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Womb, Death, and Ancestral Healing

The concept of Womb, Death and Ancestral Healing refers to the intergenerational impact of trauma and unresolved emotions on the female body, particularly the reproductive system. Through healing these wounds and connecting with our ancestors, we can release the patterns of trauma that have been passed down through generations and cultivate a deeper sense of healing and empowerment. This process often involves exploring and honouring the experiences of our ancestors, as well as addressing our own personal traumas and emotional wounds. By working with the energy of the womb, embracing the cycles of life and death, and connecting with our ancestral lineage, we can unlock a profound sense of healing and transformation in our lives.

The power and love we seek is in our womb. Do we dare to go inside? Our womb holds our pain, potential and everything in between. It is a sacred portal. An honest mirror. Feel it spin, dissolve in this dark black ocean. Dissolve in this light. This is the world of womb.

Without our wombs we cannot get access to our roots -our ancestors. Without our ancestors we are walking narcissists. Lost. We have no idea who we are because we have no idea WHAT WE ARE BORN FROM. This light, this power in our lines, this LOVE is OURS. We need to reclaim the womb, the roots, the truth - to find OURSELVES.

Our ancestors hold the key to our identity and understanding where we come from. Without this connection, we risk becoming disconnected and lost, disconnected from the light, power, and love that our ancestors have passed down to us through our lineage. It is crucial to reclaim our wombs, roots, and truth so that we can fully embrace our identity and find ourselves. Through womb and ancestral healing, we can reconnect with our past and move forward with a greater sense of purpose and understanding.

When we know who we are, we dissolve all distortions, bow down in love. In service. In humble nothingness. We stop fighting ourselves. We HEAL. Healing often means doing the things we REALLY don't want to do. Which is usually, FEELING. Feeling our womb, our heart and emotions, feeling our BODY, feeling each other, feeling has no end. Where we stop feeling is where we stop healing. If we stop feeling in our body, this is where we stop healing. We feel to heal, and make space for the ancestors to dance through us. This is how we are taught. This is how we learn, spiritually, we learn when we are grounded and rooted, anchored in TRUST to be thrown into the raging flames of unconditional love that sets our soul alight. If we are blocked, we stop feeling, we have nowhere for them to be within us, to guide, we cannot feel them.

Rest is trust. Rest is Death. Rest is God

Our frequency is elevated when we feel into REST. REST is trust. REST is God. We can only worship when we trust the ground to drop and still hold us. This is faith. Faith is our birthright, it is wired into our field. We are full of faith and trust. We just need to feel. To feel we need to rest. To rest we need to feel. REST is DEATH. Rest will be the end of us and the beginning of us. Rest is a still, harmonised nervous system, an embodied body, golden roots, our ancestors holding us in this cosmic web. We fall, we go nowhere except higher. How is it possible to fall and go higher than before? Take a leap of faith. Trust. Let go. Surrender. Again and again. Surrender.

The Ancestral Safety Net: How Trusting Our Ancestors Can Support Our Healing Journey

Can we trust our ancestors to hold us and let us rest? We don't trust, because we don't know rest. We think they don’t know rest, because we have stories. These stories are entangled in the field. Personal, ancestral and collective quantum fields. We must untangle these cobwebs and discover what they really are. These stories have protected us, the way a spider spins a web across a cave. We need the stories but we also need to discover for ourselves, they are not the whole truth. The whole is being transmuted. It's never complete. The struggle, the strife, the inability for anyone in the line to rest, is not the whole truth. We make more work when we attach into these cobwebs. We get stuck, because we exhaust ourselves. Rest is the gateway to discovering everything is there, when we exhale, drop, exhale, drop, trust and exhale and drop again. We do this in full FAITH until faith becomes knowing. Then we do this in knowing. So rest, we don’t need to hold ourselves up. We will become exhausted, weary and lost, until we start to entangle the stories and learn, we do not need to hold ourselves. We are HELD.

Embracing Ancestral Wisdom: Learning to Trust Our Roots

GROUND WITH THEM. They will never betray us. If they feel far away, we must become more humble. They are only far away because we have built fences of arrogance and fear and pride. We must tear the walls down in our own heart, to feel their presence. They want this for us. They want to see us in love. They want us to open our hearts to them. It glorifies them. In turn, their gaze casts golden rays upon us. If we don’t know who they are we must humble ourselves, release the pain and sorrow, the rage and guilt, release, release more, and make space inside. Inside this space, we can feel. They can be felt. We can connect. To feel THE ANCESTORS we will first have to feel the GATEKEEPERS of the ancestral lines. OUR PARENTS. OUR PARENTS HIGHER SELVES.

