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 Address the functional imbalances in the nervous system and emotional body and get support to make lifestyle changes to heal chronic health conditions.


Release even subtle levels of trauma held in your nervous system that create limiting beliefs about who you are and what you deserve and expand into a new depth of authenticity.


Heal dissociation after sexual trauma that causes dysfunction / infertility and libido issues.

Reintegrate your womb and pelvis structurally and energetically. Return to your home home and the seat of your soul - the womb.

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Reintegrate imprints from your birth trauma and in utero development that have held you back in life. Deeply resolve these root causes and create deep safety within yourself.

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Heal imprints of fear from childhood abuse, whether it's conscious or not. No more confusion - just a clear path forward with deeper connection to your joy, purity and childlike innocence. 


Heal the buried emotional pain, anger and grief that is holding you back from deeper connection with your body, spirit and with your loved ones.


Heal ancestral trauma that is unresolved in your line, reconnect to your ancestral field and feel the unconditional holding and support of your ancestors


Embody your spiritual womb space and divine feminine, your deeper calling and true soul path after years of feeling lost and disconnected


Gain profound spiritual guidance and insight in every session to support you to integrate the purpose of pain and feel free

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  • Live weekly healing sessions over Zoom

  • 90 minutes per sessions 

  • £100 off any of my online courses

  • FREE Womb Healing course

  • Support and guidance via email between sessions

  • FREE Integration session

  • Video recordings of every session 

  • Step by step healing roadmap and guidance

  • Personalised healing practices to do between sessions

  • Guidance on how to support your healing between sessions

  • Support anytime you need it

"I changed my perception of myself! There was a new feeling of wholeness within me."

Pat Schurr, CST Therapist & Pilates Teacher

"The healing sessions were amazing. Even by distance I could still feel it in my body."

Hattie Williams, CST Therapist

"Completely out of this world! I'll never be the same after doing this. The world needs this!"

Meredith Ochoa, Artist & Creative Director

If you've been holding back from investing in 1:1 healing due to financial concerns, it's important to recognize the costs of staying stuck in the same place year after year, and the cost of paying for therapies and healing that is not effective. You can be in this cycle for years and decades, thinking you are doing your best to grow when really, you are keeping yourself stuck. Unresolved trauma impacts your self worth, confidence, creativity and often your true earning capacity. Unlock all this by saying YES to your future.

Start Your Healing Journey in
3 Simple Steps:

Book your 90 minute deep dive session with Safa today!

Choose the day and time that works for you.

Save the date!

Show up to the ZOOM video call ready to dive deep!

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