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Safa is a master healer, energy alchemist,  expert in somatic trauma healing, womb alchemy and altered states of consciousness. She is a pioneer of group distance healing and has helped thousands of people around the world to heal and transform their lives.

Safa brings a unique and profound depth of embodied spiritual wisdom, lived experience to facilitate deeper realms of healing. She has a unique and unparalleled degree of energetic perception that means she is able to immediately and accurately diagnose the root causes of symptoms and in the stillness of her field, create total clarity and rapid resolution for her clients.


To date, Safa has helped thousands of people around the world to heal in profound ways. People who experience her work call it 'miraculous, beyond imagination and life changing.'


Safa supports some of the world's leading somatic therapists, psychotherapists, doctors, artists, healers, shamans entrepreneurs to heal and master their own energetics.

She teaches worldwide at the School of Healing Alchemy.


Safa is a qualified has a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology specialising in the neurobiology of altered states of consciousness, ancestral lineage healing, quantum mechanisms of distance healing, integrative psycho spiritual somatic approaches to resolving sexual trauma and addiction and mechanisms of healing in utero stress and trauma. She currently lives in London with her cat teacher Rambo, and works with incredible humans around the world. 

Modalities & disciplines you'll experience


Somatic trauma healing


Transpersonal psychology


Holotropic Breathwork


Money mindset and

7 figure growth 


Cranio-sacral integration


Ancestral healing and soul wounds


Sub personality work


Polarity integration and divine embodiment


Womb healing

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Energy alchemy


Embodied spirituality and alchemical miracles


Embodied shadow and parts work


Sexual trauma healing


Psychedelic and plant medicine integration

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Family Constellations


Heart alchemy

  • Modules included: Psychobiology, Altered States of Consciousness and Neuroscience with a focus on in utero trauma transmission mechanisms, womb consciousness and integrative trauma healing approaches. 

  • Integral approach to Addiction treatment with a focus on treating addiction resulting from sexual trauma

  • Trauma across the lifespan with a focus on subtle abuse, the neurological effects of shame and religious emotional abuse. 

  • Thesis: Independent study into the effects and mechanism of group distance healing on holistic wellbeing.

  • Neurology and Psychiatry of Women, Harvard University

  • Lymphatics and Neurodynamics, The University College of Osteopathy, UK

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

  • Nutritional Psychiatry, Integrative Psychiatry Institute, USA

  • Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse NAPAC/RSPH

  • Working with Sexual Violence and Abuse, Institute of Sexology, UK

  • Psychosynthesis Counselling Essentials, Psychosynthesis Trust, UK

  • Shadow Work Practitioner training, UK

  • Yogic Meditation 100 hour teacher training , India

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 hour teacher training, India

  • Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Level 3, UK

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation & The Cranio-sacral Therapy Association UK (Membership no:1804)

Explore indepth trauma informed energetics training for advanced somatic practitioners seeking to deepen their their distance healing skills, perception and expand their practice.

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Courses include:

  • How to Ground your Client: Grounding fundamentals 

  • Spinal Reconstruction: Spinal work without touching the body 

  • Dialogical Ninja: Trauma Informed Dialogical Skills 

  • Mastering the Trauma Informed Client Consultation

  • Organ Healing and Trauma work

  • Healing Dissociation 

  • Soul Based Marketing

  • Womb Alchemy

  • Healing with Hapeh

  • The next cohort for the Energetics of Trauma Course will be in 2024.Please email to express your interest to join. All participants are expected to be qualified and practising somatic practitioners with a commitment to deepening their energetic and subtle anatomy perception, trauma skills and expanding their practice.

"Safa's powerful energy lays bare old patterns and gives light to new possibility. Her ability to feel my entire body at each moment by distance was amazing. "

Freya, USA