The Ancestral Gateway: How Our Parents Hold the Golden Key

The more we dodge our parents, refusing to really acknowledge or love them, refusing to see them through LOVE AND TRUST even in the darkest corners, we fade out our own being. We fade out. We spiritually and emotionally get lost. We are lost because the mirror to who we are, is our parents, and we do not want to look. We dare not see them. We see only what we can cope with seeing, to keep the cobwebs dusty. To keep the identity structure in one piece, solid. Why can't we be, open, fluid, receptive? We can't because we've already decided. We say, they are so different from us, they don’t deserve us. Really, we are blind. When we refuse to look inside, we eventually go blind. The eyes of our energy body are sealed shut. We do not awaken. We are numb. We feel nothing and see nothing within. There is no clarity, just cloudiness. But when we choose to look…what we find will blind us still. The light that blinds is real. Get sunglasses. You’ll need them when your ancestors visit you.

Our PARENTS are the Gatekeepers. We do not know our parents until we have swallowed our own fear and pride, dropped our bags of terror and opened up to LEARNING with humility, that maybe, just maybe, we got it all wrong. Our minds will go mad. Our heart whispers ‘keep going, you’re on the path…’ Our parents are here to TEACH US WHO WE ARE. Will we learn or will we turn away, back to the darkness under the blanket where we convince ourselves of the same cobweb stories, of 'they weren't good enough.’ All this, because we have not explored faith, trust, rest or love. All this because we are busy being who we think we are. We have not ascended into a higher realm of perception, we do not FEEL their higher selves.

The Mirror of Our Parents: How Letting Go of Judgement Opens the Path to Self-Acceptance

When we hold our parents as not good enough, we punish only OURSELVES. We don't feel worthy, deep inside, because these stories have become prisons of the mind, solidified us in a truth we cannot seem to shake the shackles off. We get the key, every time. They key is the trigger. But we lock ourselves back in. See, they don’t love us enough. We deserved better. We were not good enough. We become not good enough when we refuse to see who our parents really are. They are both the clearest spiritual mirror we will ever get. When we decide we are ready to look in the mirror, we will see everything clearly. Everything we detest about them, lives within us. If we don’t like what we see in the mirror. We must start cleaning our GAZE. We must stay open to them, to learn new ways. Our womb is the mirror. We get clearer when our womb gets emptier.

Navigating the Mystical Path of the Womb to Embrace the Great Void

The journey to self-discovery and understanding requires us to acknowledge the importance of our ancestors, the womb, and the inevitability of death. Our true selves lay beneath the surface of the masks we wear every day, and it is only through the guidance and support of our ancestors that we can begin to uncover them. The womb is our source of power, a physical manifestation of our connection to the divine and to those who came before us. And even in death, we find that it is not an end, but a transition into a new realm where we are welcomed into the great void. It is only by embracing these essential elements of our existence that we can fully understand and appreciate who we truly are.

We are here to see our true selves. Beneath all the masks. We are nothing except walking masks without our ANCESTORS. We are nothing but puppets, without our WOMB EMBODIMENT. WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT THE PORTAL OF DEATH THAT WE EMERGE FROM

The Ancestors take us into Death. The void.

Womb takes us into Death. The void.

So that we can DIE. WHY

Because until we DIE we do not TASTE LIFE. We are existing far, far away from ourselves. We are not ALIVE. WE DO NOT QUAKE IN LOVE AND AWE WITHIN OURSELVES AT OURSELVES KNOWING WHO WE ARE.


REBIRTH IS CALLING. Do you feel the call?

Are we ready to take off our gowns and become like dust on the desert floor? Still. Nothing Stirring. PEACEFUL.


Our ancestors wait. They will wait lifetimes until we are ready. We will return, over and over again, to find this. Or we can have it all NOW.

I always wanted it all, NOW. SINCE I WAS A KID.


The Path of Death Leads to Paradise Found

The Humble Path of Serving our Kingdom, Honoring our Ancestors, and Embracing Death. Paradise is not a far-off place, but a state of being that exists in the here and now. To access it, we must let go of our egos and serve the greater good of our spiritual lineage. Our ancestors hold the key to unlocking this paradise within us, and our wombs hold the energy that allows us to dance in its light. It's a divine collaboration, a never-ending co-creation that brings endless joy and bliss. But to fully experience it, we must first embrace death. We are the oceans and rivers, the stars burning bright in the night sky, and the jewels in the crown of paradise. It's time to return home, to our true selves, and to embrace the journey towards paradise by facing the inevitability of death.Paradise is now found. Paradise is in the humility of giving it all up, to serve the people of our kingdom, the people in our spiritual lines. Paradise is with our ancestors. Paradise dances in our womb.

