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Packed with truth bombs, healing tips and guided alchemy practices to deepen your embodiment, create a more harmonious life and expand your consciousness.

Kimiya Healing

Once upon a time I was terrified of my own voice too.


My healing journey showed me that I had something bigger to serve than my own fear. 


It's my calling and passion to share and teach this sacred path of womb alchemy that I have been initiated into. 


I hope my words inspire and encourage you to speak your truth, embody your womb and transcend your deepest fears, to discover your own inner alchemist.


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Safa has covered possibly every angle and aspect of how you can heal your trauma imprints, ancestral patterns- whatever it is. But you don't have to do it alone. She holds an incredibly supportive and safe space for you to dive deep into your shadows face them, have tea with them, embrace them and send them off with love.

Safa has so much knowledge and wisdom and has put it all together in podcasts in a very understandable and supportive format.

orla, cranio-sacral therapist. 

Kimiya Healing podcast


Alchemy practices

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Trauma healing insights

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Embodiment guidance

I try to release new episodes every fortnight. Tune in and don't forget leave me a review if you're loving the content!

kimiya healing

Tune in if you want to


heal your trauma and self limits


catalyse your spiritual gowth


embody your divine potential
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This incredible library of supporting resources Safa has offered up is just so juicy!

I always looking forward to new learnings, putting exercises into practice and listening to these podcasts. 

The healing space that Safa holds is so clear and safe.
It is just phenomenal.

Byony, bodyworker.