Confused? Get out of your own head and into your heart

Stillness confuses those who are full of chaos. Love confuses those who are full of self hatred. To maintain bonds that are not based on trauma and co dependency or distorted projections of self/other/unmet needs and to evolve collectively we need to find spaces where we can be ourselves. We need to craft a life that is authentic.

This means we do not have to hide, dim our light to connect or be in resonance, and we can remain true to our path. When you live your truth and refuse to make yourself small you confuse people who are trapped in the prison of the mind and external conditioning / cultural trauma disguised as “belonging” or “normal”

Confusion is a realm of the mind. It is the ego defending itself against the fire of truth.

There is actually nothing to be confused about. The heart always knows.

Be in your heart and let the chaos and drama that some people thrive off be their food.

Feast on the never ending ocean of peace within, find deeper stillness through your roots every day, live in love with your own creation.