Blaming toxicity on your body is like blaming the weather on the weather man

Blaming your toxicity on your body is like blaming the weather on the weather man. Your body is the symptom not the cause. Your body responds and adapts and desperately tries to purify you and keep you alive.

A client that blames their body or puts toxicity and illness down to body malfunctioning, bad luck or misfortune has missed the point of themselves entirely.

As a therapist, if you treat them without raising a deeper awareness you are colluding with their symptoms and they are unlikely to stay in treatment because you are unlikely to be able to get them a rapid enough depth of result. This is because you cannot work at depth with root causes without the clients awareness or willingness to be present.

The clients I work with must be trauma aware or willing to see the truth of their trauma when it arises. If not, they will need to be in long term treatment to slowly recover their narrative and unravel their own personal story, before embarking on depth somatic and energetic healing.

The truth is, you can only heal what u are willing to feel and acknowledge at the same time, and then integrate through acceptance and love through the heart (not the mind). Healing is a journey of deepening embodied self consciousness.

I am now increasingly only working with clients who are aware of themselves and their somatic experience, emotionally available and intelligent and ready to be fully accountable and committed to their growth, they are those who can:

- Give a detailed account of their trauma history including early childhood and ancestral , able to recognise patterns that repeat and emotions they struggled with

- Feel emotion and are willing and able to express it in order to free themselves from being completely suppressed by themselves

- Somatically connected- can feel their body, organs and shifts in the body during the treatment

- Able to ground themselves and remain in their body when the deeper parts of themselves arise

- Willing to make fundamental lifestyle changes when it arises that they are urgently required for health, vitality and progress (ie will not sabotage their own process and investment by staying in the same place inspite of growing and healing from within)

- Willing to see all , in order to feel and heal all


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