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Safa Boga
MA, RCST, BSc (Hons), PGdip, PGCert Couns


Safa, a master healer, draws from her extensive expertise in somatic trauma work, womb alchemy, and trauma-informed energy medicine to guide clients through profound and transformative healing experiences. Her intuitive understanding of the intricate connections between mind, body, and spirit allow her to quickly identify and address the root causes of her clients' issues, leaving them with a deep sense of clarity and relief. Through her powerful online courses at the School of Healing Alchemy, Safa generously shares her knowledge and teachings, empowering others to access their own inner healing potential and spiritual growth. Clients consistently describe their experiences with Safa as "miraculous," "life-changing," and "beyond imagination," a testament to her exceptional skills as a healer.

  • Psychobiology, Altered States of Consciousness and Neuroscience 

  • In utero trauma transmission mechanisms and adult PTSD

  • Integral approaches to treating substance addiction and complex sexual trauma

  • Trauma across the lifespan and it's impact on neurobiology

  • Subtle child abuse, shame and neurological development, religious emotional abuse

  • Thesis: Quantum biological mechanism and impact of group distance healing on holistic wellbeing - a global study

  • Functional Neuroanatomy, University of Cambridge, UK - current

  • Neurology and Psychiatry of Women, Harvard Medical School, USA

  • Embodied Cognition, University of Cambridge, UK

  • Functional Medicine Intro, The Institute of Functional Medicine, USA

  • Nutritional Psychiatry, Integrative Psychiatry Institute, USA

  • Treating Trauma with the Polyvagal Model, The Polyvagal Institute, USA

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

  • Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse NAPAC/RSPH

  • Working with Sexual Violence and Abuse, Institute of Sexology, UK

  • Psychosynthesis Counselling Essentials, Psychosynthesis Trust, UK

  • Psychedelic Medicines for treating Complex Trauma and PTSD, PESI UK

  • Clinicians Exploring Psychedelic Therapy

  • Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction

  • Psychedelics: Discovery, Research & Effects Course

  • Lymphatics and Neurodynamics, The University College of Osteopathy, UK

  • Shadow Work Practitioner, UK

  • Yogic Meditation teacher training , India

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training, India

  • Anatomy and Physiology Level 3, UK

​The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation 

The Cranio-sacral Therapy Association UK (Membership no: 1804)

The Somatic Experiencing Association UK (SEAUK)


Somatic trauma healing and polyvagal informed practice


Transpersonal and psychological processing and mindset mastery


Cranio-sacral integration and spinal work


Ancestral trauma healing and and embodied family constellations 


Womb healing, pelvic integration and non invasive womb work


Embodied spirituality, transcendence, working in altered states of consciousness 

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Energy alchemy, field and resonance healing  advanced field work


Embodied shadow work and shadow integration as self illumination 


Holotropic breathwork and use of breath to access deeper interoception


Sub personality integration and parts work


Sexual trauma healing at a nervous system level, healing childhood sexual abuse


Psychedelic and plant medicine integration including preparation and post ceremony support


Mentoring and practice growth


Divine Feminine and Masculine energetics 

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 14.37.30.png

Relational healing and group facilitation


Emotional release work and heart alchemy 

of healing, enquiry, consciousness expansion

plant medicine and psychedelic healing journeys

amazing cat by my side (Rambo:)

"I can say without a doubt that Safa is the most powerful healer I've ever encountered. "

Rena Sassi, M.A. CHom

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