Because to really discover your true power and the purpose of your pain you need to go deeper than anything you've done before....

In Womb Room you'll heal multidimensional layers of womb trauma from physical to spiritual, personal to ancestral. You'll be supported in a powerful group field to collectively transmute the matrix.

Throughout this powerful 12 month journey you'll experience profound and miraculous shifts in your consciousness, your womb health, your physical body, emotions, mindset and entire identity.

You'll learn how to access the true power and divinity of your own womb, to rebirth in the void and to begin again.


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Womb trauma, including personal and ancestral affects your entire nervous system and hormonal balance. It affects your pelvic structure and spinal alignment. Your womb and brain are deeply connected.


This very place that you've avoided going into for so many years, is now calling you to pay attention.


Your womb is literally carrying years and years of trauma and is constantly contracted on a physiological and energetic level. The call is often painful, I know. The place where most emotions, memories and energetic imprints are held is your womb.


You'll know if your womb feels heavy, full, disgusting to you or threatening...


And we, my friend, must go deep into the womb to uncover all that has been suppressed. This is why you have only had temporary relief from self-help books, therapists, other healers, medicine, etc. You name it.


If you have not gone to the root of your pain and identity, nothing can fix it. You need to learn to witness yourself and your own creation in the mirror of Womb.This is how you make new choices in your identity, family and career. This is how you rebirth in the void and let go of what no longer serves you. This is how you step into your true power. 

But what if I told you that this pain is a gateway to your deeper purpose and potential?

Maybe you're wondering if you can finally heal...

Could this be the missing piece? 

With every cell in my body I can say that healing your womb and discovering the sacred mystery and power of your own womb IS going to transform your life.

Why am I so sure?

You've been led to believe womb healing is just about 'healing your womb'. Maybe you've been working on sexual trauma, birth trauma or just numbness and disconnection. Maybe you've got long standing hormonal imbalances and fertility issues that are not being resolved because your underlying nervous system patterns haven't changed. 

Maybe, like many of the people I help transform and move forward, you've been stuck for years, doing healing work but getting nowhere.

Womb Alchemy is far deeper than your physical womb.

It's about your true power to dissolve all your conditions.

I'm talking about total identity deconstruction. REBIRTH. 

And yes, this starts by healing your physical body. Your womb conditions. However, you need to be willing to get to the core. The core of your current identity.

It's not your fault nobody has taken you into this depth. It's not your fault you've never been told about the true power of your womb. It's the secret of secrets...


You, my dear soul, are ready to say goodbye to your persistent physical symptoms, your deep womb imbalances, your inability to flow and feel free. You're done with healing methods that don't take you deeply into your own empowerment, that leave you wanting more, that you keep going back to because you believe that's all there is. 

You're ready to experience yourself and your womb as the miracle.

You want to feel it, live it, breathe it, be it. 

Well Womb Room is a space where you dance with miracles every day. You'll recreate your entire identity, from the inside out. You'll discover truly, the purpose of your pain, your path, your unique essence, your gifts. This is where it all changes. Where you begin again. 

To receive the miracle of your womb you need to be willing to break open, to create space, to heal the layers of womb trauma and ancestral pain that have created blocks in your flow, made you shrink who you really are. It's your time now, to do this.

You'll be guided each month to heal all the layers of womb that comprise your identity. This includes but is not limited to ancestral conditioning, in utero imprints, childhood experiences and sexual trauma. Each month has a different theme and you will progressively and safely deepen your own womb consciousness and you heal and peel back the layers. 

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Deeply trust your own body, intuition, flow, creativity, sensuality and live the truth and bliss that you are capable - for you, your kids, your partner and community

Step into your divine calling as you embody the bridge between heaven and earth, rejoice in your divinity and catalyse your spiritual expansion.

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Break free from chronic womb conditions and the storm brewing deep inside. Heal  your physical womb , in utero shock, birth and childhood trauma and sexual abuse.

Show up powerfully in your life, your family, your job with trust, intuition, creativity, wisdom, sensuality, and love. This starts by healing your  spiritual womb  and the ancient  ancestral imprints and conditions as you create safety, abundance and inner knowing.

Create a unique path and live as the powerful alchemist you’ve always craved to be… to feel free, empowered and enchanted by the magic you can do. This starts by embodying your
cosmic womb and rebirthing in the void of womb.

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Just like you, I spent many years healing my own trauma. From talking therapy to bodywork and everything in between. After hundreds of plant medicine ceremonies self healing work with psychedelics I discovered the power of death before death. I realised that deep healing requires the willingness to surrender, to become undone and to rebirth in a totally new frequency. After many rebirth experiences I began to embody the void of womb. My journey from being disconnected and dissociated and feeling like my womb was a stranger took me through many layers of personal and ancestral healing and left me vast, free and empty. The void of womb is the alchemical cauldron that allows you to constantly transmute density to light. Discovering this power is your birthright and is why I created Womb Room!

People have gone through rebirth in Womb Room

developed a deeper womb connection after just 10 days.

said they resolved deeper layers of trauma

DEPTH OF HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION - This is a field of miracles. The frequency of Womb Room makes rapid transmutation immediate. The field is vast, still and perfectly clear. It has been described as 'beyond psychedelics, surreal and beyond imagination.' Most people focus on  womb at a physical level– not knowing that there are deep layers of ancestral imprints that  can only be accessed by meeting the subtle vibrational structures that barely move. In Womb Room these become immediately evident allowing you to heal deeper, faster and in a more profound way. 

