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"My relationships have healed and the connection to my children is so much deeper now!"

Seta Cura, Trauma Therapist

"I saw testimonials saying 'this is life changing' and I was thinking 'oh yeah' -but it actually is!"

Bryony Smith, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

"I reconnected with my family, who I hadn't spoken to for two years! "

Brionne Tripp

"I changed my perception of myself! There was a new feeling of wholeness within me."

Pat Schurr, CST Therapist & Pilates Teacher

"The healing sessions were amazing. Even by distance I could still feel it in my body."

Hattie Williams, CST Therapist

"Completely out of this world! I'll never be the same after doing this. The world needs this!"

Meredith Ochoa, Artist & Creative Director

"Each session is a lifetime of healing. I released many deep traumas from my body. It's truly life changing!"

Immie Miller, Architect

"Safa cleared the childhood trauma from my womb.
I no longer feel empty - but anchored and decisive."

Luisa, Trauma Therapist

"My transformation was unimaginable.
I found my purpose, pureness, clarity and power!"

Simone Staehli, Healer & CST Therapist

"I knew that Safa was a phenomenal healer. I gave up alcohol, discovered my voice, my unique gifts and my purpose.  The way this healing programme has changed my life is beyond words! "

Neasa Barry, Pelvic Physiotherapist

"Each session we journeyed into the stories in my body, energy field and consciousness. I re-connected to my higher self and divine purpose. I was amazed at how much suffering I transmuted- from my ancestry, my birth, my childhood. I now feel unstoppable!"

Kirsty, CST Therapist

"It was life changing. My soul was seen by Safa. Her gaze is so clear. She has done the work. I discovered my ancestors, forgave my parents and healed childhood sexual abuse that I had dissociated.
I have now seen my power. It's changed my life. "


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