Stuff you might be wondering
How do you heal without touching my body?

I have a unique ability to feel deeper than most human beings on this planet. That means I feel and see your physical body, structure, organs and nervous system and can actively work with the vibrational expressions and patterns they exhibit. These patterns relate to your beliefs, emotions, past experiences and future potential.


I have a unique gift of being able to feel and see subtle vibration and ordinarily hidden realms. This has been cultivated from endless initiations and ever deeper grounding into the stillness of the grave.


I am able to offer you this space that is totally still and clear. All movement becomes immediately obvious and evident and that is the most powerful space of all, because that is where you can finally see yourself and make new choices.


Every step of the way I am your inner guide and the way I work is to feel more deeply than you, so that I am always taking you into new landscapes within yourself. I believe you can only meet someone as deeply as you have met yourself and my perception and skills are now globally renowned becal and express whatever comes up. 

My clients (many of whom are healers, somatic therapists and shaman) are always astonished by how clear my space is, how radical the healing changes happen and how I can realign spines instantly without touching their body. 


Furthermore I don't just heal you, I also teach you to deepen your own felt sense so you can learn to heal yourself. This is where true embodied empowerment comes from.

How do I know if i'm ready for this depth of healing?

This is for you if...

You're trauma aware and ready to recognise the root causes, willing to see whatever you need to in order to heal yourself now. You're no longer looking to return to who you once were, you're all about building a new version of yourself that feels alive, aligned and fearless.


You're committed to your inner growth, spiritual expansion and embodiment and value integrity and alignment. You're done hiding, playing small and you're ready to transform.


You're excited by embodied shadow work and you're willing to face your fears as they arise in order to heal, self illuminate and raise your frequency in a real and lasting way.


You're willing to feel and express your emotions, surrender your ego, cry, scream, roar, laugh and do whatever is required to release the patterns of pain, dysfunction and trauma, to become your greatest.

You're ready for radical breakthroughs, healing miracles and access to deeper embodied wisdom and divine dimensions within you. You understand that this requires you to face your fears and go deeper, to turn them into love.

You're financially ready to invest in your healing, growth and future. You know that your health and embodiment is the foundation of anything you desire to create and will be returned to you 10X over when you are actually able to regain your health and realise your potential

This is probably not for you if...

You're more scared of what you'll uncover and you'd rather not find out incase you feel worse. Those shadows can be really confronting but trust me, they're just unmanifest light waiting to be integrated through self awareness.


You don't want to hold yourself accountable to your own patterns because believing in change is too scary. When you've been stuck in trauma for a lifetime change is terrifying but it's also immensely liberating and deep down this is what you're seeking. 

The idea of emotional expression is overwhelming. We're told to hold it all in, but being able to cry, scream, move your body and release somatically is key to releasing the charge held in your nervous system.


The only way you feel empowered is by keeping your heart closed, resisting your own growth and rejecting yourself. Complex trauma leaves you feeling unworthy and disconnected and we only start living when we step in to finally heal this.

You want a quick fix to relieve your symptoms without wanting to dive deep into  the root causes to fundamentally expand your consciousness. The body is the base level of consciousness and to resolve deep patterns self recognition is required, that means you need to be awake and willing to see yourself.

You're financially unstable or not able to invest in your healing transformation. The truth is, trauma holds us back in all aspects of our lives and often this also means we are not realising our true potential professionally or financially. Healing is vital to being able to live your dreams fully. 

Why are your programmes so expensive?

I really only get asked this by people who are either new to healing work, unsure of what trauma they need to heal or what their healing goals are and have no idea what transformation they are looking for or ready for.  Unfortunately this is what trauma does. It makes us cloudy and confused, terrified to invest in ourselves incase it doesn't pay off, or we let ourselves down, it stops us from earning our full potential in careers or leaves us dependent on other people.

Trust me, I get it. I've helped so many of my clients rise out of this position that they call their experiences  'priceless'

Here's some examples:

'I’m dumbfounded Safa, that was so profound! I’m shocked and surprised and amazed what has just happened. I felt myself open up as big and as wide as the Atlas mountains, vastness, so much space. I feel like I’ve cleared out a load of junk. Oh Safa I’m so grateful to you, wow, thank you, this has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life'

'After decades of disconnection Safa introduced me to my body again- my organs and my wholeness. She helped me reunite the whole of my body as one beautiful oneness. Realigning my spine was transformational! Now I can now get up from a seated or lying down position with ease.

I have not been able to do this for many years'

'Safa's work helped me process and heal at such a deep level. I've never met anyone who works so specifically with such a huge open heart as her. Her belief in the human being and her power to heal and transform is unique.'

 So let me start by saying that the Kimiya Healing approach to trauma work is globally unparalleled, incredibly effective and designed to deliver you healing miracles. This is a space where the impossible becomes possible.

I'm ready to offer you this.


What's in the way of you and your transformation right now isn't money. It's mindset. 

It's feeling unworthy, unsure, scared to commit to your higher self, fear of change and uncertainty- fear of your own power.

Let me tell you what's far more scary- not realising your true potential as a human being. You are a gift to this world. You deserve to actually feel like you are living your purposeful, healthy and spiritually expansive reality with endless flow, abundance and creativity, rather than just getting by, day by day. 

Not being able to be your true self is the greatest cost there is. It's an expensive price to pay for trauma that happened many decades ago.


What would you pay for a priceless transformation? 

I'm not selling you trauma therapy. I'm offering you a direct path to your greatness, physically, emotionally and spiritually and a journey of a lifetime where you will finally discover your true power. 

My pioneering approach will enable you to rapidly realise your health and transformation goals in a fraction of the time it would take visiting other practitioners.


Rather than visiting a health coach, a spiritual guide, a somatic trauma therapist, a structural practitioner, a womb healer, a talking therapist and paying for all that separately in a disjointed way (how much would that cost you every month?) With me, you get it all upfront and ready. 


This leads to a truly holistic integration of body mind and spirit and saves you thousands of dollars and many, many months or years in mainstream therapy that simply doesn't take you to the places that your soul yearns to go. 


My clients who have been down other healing routes have confirmed this to me, they've never experienced this depth of work ever - not in retreats, not in other healing programmes or even in psychedelic ceremonies. Infact, many of my clients are active shaman and healers themselves. 

You can consider me expensive but I encourage you to determine the value of your own healing goals and what you could be doing when you finally live the way you always dreamed of. 

Some questions

- What's the cost of doing nothing - estimate this for yourself

- Cost of working with multiple practitioners every month

- How much has this trauma cost you so far in unrealised potential?

- How much have you spent on retreats and ceremonies only to end up back in the same place?

- What is the value of your transformation? 

- How much more will you earn when you can fully realise your gifts in this world?

- How serious are you about inner growth and changing your reality for yourself and your family?
- How much is this new reality worth to you?

My clients mostly realise their ROI (return on investment) is substantial and jump into the deep end ready to get to work. Do you want this? Get in touch.