'Something extraordinary has happened!'
'I’m completely in awe/amazement/shock!'
'The most important thing that's happened to me'

Release, Re-align, Rebirth

Womb Room is a 10 day rebirthing. You will experience accelerated healing of mind, body, spirit and entire energy field reconstruction.
 'Life saving, life changing, homecoming, empowering and loving. It is unlike anything other out there. I’ve spent years in therapy and searching in other healing modalities. This was the only place to rapidly change me within such a short amount of time.'
Womb Room Participant 2021

Words from the womb

What an amazing experience! I connected on such a deep level to myself and my womb.  My whole body let go of so much I was holding on to. I am buzzing and feeling calm and connected.

WOMB ROOM has just taken me on a journey so profound and so liberating words can’t explain.


l Iearnt more about myself than I have learnt in my 40+years!

Wow that was profound! I felt all the emotions drain away and the void eclipsed.


My physical body started twisting, contracting, unwinding and went into foetal position.

Something extraordinary has happened and all I can put it down to is the healing from your meditation last night.


Those emotions we were told to write yesterday seemed foreign today. I feel amazing and great

What you'll receive

- 4 X group healings 
- 2 live Q&A sessions 
- 1 X group integration session 
- Video tutorials
- A4 womb workbook
- Private  community 
- Journey of a lifetime


1. Do I need to be available for the whole 10 days
No, you can do this in your own time each day, but it's important that you take time and space to meditate and go inwards

2. Can I join if i don't have a womb?
Yes, all are welcome in womb, including men

3. I don't know anything about womb healing, can I still join?
Yes, you will be guided to build a connection with your womb. You'll be surprised how quickly a connection arises.

4. What if my old traumas come up?
This is a safe space where your traumas can come up to the surface and be transmuted. It becomes harder if you bury things because you don't want to be overwhelmed. If you need additional therapeutic support you are welcome to also work with me individually or with another therapist. 

5. What is the role of the group?
You will go through this process together. Witnessing each other in womb is a powerful process. You are not required to support anyone in their process, and you may notice resonance with other peoples' stories. This is an interactive journey. You will get more out of it by participating and connecting and noticing where and why it might be difficult for you to do this. 

6. What's the importance of womb?
Womb is where all live begins and where initial identity imprints are solidified into the nervous system. The developing foetus already holds a charge based on it's conception and ancestral influences. By going deeper into womb defining experiences new ways of being can be born. Read more about womb work here.

7. What is rebirthing?
It is a clearing of all existing imprints from your field, as is intended for you at that point in time. It is effectively starting again. The way in which you can be rebirthed will be affected by how much you can show up for yourself and be open and witnessing, and compassionate in womb. 


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