Heal sexual trauma that is keeping you trapped in your body and live the life you know is possible

Hidden Chambers is a profound and life changing healing journey that enables you to heal from sexual trauma and abuse and resulting chronic conditions that have built up over the years due to the consequences of nervous system dysregulation.


My unique approach has helped hundreds of people just like you, to conquer the invisible forces they felt were holding them back in life. It will rapidly transform your body, heart, core beliefs and energy field so that you can finally feel safe in your body and in the world.


You will get complete clarity on what are often murky and unconscious events and understand exactly how they are being held in your nervous system and how this affects your emotions and relationships. Through deep reconstruction at a nervous system level you'll no longer have to live in a body holding confusion and fear. You will also heal your womb and reclaim the seat of your power, flow and inner wisdom.

 (WORTH £850)
After helping hundreds of women heal
I have created a proven process that works if you are:

Seeking the truth of what happened to you so that you can finally get the answers and clarity you need to move forward. We can't heal if we don't know our truth or if we're too scared to accept it and this is particularly true with childhood sexual trauma.

Seeking a path of healing that will finally lift the veil on who you've been told you are and what you believe you can do in the world, to heal the shame and self doubt that is created by sexual trauma.

Looking for empowerment that comes from deep within you so that you can feel emotionally balanced and free from the heavy burden that has weighed your heart down for so many years.

Excited to rapidly re-create your core beliefs by learning to listen and feel your body's innate wisdom so that you are not stuck in your head trying to heal at a conceptual level. I'll also teach you practices to more deeply regulate and stay connected so that you don't get overwhelmed.

Committed to becoming the best version of yourself, forgiving yourself, loving yourself and transforming your health.

Watch Now: Julia's transformation in just SIX weeks
 (WORTH £850)
"Your purpose lies within your darkest wounds. Healing womb trauma is a gateway to reclaiming your feminine intelligence and feeling safe enough to be yourself in the world. "
Look, let's be honest

Healing from childhood sexual abuse alone is scary, uncertain and confusing. You never know what you're going to find, no healing seems to scratch the surface and you end up back at square one. The more you try to pretend you're fine, the worse your feel and the more your health and relationships suffer. You often feel on edge, overwhelmed, terrified and confused. You believe you're inferior to other people and you're disgusted by your own womb sensations and body image. The night terrors and paralysis, the constant self doubt, the flashbacks that appear out of nowhere, the freeze response during intimacy, the way life starts to feel surreal, distant, disconnected. The core belief that somehow your existence is wrong, that you are bad, dirty, not worthy of feeling joy, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy. I get it. I hear this time and time again from people who've suffered childhood sexual abuse and are left with chronic health conditions as adults.


It doesn't have to be this way

 (WORTH £850)
"Your capacity to experience joy lies in your nervous system, womb and heart. Sexual trauma makes these places feel threatening, when they are actually the places we need to be able to be most at home in, to be ourselves."
Your symptoms are a call for you to heal deeper

Unresolved childhood sexual trauma and abuse creates layers of dysfunction that can result in

- Dissociation, depersonalisation, PTSD, unspeakable fear that follows you through life
- Structural imbalances in your pelvis and spine, limited somatic depth, inability to feel own spine

- Hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, irregular / painful periods, fibroids, cysts, infertility etc

- Numbness and frequent emotional shut down or overwhelm particularly when triggered
- Missing childhood memories, night terrors/paralysis, flashbacks but no emotional connection

- Womb feels heavy, disconnected, dense, full, disgusting, repelling, scary or just totally irrelevant

- Grief and rage so deep it's hard to feel so you have to disconnect and numb yourself

- Weighed down by shame, unworthiness, existential pain, sense of being wrong or feeling dirty

- Sexual dysfunction, hyperarousal, inability to experience intimacy or pleasure without dissociating

- Fear so deep it feels like it will destroy you if you feel it, feeling of drowning within yourself

Is your body is holding unconscious childhood sexual trauma? Read this checklist
Reclaiming your feminine embodiment after childhood sexual abuse 
Image by Stephanie Liverani

"Safa helped me heal and process my trauma at such a deep level. I worked on my darkest and deepest fears that were being held in my body. 

 I experienced a depth of stillness within me that I call true freedom. I've been searching for this my whole life! 


I learned how to love myself and how to forgive! ​I could unite my divine feminine and masculine energies. I was shown my own kingdom in my heart and I finally felt so much love and connection to my family. 


I've never met anyone who works so specifically with the body and nervous system and with such a huge open heart as Safa. Her power to heal and transform people is unique. ​​


Now I'm taking all the resources I have learnt and everything I have received to recreate my life. I feel so gifted now!


I trust myself so much. In every single moment I feel connected to the forces of the universe -it sounds totally mad but it's real!


Everything I have ever been through finally makes sense. 

-Sara, France

Is this the year that you finally commit to your transformation?

