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Contact me for collaborations and business enquiries

For press, speaking engagements and business collaborations please submit your inquiry using the contact form below.

  • Speaking engagements - Please include your brand name, location and budget.

  • Business collaborations - Please include all details including strategy, budget, structure etc

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  • Working With Me
    There are several options; firstly through 1-1 healing programmes for yourself or your family. I also offer a group programme called Womb Room™ and run monthly group healing events which are global. You can learn to heal with my cutting edge courses at the School of Healing Alchemy.


  • Personal questions and advice
    Due to the nature of my schedule I can't respond to personal emails requesting healing or career advice.

    If you'd like to understand more about my specific healing approach please read my blog or listen to my podcast and read the testimonials that clients have shared about their journey. 

    You'll find up to date research on biofield science, energy healing and consciousness studies here 

  • The best way to stay in touch with me is by tuning into the Kimiya Healing Podcast and connecting to me via Instagram @Kimiya_Healing. 

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