Safa's knowledge is vast and all through her own healing explorations and experiences.


She has helped me see my own healing gifts and abilities. She has enabled me to become the best version of myself.


These 8 weeks have been a life changing experience.

- Seta, UK

The experience was deep. I felt incredible sensations in my body- tingling, rushes of energy, my hands and feet were super hot and sweaty and the movement in my body vibrated through my being.


Looking back it was as though I entered the spirit realm and the overwhelming movement through my body felt like spirit moving through me.


I had the sense of travelling through a jungle or dense warm forest and then I was transported to the heavens.


It was a wonderful and memorable experience for my mind, body and soul. 

-Zoe, UK

I had an amazing healing experience with Safa.


I didn’t know what to expect from the session but it went beyond anything I could imagine!


I felt grounded, back in control of my body and my life and felt my heart wide and expanded!

Love and appreciation

-Andrea, Greece

My father suffers from Parkinson's and recently saw a consultant who was, well, to put it bluntly, uninterested and useless. All the doctors we have seen, have not shown any care - all they say is 'let's up his medicine.' 


Safa was amazing -as was the treatment. 


She was kind, empathetic and above all she showed intense care.


I witnessed things that I have not seen in 8 years of visiting doctors. 


It was nothing less than amazing!

I personally witnessed the healing on my father first hand as she was performing the therapy. 


The impact on my dad was just unbelievable. 

-Humza, UK

Since I first met Safa she has not only helped me, my body and my soul but has become a vital part in my son's recovery. Every time I take Leonardo to Safa, he relaxes instantly and is happy to co-operate with her despite his young age of 21 months.


Safa knows how to connect with my son and has done amazing work in getting him to release not only his physical tension and pain but also to let go of some of his birth trauma.


Alongside his very complex medical history and ongoing health issues, Safa has become his safe haven.

You can clearly see the relief in his face and the amount of smiles he shares with her say it all. I could go on and on but will finish up by saying that Leonardo is at his most peaceful state during and after a session with Safa.


I am so grateful to witness this miracle every week. Thank you Safa / Kimiya Healing!

- Daniela Lichtenegger, UK

I've been suffering from headaches and neck pain for years and noticed it getting progressively worse.


Safa helped me to figure out that I was holding on to alot of things emotionally. She picked up on certain emotions I was carrying which had been really making me feel down.


My first session was very emotional but deeply healing all at the same time.


Safa is so intuitive, compassionate and kind in her approach. She really is full of knowledge.


After two sessions I felt so much lighter around my head and neck and practically skipped out of there!

Nicole Michaels, UK

WOW! I have just met Safa for the first time and as soon as she opened the door I felt welcome and comfortable.


Safa is an amazing person with  personal and professional experience. This clearly shows in her professional treatment.


Everything Safa does makes you feel warm and fuzzy and leaves you feeling healthier and more energised by the minute.


You can literally feel the tension and pain (physical as well as emotional) fade away and by the time you are done it's as if you have been given a fresh start with body, mind and soul.


I am so impressed and can't wait to go back for more of Safa's magical healing work. Highly recommended!

- Daniela, UK

Before having my session with Safa last Thursday, I did not know much about healing but I decided to give it a go as I was feeling so ungrounded.


Safa was able to see that I had deep blockages and paternal trauma from my childhood. This is something that I have completely repressed throughout my life. I had a huge emotional release after several minutes.


Safa was able to gently and sensitively show me what was going on internally and how I could explore and face my inner demons. I really felt her shifting some heavy emotional baggage that was trapped in my body.


Most of the session was done without talking and I could tell Safa was working very intuitively. As soon as I had finished crying I felt extremely peaceful and light- there was no sadness anymore!

Since working with Safa, I am more self-aware than ever before. Safa Is so passionate about her craft and it really shows in her work. Her messages about self-love and personal growth have inspired me to really look after myself now.


I couldn't recommend her enough, and I am excited for more healing sessions!!


Love and blessings and thank you sister.

- William Emmerson, UK

I had an intensely wonderful session with Safa.


She could feel exactly what was happening in my mind and my body.


We both felt layers upon layers peeling away, lifting a weight, and lighting me up! I honestly would not have believed it. I have since felt a lovely sense of calm along with emotional control; something I have not had for a long time.


Thank you so much for an incredible experience! 

-Niki Clarke, UK

My healing session with Safa was simply beautiful!

Her connection with Spirit has gifted her with much insight.


She was able to tap into deeper aspects of me and show me what I need to work on. It was reassuring and yet nurturing. 

I left feeling relaxed with new found clarity on my next steps ahead.


Thank you Safa x 

-Lauren Vervliet, UK

Safa is a very intuitive and gifted healer.


She leaves you feeling lighter, more energised and reconnected.


She is able to provide you with the spiritual and emotional guidance you are seeking.


