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A transformational 10 day rebirthing journey from 22nd July-31st July

'Something extraordinary has happened!'
'I’m completely in awe/amazement/shock!'
''The most important thing that's happened to me'


Release physical tension and stress in your body
 - Understand how your emotions affect your physical body
- Heal emotional blocks that are in your way
- Meet and transmute your shadow
- Heal womb / birth trauma / painful periods etc
- Uncover deeper truths and primal wisdom within 
- Awaken your creative life force
- Align deeper with your soul
- Experience deeper sense of self empowerment


What amazing experience!

 I connected on such a deep level to myself and my womb.


My whole body let go of so much I was holding on to. I am buzzing and feeling calm and connected.

Wow that was profound! 


I felt all the emotions drain away and the void eclipsed.


My physical body started twisting, contracting, unwinding and went into foetal position.

Something extraordinary has happened and all I can put it down to is the healing from your meditation last night.


Those emotions we were told to write yesterday seemed foreign today. I feel amazing and great


- You're in touch with your emotions and you understand what you need to heal but don't know how
- You've done some healing work, therapy etc and you're willing and ready for a big reset
- You want to deepen your connection to WOMB physically and spiritually 

- You want to reconnect with your soul purpose and hear the soul speak through you

- You want to heal in your own time rather than going to therapy 


This is the most important thing that's happened to me.


Of all the courses I've signed up to to turn my life to the direction I want Kimiya Healing has brought the limitless to life.


For ten days you will meditate once a day with your womb. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. You will be shown how to deepen connection and will have a group to support you. Four powerful healing sessions will be done for the group to help you release physical and emotional tension, re-imagine your new self and rebirth your reality. There is no dogma, no set way to meditate, this is about you and your personal power. 





  • 4 powerful and transformational healings 

  • Welcome and preparation video

  • 3 videos  (Releasing, Re-imagining, Rebirthing)

  • 2 live Q&A's 

  • Private online group 

  • Self reflection workbook


- A journey of a lifetime


Having experienced a beautiful 10 day journey into Womb with Safa, I feel nourished by her sharing, wisdom and ability to hold space so beautifully and powerfully.


The journey brought a lot of deep healing and awakening, and I continue to embrace the deepening as it continues to unfold. 


22nd July-31st July

Each day is done in your own time


The programme costs £200. GET THE EARLY BIRD BEFORE JULY 10TH FOR £99


Email me to join safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk