Can I have a one off healing session?

No. If you could heal what you needed to in one session, you wouldn't need me ;)

I only work on programme basis. This is a minimum of 6 sessions. This allows depth and space for a healing process to fully occur and integrate. If you'd like to experience healing but you're not ready for a personalised 1-1 programme join my group alchemy sessions twice a month

Can you heal my child(ren)?

Yes. I typically work with the whole family where available. A child is part of the whole and is a product of their parenting and environment. Where there are severe cases I will support a child to heal individually.

Can I have an in-person session?

No. I don't do in-person work anymore. Quite frankly, my distance healing work is even more powerful (read my client testimonials). All healing work takes place remotely, via Zoom.

Can you heal my husband?

Please ask your husband to contact me himself.

Do I need to believe in healing to be healed?

No. You just need to be willing to start. What you will experience will blow your paradigm of possibility. Then you can start believing in the most important thing in the world. Yourself.

Can I pay in installments?

Only if you are in financial need and can explain to me why you are unable to pay upfront.

Can you help me navigate my dark night of the soul / spiritual initiation?

Yes, definitely. Get in touch.

Where can I learn more about healing?

Read my blog, join my training programme or follow Womb Room my Facebook group where I share daily lives

Can I have more than six sessions?

If you need it, it will be discussed. Some clients do, some don't.

My goal is to get you resolution within six sessions.