I can’t wait for more sessions in the future.

-Darcey Haldar, UK

Safa is an excellent therapist. 

I arrived after a very stressful week where I had been experiencing a combination of work issues and illness.


I left feeling fantastic and back on form!  


I will be returning!

- Tom Sadler, UK

I went to see Safa having absolutely no idea what to expect, except for what I read on the website.

I was looking for something to help me relieve some aches and pains and perhaps relax a little - however I received much more than that.


Healing with Safa helped me feel lighter and more able to breathe easily. She helped me understand how my physical conditions and pain were related to what's going on inside me. 

She has a very powerful and wonderful presence. Her passion for helping others really shines through.

Afterwards I felt a spring in my step and a smile on my face. All in all, it’s been a very inspiring experience and I can’t wait to go back.

Katarina Sladkova, UK

Safa is an excellent practitioner who has a lot of intuition and able to pick up on energies and messages which resonated deep within.


She’s was spot on and her ability to communicate this helped me process some things in a way I just couldn’t before.

I knew instantly that Safa has a lot of experience and in this discipline as I could feel the power almost straight away.

- Lou Dillon , UK

I was a little nervous and sceptical if I would see any results. However, after one session I was surprised to wake up and find that the bloating I had been suffering from had decreased.


My clothes were looser; and friends commented that they thought I looked really good!


Added to this, my sinuses were a little clearer and my face is now not so swollen.


The only way to describe the treatment is to say I felt everything flow out from my body.


Would I go back again, the answer is simple - definitely! I have already told friends about Safa!

- Laura Barnett, UK

My session with Safa moved me deeply. Through the healing I changed how I relate to myself.  I came away feeling clearer, more relaxed and with a deeper resting self awareness.


For me, 'healing' is ultimately a process of opening to life, or opening to what I am. I’ve found that although the will centres could make temporary changes to my life, 'more healthy', 'more pure', 'more sexy' (lol) - sooner or later, the body/mind/soul, or life intelligence would just reject this approach. I am now deeply craving a complete repatterining of how I am with life and with myself.

The slow, gentle, patient, nurturing flow of her healing seems to serve as a great model and container for this repatterining and seems to sing a similar note to the divine expression of maternal love.


My body seemed to open with a welcoming smile, amidst unfamiliar tears of self-compassion. Trust was such, that my mind took a breather and space was given to the more subtle and universal intelligences to breathe, bark and purr. Meow. Woof woof woof.


Through her approach, Safa crafts a healing space that feels safe and nurturing with a beautiful open stillness. She seems to expand and intensify this atmosphere, with attuned poetic delivery, strong presence and a capacity for non-judgmental compassion. In my opinion this is the highest form of magic. Highly recommend. 

Marcus Smith , UK

I recently had my first Kimiya healing experience. It was a very powerful and relaxing. 


Safa clearly has a talent in this area.


I will be recommending this therapy for friends and relatives who may need support with health or relaxation and will certainly recommend Safa as the practitioner.


Thank you, Safa!

Gail Hugman, UK

After the session I felt completely relaxed and just wanted to sleep.


My sleep that night was fantastic and I had some intense dreams. I woke up the next day feeling great - refreshed and relaxed. Open too.


Thanks so much Safa x

-Gregg Davies, UK

Safa is a highly intuitive and gifted energy worker.


I'm in a period of profound transition in my life and she was able to pick up on this and contribute to the reassurance that events in my life are evolving as they should.


I'd highly recommend Kimiya Healing.

- Maria O'Conor, UK

Safa has treated myself, my husband and my daughter. Her healing has benefitted us all hugely in different ways.


 released a lot of anxiety and tension that had built up in my body that was causing neck pain and headaches.


Mentally and physically I felt lighter and it made such a difference to my emotional well-being. 

She is very patient and understanding and you feel at ease instantly -as did my young daughter.


 She is very passionate and gives one hundred per cent of herself. 

-Hayley Stack, UK

I came to Safa for a session regarding pain in my lower back. I only recently healed my sciatic pain through working with a chiropractor, however to my frustration the pain and discomfort had returned.

Safa brought awareness to a knot inside me containing of all my ‘not sure’ beliefs/patterns that I was unconsciously holding onto deep in my sacral area. It was painful and stubborn.


Safa lovingly held space for my process, trusting I could again meet myself, even if in that moment I felt unsure myself. Her trust enabled me to trust.


Since that one session, I not only feel more present within my own physical body but also clear on where and how to love myself more.


Safa has a natural ability to tune into where healing is most needed and through working with her I have become more able to face myself even if it has been extremely uncomfortable at times.

If you are ready to heal and go to those places within yourself, Safa will safely and lovingly guide you there -every time. 

-Lauren Vervliet, UK

I started seeing Safa for consistent neck pain/headaches which had persisted for several years. 