Do we want to feel paradise?

It's here. It's here right now. And trust me, it is the most magnificent supernova of LIGHT that our mind could ever imagine, and that our body could ever feel, and yet that is just the doorway…there is more

The secret of Paradise is that just as it creates us, we create it

It is a divine co-creation. A collective collaboration. An alive, living, breathing fractal that never stops opening, giving more to us than we perceive, than we give, an endless joy, and endless stream of bliss. We enter and we leave, like the tides of the ocean.

We ebb and flow in paradise. We are these oceans and rivers, snaking our way through this web of light, discovering everything and collapsing back into nothing again, like stars collapsing and burning bright in the dark night sky. We are the jewels in the crown, the light that glimmers, the rays of golden sun that pierce the earth, we are the halo as we hold hands and create paradise, within. We are the return to paradise.

But first...

We need to DIE


Embark on a Transformative Journey of Ancestral Healing and Embodiment: Join this 8-Week Online Program Now!

Ancestral healing and embodiment is an 8-week online alchemy program that takes you on a journey of deep healing, connection, and embodiment. You'll explore your ancestral lineage, learn to connect with your ancestors, and integrate their wisdom into your life. The program offers powerful tools and practices to help you heal from past traumas, release limiting beliefs, and step into your power. With flexible scheduling, you can work through the program at your own pace, allowing you to truly dive deep and integrate the healing into your life. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your roots and heal from the inside out. Book now to begin your healing journey.

Healing Your Ancestral Lineage: What to Expect and What Participants Are Saying

"This course moved me in a new depth of self healing in just two months. It was an incredibly powerful 2 months.

"It brought me back to the healing of ancestral wounds and lack of roots. My ancestral field showed me deeper layers of abuse, terror, fear, lack of roots, displacement, deepest guilt and shame. The throat work helped me to connect to my lungs and then to the grief, and the anger in my liver. I understood how this was related to my own belief systems. My liver and the rage started to move. WOW I can meet my liver! It's talking to me every day, it hurt but it revealed alot of information that helped me to meet my own death."

"I understood why I always fell back into the cycle of shame and guilt and felt unworthy of being in my own light and my own innocence. I got a deeper understanding of my healing cycles, triggers, mindsets and with this new clarity I am more grounded. The vibration in my roots has changed!"

"I had previously felt held back by a deep internal sense of self destruction and mistrust in my paternal line. I broke through, into the light, and it changed and strengthened my roots. "

"I healed in a very deep way. I set the lines free. Now I feel my mother and I forgive her (and myself) everyday, more and more. Sometimes my daughter is my mother. I see the collective connection in our reflections!"

"For the first time, I admitted to myself that I have hated where I’ve come from. I’ve spent most of my life trying to be separate from my family, my ancestors. Desiring to carve a new path separate from them but I realized I am a part of them and they are a part of me. It brought up a lot of grief and I’m still in the process of forgiving myself. The practices, and content helped me to feel this and to have the courage to admit it. Opening myself to see the beauty, the gifts of where I’ve come from by accepting what I have chosen to hide from all my life is going to be a journey but I am so grateful to continue this work. I feel a strong desire to continue exploring my ancestral line, what it feels like to accept their love and support and also what it means to partner with them to bring healing to myself and my family line. This piece feels really big to me and being in this community has given me the courage to be honest and lean into more compassion. My Heart has found comfort in the commonalities that we share, to not feel isolated and separate has been really important to me

"I feel so much lighter in my heart, clearer in my head and there is a new sense of freedom and stillness that brings pure joy. Deep, long-held beliefs and energetic blocks that no longer serve me have been released. I have been able to deepen my connection with my body and develop a trust of my inner wisdom. The work went beyond talking therapy, deep into the realms of energy and ancestral healing."

"I realised how ancestral patterns of separation and polarities arouse in me disconnection and aversion to life. I recognized that I do not need to be isolated to feel safe/me/that I am all-right. I recognized why the partner whom I have lost was such a huge container for me and how sacred his love was. I accepted that I have to change my constant invading thoughts about how wrong I am. In Womb Room I accepted my past, entanglements with masculine energy since I can understand the past and forgive and see that this offers me a possibility to heal and access the Divine masculine in me. I healed a huge part of the burden I have carried. I recognized what the Womb really is. I have no words to thank the Wisdom of Universe, to you, Safa, to Love and to my 'Woomies - Warriors' for all on this journey. My Love, blessing and admiration to you, Safa." Book now to begin your healing journey.


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