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WOMB Room™

The 10 day Rebirth

'Something extraordinary has happened!'
'I’m completely in awe/amazement/shock!'
'The most important thing that's happened to me'
Womb Room™ is a radical 10 day rebirthing journey in the void of Womb.
You will experience a profoundly deep healing of your physical and emotional body
You will finally let go of the unconscious cycles that have been holding you back
You will reconnect with your womb as the centre of divine feminine intelligence
You will experience spiritual rebirth as your energy field is reconstructed in a higher frequency
Womb is the centre of primordial intelligence and the seat of the void.
All is created and destroyed in Womb.
Accessing the void of womb is a powerful way to heal and rebirth at an identity level.
Release tension and physical pain 
Heal your emotional body and heart
Release beliefs that have been holding you back
Reconnect and heal your womb space
Learn to use womb to transmute 
Deepen your spiritual connection

What you'll receive

10 days in the sacred Womb Room container where you will feel held by the great mother energy
A journey you can take in your own time each day so you don't have to drop your commitments 
4 powerful alchemy healing sessions - the cosmic spin cycle will be on but you'll feel safer than ever
2 live Q&A sessions with me where you can ask me anything and get personal tips and support
A 10 day group integration call where we reunite and talk about everything that's changed 
Video guidance on how to connect with womb at all levels, physical spiritual and void
A womb work book and journal with prompts that will take you deeper 
- Private  community access (Join us in here) we're really friendly and love having new members
A healing journey to remember and a new global soul tribe (we've gotten pretty tight through all these rebirths)
All for just £20/day!

Are you ready to begin again?


1. Do I need to be available for the whole 10 days
You can do this in your own time each day. Just be available for the healing sessions which happen offline.

2. Can I join if i don't have a womb?
Yes, your energetic womb imprint will be there still

3. I don't know anything about womb healing, can I still join?
Yes, you'll develop a connection throughout the journey. 

4. What if my old traumas come up?
This programme is for people who are trauma aware and ready to rebirth. I'm available for 1-1 support. 

5. What is the role of the group?
The group is a powerful mirror. You will be supported and witnessed and finally realise, you are not alone.


17-26th September 2021 

Take the journey in your own time each day


***4 spaces left***

Here's what people say 


Womb Room Fund provides low cost spaces to women who have a history of childhood sexual abuse who are looking to heal, but are in financial need. This fund is used to support women to enter the Womb and potentialy change their lives. 





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