RADICAL & LASTING RESULTS - Rapidly recognise and resolve the true root causes that are creating imbalances in your body and persistent symptoms by getting into the forces that govern and create them, your own consciousness. By accessing the roots directly, you can rapidly transmute all density to light and experience physical transformations in lightning speed. The effects last because your fundamental frequency and identity has changed, so you cannot go back to older states or symptoms as you can't unlearn your awareness of yourself PLUS you're going to be on this journey for 12 months, diving deep and making healing a lifestyle as your unique path opens.

REBIRTH AND LIBERATION - You'll experience the ultimate liberation, the secret of secrets - death before death. Holding this sacred space for you to rebirth in is an incredible and miraculous experience that will leave you in total awe. You have to experience it to believe it.
 Finally freeing yourself from your own identity is fundamentally the work of Womb Alchemy. You are going to discover this for yourself...


EMBODY YOUR TRUE POWER ONCE AND FOR ALL - You'll discover that your true power lies within the void of your womb– this is the secret key to transmuting all your conditions and feeling empowered from deep within you. To access this you need to go on the Womb Room journey. 


DEEPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - Forget new age practices and return to your ancient mystic through womb consciousness. This is the path your soul has called you to. This ancient path of healing is embodied which means you will be feeling and intuitively working in a way that is direct, powerful and deepens your energetic sensitivity. Womb is the seat of creation, and your divine creator lives within womb. For this reason, so many people develop a direct and deeply felt connection to the universe, the divine, all that is, through their own womb.

A REAL COMMUNITY - When you're healing in the deep end you need a powerful community to be seen, supported and to connect with. You'll never feel alone or confused, you'll always have somewhere to be held but most of all, connect with those who are doing the work and on a powerful path of inner alchemy. 

A guaranteed healing transformation and consciousness expansion starting from the inside out that will change you and your life forever.

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  • Monthly healing sessions as a group - LIVE

  • Fortnightly Q&A and group coaching to  master what you’re learning LIVE

  • 3 personal transformational healing sessions with Safa LIVE

  • Video Masterclasses every month that you can take at your own pace

  • Divine teachings and advanced practices to master your womb and energetics

  • 3X Cosmic Cacao Womb Ceremonies to activate you in higher frequencies LIVE

  • The 10 day rebirthing journey LIVE (plus online course)

  • VIP access to private community of womb warriors 

  • Support from Safa throughout the whole year

Holding unresolved trauma in your body and womb is EXPENSIVE.

Staying blocked and not knowing why, going round in circles in therapies and healing sessions that are not getting you a radical breakthrough is EXPENSIVE

It costs you your health, your peace, your family life, your relationships, your career, your creativity, your hope. It costs you your TIME. How long have you been stuck in the same situation you're in right now?

The truth is, deep trauma layers create identity structures that drain you and leave you feeling powerless... to your the world....including your financial circumstances.

This is the major wound holding so many women back. Especially women in the healing world. 

The truth is, you can only generate as deeply and expansively as you have allowed yourself to receive. You can only receive when you have emptied and cleared your womb.

Otherwise you will come back to the same stories...structures...frequency...lack

Being disconnected from your own seat of creative life force makes it incredibly difficult to move forward and receive anything bigger than you. 

And whilst you think you've done what you needed to, you're still stuck....right?

You haven't been guided to the depths you need to get the radical resolution you deserve that finally allows you to receive what you truly are. You haven't been catalysed or shown how to harmonise your deeper polarities to birth your own creation into this world.

I'm not here to keep you where you are. Or to return you to an older version of yourself. I'm here to help you fundamentally rebirth your entire identity.

So you can finally align with your deeper soul calling and path

And so that you can receive effortlessly

Because you have SPACE and STILLNESS AND you choose SELF LOVE

Where will you be in a year from now if you listen to your FEARS and do nothing?
Because trust me, your shadow sheilas will keep you stuck, making excuses, unable to grow your business, unable to have that loving relationship you're really searching for....

That's why you're here...

It starts by taking bold aligned action...are you ready to say YES and receive what you are truly deserving of?


When you say yes to divine rebirth, to discovering and embodying your true power you will finally realise the truth of what you can do and who you are

I'm here to give you direct evidence of that. Every single day.

When you say yes to your deeper truth, to your healing path, to real transformation, everything else falls away....

NOTHING stopping you from this except the fear in your own mind

And that is where your work is

Because until the love and self belief outweighs the fear you'll always opt for cheaper, more surface level spaces

This is a call to change your life and your life path forever...

Give me 12 months, and i'll give you the rest of your life that is beyond your wildest dreams


I see you. You're putting in everything you've got. And I really believe you are truly deserving of your deep desires.

But real empowerment and freedom requires you to find all the ways in which you trap yourself, hold yourself back and constrict your true essence...which is unlimited

If you want to touch infinity, to be free and live in a field of miracles, to discover your inner alchemist, to create kingdoms and birth your vision into reality this is where it happens

Generations before you have brought you here through their sacrifice, suffering and self suppression so that you, my dear soul, can spread your wings...

And I can promise you that I will be here with open arms to welcome you into the most powerful journey of your life so that you can finally...

End suffering and begin your growth acceleration and spiritual expansion.
Transmute your pain to purpose.
Discover the true power, purpose and miracle that you are holding in your own WOMB.

There's only 1 container in the world that holds this frequency, and that's Womb Room

I'll tell you one last thing, from helping thousands of people just like you to heal the pain they never thought they could and realise the bliss they never imagined was possible for them to feel

There's nothing more priceless than LIVING in your TRUE POWER. 



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