored the therapeutic benefits of rituals, such as using rituals to cope with trauma or grief. For example, individuals who have experienced trauma may benefit from creating a ritual to honor and process their experiences, such as lighting a candle or creating a memorial.

How Marriage, Motherhood, and Careers Can Disconnect Women from their Feminine Energy

After getting married or having children, women often feel pressured to adopt a more masculine energy in order to balance their roles as caregivers and providers. In the workplace, women are often told to suppress their feminine traits and adopt more masculine behaviours in order to be taken seriously and advance in their careers. This pressure to constantly operate in a masculine energy can cause women to become disconnected from their feminine energy, leading to feelings of burnout, disconnection, and a lack of fulfilment. Read about my own journey through this here.

For example, a woman who works in a male-dominated industry may feel like she has to constantly act tough and aggressive in order to fit in and be taken seriously. Or, a mother may feel like she has to be constantly productive and efficient, putting her own needs and desires or business dreams and priorities on the backburner. Over time, this disconnection from their feminine energy can lead to physical and emotional issues, such as anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. It's important for women to recognize the value of their feminine energy and find ways to reconnect with it, whether that be through self-care practices, creative pursuits, or simply allowing themselves to embrace their intuition and emotions.

The Power of Slowing Down

In our fast-paced modern world, it can be challenging for women to find time for self-care, deep rest and to connect with their inner divine feminine energy. The polyvagal theory explains that when our nervous system is in a state of stress or overwhelm, our bodies enter into fight or flight mode, which can lead to feelings of disconnection, anxiety, and burnout.

Our nervous system has three distinct response states: the social engagement system, the sympathetic fight or flight response, and the parasympathetic freeze response. When we experience stress or overwhelm, our bodies may switch into the fight or flight response, which can lead to feelings of disconnection, anxiety, and burnout. This is because our body is preparing to either confront the perceived threat or run away from it. When we are in this state, our heart rate increases, our breathing becomes shallow, and our digestion slows down.

Slowing down and engaging in practices such as meditation, breath-work, and gentle movement can help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us to feel more calm, centered, and grounded. This can in turn help us to connect with our inner feminine energy, which is nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate.

Taking time for self-care and slowing down can also help us to set healthy boundaries and prioritise our needs, which is crucial for maintaining our emotional and spiritual well-being. By making space for ourselves and reconnecting with our divine feminine energy, we can feel more empowered, authentic, and fulfilled in all aspects of our lives.

5 Practices to Slow Down

  1. 20 min grounding practice

  2. 14 mins guided practice to release pelvic floor tension

  3. 15 min heart field opening meditation

  4. Practice to connect to your heart and emotional body

  5. Womb-heart-throat axis

Your Womb as a Gateway: Importance of Womb Healing for Your Divine Feminine Connection

The womb is not only the source of life but also a source of nourishment and connection to the divine feminine energy. However, due to societal pressure and stress, sexual trauma, disconnection from the body and ancestral patterns of disconnection, many women often carry tension and stress in their womb, leading to physical and emotional imbalances. Click here to read more about how unresolved womb trauma from childhood sexual abuse and sexual trauma in adult life affects the brain.

Your womb is not only a physical organ but also a holder of emotional tension and spiritual insights into your maternal ancestry.

Recent shows that stress and emotions are stored in the muscular walls of the uterus, which can lead to physical and emotional imbalances. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, stress is a major health concern for women, and it is estimated that women are twice as likely to experience stress-related illnesses than men. The hormonal changes that occur in the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy can also impact a woman's emotional state and the tension held in the womb. By learning how to release tension and relax in the womb, women can tap into a powerful source of nourishment and healing.

5 Practices to Connect with Your Womb

By learning to rest and relax in the womb, women can release this tension and reconnect with their divine feminine energy. Practices such as deep breathing, meditation, and gentle movement can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to rest and heal. This connection to the womb allows us to tap into the original source of nourishment and power that we carry with us at all times.

Powerful somatic practices to weave into your daily life. Free on the Kimiya Healing Podcast.

