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I believe  we all have an inner alchemist that heals us at the deepest levels. My mission is to help you embody this aspect of yourself, so that you discover what you truly are.


Healing expands our consciousness and takes us through a powerful rebirth process. Through this, we discover the true purpose of our body as a sacred vessel for our spirit and higher levels of consciousness. This changes how we life our life and allows us to move forward with authenticity, clarity and confidence.


My clients often say to me that they've spent years (and sometimes several decades) trying therapies that don't seem to work. They're relieved and reassured when they realise the clarity, depth and direction that they have with Kimiya Healing. I work only on a transformation basis, with full root cause resolution and never with symptoms or side issues. 


I believe you're here reading this because you too, have been seeking. Perhaps now you're ready to  heal. If so, reach out to me to talk more.


Safa Boga
MA, RCST, BSc (Hons), PGdip, PGCert Couns

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Welcome to the realm of healing alchemy, where darkness turns to light, lead transforms into gold. Embark on a journey of psycho-spiritual transformation and soul illumination, mastered through dedication to the ancient art of healing alchemy.


The term "alchemy" has its roots in the Arabic word "al-kīmiya" (الكيمياء).


Alchemy as a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition encompassed various aspects, including the search for the transmutation of base metals into gold, the creation of the philosopher's stone, and the pursuit of immortality.

However, beyond its literal interpretations, alchemy also held deep symbolic meanings, often associated with spiritual and psychological transformation.


The transmutation of base metals into gold was seen as an allegory for the transformation of the soul or the pursuit of enlightenment.


This inner transformation, catalyzed by the pursuit of higher knowledge and spiritual insight, was central to the alchemical tradition. 

The healing work I do has been guided and is inspired not just by the science of the nervous system but also my deep capacity for sacred alchemical healing work. 


  • Psychobiology, altered states of consciousness, and neuroscience

  • Mechanisms of in utero trauma transmission

  • Integrative Psycho-spiritual approaches to healing addiction and complex PTSD

  • Religious emotional abuse, shame and neurological development

  • Quantum biological mechanisms of distance healing

  • Thesis: Global study measuring the effectiveness of group healing for emotional well-being. 


  • Expert Strategies for Working with Traumatic Memory, National Institute for Behavioural Medicine, USA

  • Neurology and Psychiatry of Women, Harvard Medical School, USA

  • Embodied Cognition, University of Cambridge, UK

  • Functional Medicine Intro, The Institute of Functional Medicine, USA

  • Nutritional Psychiatry, Integrative Psychiatry Institute, USA

  • Treating Trauma with the Polyvagal Model, The Polyvagal Institute, USA

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

  • Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse NAPAC/RSPH

  • Working with Sexual Violence and Abuse, Institute of Sexology, UK

  • Psychosynthesis Counselling Essentials, Psychosynthesis Trust, UK

  • Psychedelic Medicines for treating Complex Trauma and PTSD, PESI UK

  • Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction

  • Psychedelics: Discovery, Research & Effects 

  • Lymphatics and Neurodynamics, The University College of Osteopathy, UK

  • Shadow Work Practitioner, UK

  • Yogic Meditation teacher training , India

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training, India

  • Anatomy and Physiology Level 3, UK


The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation 

The Cranio-sacral Therapy Association UK (Membership no: 1804)

The Somatic Experiencing Association UK (SEAUK)


Release unconscious childhood trauma imprints held in your nervous system


Transform ancestral trauma and deepen your roots


Heal the root causes of structural issues in your head, neck and spine


Dissolve unconscious blocks caused by  shadow parts


Experience embodied spiritual healing and vibrational attunement


Heal the traumatic causes of your pelvic pain, hormonal imbalance and womb issues


Release unconscious blocks and buried emotional pain


Release sexual trauma from your nervous system, womb and energy body

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Clear your energy body and deepen your field perception 


Explore divine feminine energetics and womb alchemy

What I do

Root cause resolution through trauma focused depth somatic and energy healing

Consciousness transformation  through advanced alchemy and deep field work

Embodied energy work that is transparent, has a clear goal and gives you tangible results every step of the way

True womb alchemy that takes you into divine feminine dimensions of alchemy

What I don't do

Talking therapy, CBT, EMDR, symptom management or crisis care

Open ended therapy that goes on and on, spiritual bypassing, energetic readings

Life coaching, career advice, financial mentoring or relationship counselling

Single sessions that don't offer a safe container for depth healing or safe trauma release 

Image by Jeremy Perkins
Al-Kimiya is the Arabic word for Alchemy, 
the Transmutation of Darkness to Light and Lead to Gold. Embark on a Journey of Psycho-Spiritual Transformation and Soul Illumination and Discover your Inner Alchemist.

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