When you feel safe in your body and deeply understand how your core beliefs reflect your unconscious wounds you can finally start showing up in the world as the person you know you truly are. 

I am committed to catalysing profound breakthroughs for you so that you can finally leave your past in the past and move forward in your new body and life. 

Are you committing to your future self this year?

 (WORTH £850)
Healing your body after sexual abuse 
Image by Jonathan Borba

'I came to see Safa not really realising that in all levels, in all ways, I was traumatised. My body was holding so much trauma that was physical, sexual and emotional. My nervous system was in overdrive and I had been deeply fatigued for so many years. I was so ill when I was 20 years old that I nearly died. 20 years later, I still never understood, why it happened. Until the day I met Safa.


She helped me uncover the root causes and the trauma my body was holding. She healed my spine, cranium and my dissociation which had me disconnected from my arms and legs. She helped me to heal and re- anchor my root space. I felt my sacrum again and the safety of being re-embodied in my pelvis and my womb. She did powerful work in a deep field to re-work my masculine and feminine aspects which had been distorted by the trauma. I finally forgave myself and cleared the imprints of fear from my ovaries, womb,heart, liver and my entire field.


In just 12 weeks I have felt a big shift in my consciousness. I have become a woman again! I now feel a deep love for myself. I trust myself again! I am able to feel the power of my womb now. I am speechless by the depth of transformation in this short amount of time. A huge thank you Safa.'

Simona, Switzerland

Healing PTSD after repeated
childhood sexual abuse
Image by Ga

"I came to see Safa after repeated physical and sexual trauma in childhood and a diagnosis of PTSD. Despite being a therapist myself I was stuck, in immense stress and depressed. I felt like I had hit a wall.


I had brain fog, migraines, was locked and paralysed in my body and I couldn't sleep. I was having trauma flashbacks and memories were replaying on a mental loop. I was dissociated, disconnected and spiritually lost. 


I now have a wonderful connection with my body. I feel safe in my body. It's been utterly beautiful coming to know my heart, my womb, and my inner child. A door has opened to a tender and caring new relationship with myself!

Womb work was a whole new revelation and is my gateway to empowerment.


I was held and supported in all my entirety by Safa. It was an incredibly valuable and precious experience. I now feel stronger, with inner trust and the ability to ride the storm. The sessions have embedded peace, trust and knowing in my entire being.


I'm now embarking on a new journey within myself with fascination! I feel my potential has been unlocked and I'm unravelling new ways of being."

Caroline, UK

You're not alone. My clients include:

- Psychotherapists

- Somatic practitioners

- Cranio-sacral therapists

- Energy healers

- Spiritual guides

- Life coaches

- Shamans

- Yoga teachers

- Journalists

- Architects

- Bankers

- Entrepreneurs

- Doctors and nurses

- Diplomats

- Teachers

- CEO's 

- Professional athletes

- Artists

- Designers

- Actors

- Models

- Celebrities

- Directors

- Writers

Healing dissociation from unconscious childhood abuse 
Image by Mathilde Langevin

'I came to see Safa with dissociation, upper body tension, cranial fluid leaks, sinus issues, headaches and a constantly runny nose. For six years my nervous system had been dysregulated, my body would often shake with fear and I would have teary outbursts. I didn't feel safe in my body and my skin was so itchy I would feel like jumping out of it.


After six weeks my physical symptoms are gone. I've healed my dissociation and have learned how to trust my own body again. I'm now feeling connected to my organs and my heart and brain have reconnected. The spinal work realigned my spine and helped me to release deep anger from my childhood trauma.Ancestral healing supported me to heal my paternal line and what was being held there that had affected me - religious abuse.​


I reconnected with my own inner feminine and masculine energy and also met my inner child! I also re-connected deeply with the vastness of my womb. This has really helped me stand up for myself, clarify my boundaries and stand strong in my power. 

Jasmine, USA

By the time you have completed your programme you will have:
Overcome dissociation and nervous system overwhelm and feel safe in your body
Deeper stillness in your roots so you can ground and discharge your nervous system

Complete clarity on your trauma, what happened in as much detail as you want to know
Reconnected with your somatic intelligence so that you can feel deeper
Healed your inner child and built an intelligent, loving relationship
Established core beliefs that support your embodiment and self worth

Released heavy emotions of rage, grief and pain and replaced them with self compassion
Realigned your spine and released toxicity in your organs and lymphatic system 
Learned how to access fear safely so that you don't get overwhelmed
Equipped yourself with tools to regulate your nervous system and clear your energy field
Established the connection to your womb, heart and feminine flow
Deeper conviction in yourself, your purpose and your future
 (WORTH £850)
Your only risk?
Is that you don't heal and move forward in your life

Unresolved childhood sexual abuse holds you back in almost every area of your life. It's like a heavy veil that you constantly carry out that dampens your joy, your pleasure and your fulfilment in life. It's not something you can keep buried or just shake off, or mentally try to convince yourself is in the past because until you have healed the somatic and emotional layers you keep getting dragged back to imprints of the past.


