How Womb Trauma Affects Your Nervous System and Your Brain

Right now your womb is holding physical, emotional and energetic imprints of both your pain and your potential.

Your vagus nerve doesn't just run from your gut to your brain but also connects to your ovaries and womb. Your womb literally carries impulses, sensations, twinges of fear, messages of self disgust, unconscious holding and contracting in the muscles and toxicity in the tissues as well as emotional density from your womb space to your brainstem (see below)

This means your womb sensations and trauma and womb conditions actually shape the way you perceive yourself cognitively.

Sorry to break it to you but you can't re-wire your brain Joe Dispenza style until you've actually done the nervous system work, met your fear, resolved your womb trauma and found stillness in the patterns of sensation that keep your system moving.

This is the power of the healing approach I offer my clients. It's way, way deeper than your mind. (Listen to: how to feel deeply enough to heal)

How Womb Trauma Affects Your Physical Health

Womb Trauma when unresolved actually affects your ability to rest, relax and resource yourself. Over time this level of nervous system dysregulation creates secondary symptoms

You might only recognise this when you have severe physical symptoms including unbearable pain, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic misalignment, sexual and fertility issues, birth trauma and complications, intimacy issues etc.

People usually heal when these have taken hold and it's explicitly affecting their life and relationships. Secondary issues that develop from womb trauma and nervous system dysregulation can include IBS, migraines, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, liver issues, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, dissociative conditions, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, auto immune conditions and much more.

This will eventually affect your pelvic alignment and spinal health. To the point your entire identity changes gradually over time

(Listen to: how to heal the root causes)

What it feels like to be stuck holding Womb Trauma

Your nervous system morphs into this state over the course of many decades. It doesn't happen in weeks or months.

Most clients who come to see me are in this state because of trauma that happened in their childhood. It's been unresolved and left to fester in the nervous system for 30/40 years.

Eventually, it's just too exhausting and painful to ignore. It comes up to the surface. It feels like hell. You end up feeling like you need to be saved from your own body You become a victim. You lose yourself. Your growth and expansion is halted. You feel like you're stuck in time. You repeat cycles without even realising. You are terrified of being present but terrified of resolving your past and terrified of moving forward. This is how trauma speaks

(Listen to: How to get unstuck and create momentum, fast)

Unresolved Womb Trauma costs you your LIFE and FUTURE

You can no longer connect to your body because it holds so much trauma that you don't want to truly face. You keep leaving your body, over and over. Until you become almost permanently disorientated, delusional, despairing and deeply dissociated. Until nothing can mean anything and nothing is worth anything because you cannot bear to feel anything.

All you feel is self hatred. You exist purely in the shadows - in fear.

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This is a huge wake up call to heal womb trauma and the root causes of your condition. If you're ready to heal join the next Womb Room.

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