The Importance of Connecting with the Divine Feminine

The sacred feminine is an essential part of our existence, yet it has been suppressed and devalued in many societies. By connecting with the sacred feminine, we can tap into our intuition, empathy, creativity, and compassion, and find balance within ourselves and in our relationships. The feminine energy is nurturing, grounding, and receptive, which allows us to connect with the natural world and our inner wisdom. When we embrace and honor the sacred feminine, we can heal the wounds of patriarchy, challenge gender norms, and create a more equitable and compassionate world. It is time for us to reclaim the power and beauty of the sacred feminine and integrate it into our daily lives.

Are you feeling disconnected from your feminine energy and struggling with stress and tension? The Womb Room and our 1-1 program can help. Our holistic approach helps women connect with their womb as a source of nourishment and relaxation, releasing emotional tension and promoting overall well-being. Our program is tailored to your unique needs, combining coaching and energy healing techniques to help you find balance and embrace your divine feminine.

Take the first step towards a more relaxed and fulfilling life by booking a clarity call with us to talk in more detail about your path forward.

What My Clients Say

"Upon leaving the womb after the ten days, I felt an altered state of awareness.I now have clarity of what my inner wisdom says, how to access it throughout the day, mood by mood. Acceptance. Deeper stillness, as if I had just been away on a meditation retreat. Yet, the whole time I was in my life, integrating in real time. Such a golden experience Safa evokes. Her dedication to the enlightenment of consciousness knows no bounds I am blown away by what was accomplished in such a unique way through womb room.If you are seeking powerful personal transformation, Safa will give you the platform to dive into the deep end."

-Brook, USA

"Womb Room was life changing to say the least. The effects were so profound, words cannot do justice. My internal environment and the way I process incidents of my past has completely changed. Safa's guidance has helped me find a place, a rooting and sense of security within myself. A connection with the place of everlasting energy is a divine gift, Safa facilitated it. She is a healer with immense capacity and coming across her work has been a gift from the universe. If you have come across her, I'd ask you to take the opportunity without a doubt. I totally recommend her."​

-Devika, India

"In Womb Room I have been shaken, broken, rebuilt, burnt and risen. I have always had a very strong determination to heal myself and my body from past trauma and am not afraid to look at my own shadow.What I experienced in Womb Room however, was far beyond what I had expected, especially in just 10 days. I saw parts of my shadow that I hadn’t even acknowledged, hiding below the levels I was comfortable with seeing.I was pushed to deeper levels, of questioning, seeing, looking, feeling. Spirals of death and rebirth, literally seeing the stories I was still telling myself coming to the surface and staring me right in the face. The identity I was hiding behind. The excuses. Safa’s beautiful ability to hold deeply loving, supporting space whilst also pushing, to go deeper, further into the dirt, was exactly what I needed.Combined with the group space where I found the most beautiful, powerful, inspirational, loving warriors, sharing and opening, trusting, vulnerable and fierce. They mirrored my wounds and shared their pain, they listened, heard, spoke, held, in a way that was so deeply beautiful it has given me a new concept of what is possible within humanity. I was able to express parts of myself that felt so raw, fragile and was met with strong, firm, loving hands and hearts. No shame, no judgement, no fear. I wrote this after one of the live healing sessions:

"I saw myself in a coffin, as a skeleton, the old me, rotting and dust, but I stood up and danced. Like a day of the dead lady. With red roses around my skull.”

I experienced my own death and rebirth. I am ready to rise from the ashes. I am ready to be wild. If you want this too, go into Womb. Thank you so much Safa and thank you to every single womb warrior here. I am so deeply grateful 🌹 "

-Alice, UK

"Womb Room was an opening of light and truth! At the start I could feel a dense energy clearing from my feet and then my hands. There were moments where the expansion in my chest was big it was lifting me away from the bed! My chest area was active, opening and jolting as energy shifted through me. I felt waves of energy caressing my body and strong sensations in my womb and yoni.So much went on for me this past hour, not sure how to recall it all. Discomfort rising and releasing from the depths of my being, the cells of my body releasing the pain they have been carrying. I was able witness it, feel into and then reject it. Sound vibration clearing the deep held energy. I had visualisations and sensations of being in Womb, of energy transmission, of being a young child held by my father. It felt like love overcoming trauma. I soothed the inner child, held her close and expressed love for her. I was singing and witnessing blue light emanating from my throat chakra, a sense of freedom and joy.All rounded off with a warm blanket of love and a new found sense of empowerment."

Thank you Safa.​

-Natasha, UK



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