Consider the cost of not healing and what you've spent so far on methods that haven't worked. 

Now imagine a future where you:

- feel your body in balance and as an open channel of inner wisdom for you to feel safe in

- radiate confidence and belief in who you are, standing deeply rooted in your courage and self worth

- are energised, alive, light hearted and in deeply in touch with your womb, flow and intuition

- experience deep intimacy, love, connection, pleasure and trust with your partner and 

- get excited about the future, what you can create, what you WILL create now that you are free

 (WORTH £850)
Depth trauma release work is not suitable for everyone.
Please do not apply if:

- You're living in active trauma, are suicidal or are currently in an unsafe environment e.g domestic abuse

- You're taking SSRIs or have a substance dependency (alcohol / drugs of any kind including microdosing must be avoided during this programme)

- You're pregnant (trauma release work at this depth is not suitable if you're pregnant) but very helpful if you want to prepare your body to conceive esp post trauma

- You've been told to do this by your partner / parent but don't feel the innate call to show up yourself (wait until it feels right for you)

- You're committed to a victim identity (trauma release triggers sabotage and shame rather than relief and reorganisation)

- You're not willing to feel and process your pain somatically or emotionally (I always do deep dialogical work as I heal but this isn't talking therapy)

- You don't want to know the truth of what happened (I get it, but we can't heal what refuse to accept, this is the first real stage of transformation)

- You use any arising sensation and emotion to punish yourself and reinforce self hatred (you should try longer term cognitive based therapy)

- You don't want to love yourself or open your heart through this journey or take steps to practice self compassion in your daily life 

- You can't make time and space for your process each week

- You're distracted and externally focused and have an inability to self reflect

- You don't actually want to change who you are, or you want to experience healing sessions without the discomfort that inevitably arises 

- You're not comfortable doing shadow work or confronting aspects of your unconscious that are holding you back

- You're not willing to take small steps and aligned action in your daily life or follow the practices I set you between sessions

- You're not ready to take radical accountability for your healing process and your behaviours to re-create your future self

- You don't have financial stability or the financial means to invest in your healing or you are seeking low cost options or drop in sessions

- You haven't thought deeply about why you want to heal, what the cost is of staying the same and what the real transformational value is to you 

- You're not excited by the idea of direct, deep, identity reconstructing sessions and my frank and transparent approach 

Release trauma from your body safely
(without spending years in therapy)
Image by Jake Nackos

"I've been on a healing journey for over 10 years and I knew it was time to step it up and go to best healer I could. My own therapist recommended Kimiya Healing to me.

The back pain i've had for the last 15 years  is now gone. I released anger and rage ( highly recommend pillows at the ready ) and guilt and shame that was being held in my body and heart but which I didn’t know the true extent or causes of. It had been exhausting me and was clouding my everyday life. 

Now, the relationship I have with myself if the most important. I now believe I am worth loving- unconditionally and wholeheartedly.


Safa is a vessel for truly embodying your dark and allowing it to be light once again. She is the deepest and strongest mother of love you will ever meet. She can guide you and hold at your lowest and darkest hour. There’s not many people I would trust to go this deep and be this vulnerable with."


Madie, USA 

Image by Gabriel Silvério

"Wow. Where to begin? In our first session I started shaking uncontrollably and released a huge amount of fear and trauma that had been boiling with my body. Throughout the journey I let go of so many things I didn’t even know I was holding onto!

 I can now feel a deep self acceptance that I just wouldn’t have been able to conceive of before. I must say, go and book her now while you can- because she’ll soon be going to places where we won’t be able to follow her so closely. People as precious as Safa come into our lives as rarely as a solar eclipse. 


Safa has the softest, most intelligent perception and heart. It allowed me to release my rage and connect with my beauty.

​From then on, the healing sessions became a spiritual pilgrimage for me. They felt very very necessary but also like a treat."

-Abe, UK

Image by Kamila Maciejewska

"I came face to face with my shadows. I met them full on, my trauma, my fear, my shame, the terror and the toxic energy surrounding them. The toxins and tensions were discarded from every part of me, they flushed and gushed out of me. My body moved and writhed around in the releasing... I let go like I've never let go before.

Safa liberated all this negative, unwanted, old, energy from me. She was focused and rooted and stayed by my side until every last drop of the murky dirty water was released.


Safa holds a safe, powerful healing space. I was held in non judgement- the safest of spaces. I have no fear with Safa. I can feel her unconditional love. I can be me! I couldn't have ever imagined this calmness and newness within me. As I write this I'm sending love and healing to every cell and organ in my body. I'm now self reflecting and building an awareness of myself that is brand new."


Diane, UK

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