She made me aware of certain physical pains linked to emotional issues I held in certain areas of my body and has helped me shift these so that I'm able to think clearer and more positively.


My headaches have also practically gone!

Safa's healing approach has been so compassionate and personal. They are so powerful and yet I always feel safe. 

I feel so much more positive about so many aspects of my life now and it feels good to have a virtually pain free neck. 

-Nicole, UK

Prior to visiting Safa I didn't know much about healing.


A friend mentioned that Safa helps to release emotional tensions in the body. Wow! The sessions I have experienced have been absolutely amazing!


I was unaware that my liver was holding on to so much sadness and trauma. Safa began to work on many areas of my body and my organs. She also encouraged me to listen alongside her, to my body. 

The emotions, tension and fear that left me during the sessions was incredible.

Now I know what my body is capable of feeling.


This peace, happiness, love and a sense of wholeness will stay with me forever and become a continued practice thanks to what Safa has taught me.

Forever grateful,

Much love & peace

-Alice, UK

I came to visit Safa during a difficult time in my life, 2.5 months after an operation to remove mastitis in my right

breast. When I arrived to see Safa it had returned and I was desperate, depressed and could not imagine going under the knife again after such a short period of time.


Safa together with her incredible assistant Rambo guided me through the healing process of both my body and mind. 

Not only have I resolved the recurring problem of mastitis, but I learned how to listen and heal my body and mind. 

Thank you Safa and Rambo for this incredible, energetic, holistic healing journey. 

-Magdalena, UK

For most of this year I have been suffering with unexplainable pain and dysfunction in my lower legs and feet. 


My spirit had become tired and downcast. I had got myself into a hole. 

In each session my issues lessened and my spirit began to return.


I feel like I have actually been saved from an eternal nightmare!


Safa's healing is very powerful and I would recommend it to everyone. It does more than it says on the tin.

- Max Owen, UK

I honestly had no idea what I was about to experience. I decided to go in with an open mind. My mind was full, scared, anxious but after chatting and expressing myself to Safa I felt safe. I felt comfortable - like I didn’t need to bottle up anything anymore. 

Early on in the first session a swarm of emotions came across me. I experienced relief, relaxation and a huge weight lifted off my chest. I didn’t even realize how much pain I had held inside me, both physically and emotionally.

Afterwards I felt so light so energetic and so alive. I felt rebooted. My mind was clear and I knew what I wanted and needed to do in order to move forward.


My body was exhausted- a type of exhaustion I have never felt before. I put myself to bed and woke up feeling brand new.


I still have a bit of anxiety, but it’s a process that I now know what I need to do.

I cannot express how thankful I am. I was able to be honest even when it scared me to speak up.


Safa made it so comfortable to let go and reconnect to my body and health. Thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity to rediscover myself and lead me back on the path I thought I lost.

-Amy, France

I have recently had my first ever healing experience. As a sceptic and deeply rational person I had hesitation around the expected outcome and what I was letting myself in for.


Safa was absolutely wonderful from the beginning of the session to the end. She communicated with me at all stages in a way that made me feel comfortable to open up and see what my body tells me, what my heart really feels. I can now say with certainty that Safa was able to understand what my exact pain points have been and identify the root causes of the pain and tension in my body. 

I left intrigued, curious and with a different perspective about what healing work is possible. Since healing with Safa I have been exploring my inner self more and delving deeper into my own reality. The whole process has brought me an inexplicable amount of inner peace and calmness that I have not experienced before.

I cannot recommend Kimiya Healing enough.

-Jo Dourou-Schrader, UK

From my initial session with Safa I instantly felt a connection to her. This was a feeling so intimate and trusting that I felt completely safe to break down and open up - even though we had just met. 

Safa helped me to make sense of the sensations I have been feeling in my body. After just one session I felt different - there was an inner clarity, a space, a vastness... such beauty! After the second session my entire body felt flooded with life force energy. I felt a deeper connection to aspects of myself. I felt calm and lovely. After my third session I felt big releases of shame, pain and numbness from my body and heart. In their place now are new feelings of bliss, joy, love. I feel space inside and I can surrender. 


Verbally Safa is perfectly clear. She explains exactly what is happening and what she is doing at all times. When Safa works on my body I feel totally safe to trust and allow.



Safa is deeply genuine. Her knowledge and strength creates a trust where I feel completely safe and free to surrender. She is a beautiful human being who listens and seeks to understand. Her ability to empathise and understand me is uncanny, and her ability to connect is no coincidence. Safa knows. 


I would recommend Kimiya Healing to anyone living on this planet.

-Diane, UK

The healing experience was like a hummingbird hovering through me, seemingly still but all the while drinking it’s fill of nectar. 


Iridescent, incandescent shimmering or sometimes shuddering - my body within my body, breath within my breath, plateauing and plunging - but su