Recognise the trauma that your womb is holding and what specifically you need to release to move forward in your life 

Specific practices that you can benefit from and if suitable, which Kimiya Healing Programme would be best for you

STEP 1: Get clear on what trauma you want to heal. How? Please do this body mapping practice and bring your notes to the call

STEP 2: Book a 60 minute clarity call here. The clarity call is $247 and you can ask Safa whatever you need to. Please note, this fee is non refundable, including if you don't show up. The clarity call is not a trauma release or counselling session, it's a way to get assess suitability for Kimiya Healing programmes and get clarity on what your treatment plan will include.

STEP 3: You'll make your payment for your programme online. 

STEP 4: You'll receive your treatment plan and resources to support you on your journey

STEP 5: You'll begin your healing work, every week for one hour at a set time. You'll be guided to safely release trauma emotionally, physically and energetically in every session.

STEP 6: You'll celebrate as you embody your true power just like these people did!


Let me ask you one thing...

How much is is costing you (and your family) to continue holding trauma in your body?

How long have you spent in therapies and modalities that haven't gotten you the breakthrough you truly need?

Chances are, it's over five years. Maybe even 10.

The thing you should know about Safa is she works with you deeply, fast, directly and effectively at the root causes of the trauma.

Because it's not about spending years going round in circles wondering why nothing's changing. It's not even about getting incremental shifts. 

With Kimiya Healing it's about radical inner transformation and rebirth and finally setting you free to live your highest human potential.

It starts by taking aligned action. By committing to your healing work.

The best time to take action was maybe years ago, but it's never too late. You discover Kimiya Healing exactly when you need to. The second best time is right now!

So what are you waiting for?