Hormonal imbalance -a symptom of an imbalanced nervous system and unresolved trauma.

Hormonal imbalances don't suddenly happen overnight. They are intricately connected to your identity, your nervous system functioning, your stress levels, diet and lifestyle and are the result of chronic and untreated dis-ease at a holistic level - including emotionally and energetically.

Hormonal imbalance is a symptom of deeper dysfunction. It means there is serious healing work to be done.It doesn't mean you are forsaken and now have to live with this condition.

Trauma makes us more reactive to stress and spikes in cortisol can affect our entire hormonal balance.

Trauma and chronic stress responses impact the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) which is responsible for modulating our stress and immune response.

The main determinants of HPA axis activity are our genetic background (ancestral trauma, inherited conditions, diets) early-life environment and trauma (including womb conditions) and current life stress levels. Early life stress and trauma changes oxytocin levels within the hypothalamus and the amygdala. These are important brain regions in the production of oxytocin and emotional regulation. It affects mental health, immunity and nervous system regulation.

Hormones are chemical messengers, they carry information vital to our inner balance and functioning. This information is based on the entire state of the nervous system and neuroendocrine balance. We cannot treat hormones without addressing structural and functioning issues of the nervous system, including trauma.

Research shows that women exposed to child abuse showed reduced oxytocin levels later in life, as did men who had experienced childhood stress.

Why are women still being compartmentalised and treated like a circuit board? It's not anatomically relevant to treat 'hormones' without working with the entire nervous system, the organs and the trauma. If this is happening, it's called tinkering. My definition of tinkering is playing with a person's system at a superficial level to make surface ripples in the ocean of change.

When I hear about clients getting 'treatment for their hormones' i just wonder why they are wasting their money. And the worst thing is that it will go on for years and years and women get their identities attached to these conditions which then generates more nervous system messages and reconditions the brain and entire psyche to one of fundamental imbalance.

This reinforces the sense that there is something innately 'wrong' with their body and brain, that they cannot heal or fix it, it's just the way they are, they have a lifelong issue that now they have to live with and accept - and quite frankly, this is the same shame cycle that has suppressed women and kept them from healing and reconnecting to their their wombs and bodies for so many generations.

To learn more about how diet for example can affect fertility and hormonal balance watch this video


What clients say:

"Safa helped me to make sense of the sensations I have been feeling in my body. After just one session I felt different - there was an inner clarity, a space, a vastness... such beauty! After the second session my entire body felt flooded with life force energy. I felt a deeper connection to aspects of myself. I felt calm and lovely. After my third session I felt big releases of shame, pain and numbness from my body and heart. In their place now are new feelings of bliss, joy, love. I feel space inside and I can surrender."

"I came to see Safa after repeated physical and sexual trauma and a subsequent diagnosis of PTSD. I was stuck, in immense stress and depressed. I felt like I had hit a wall with no way around and this was a life I just had to make do with. I was experiencing brain fog, migraines, was locked and paralysed in my body and couldn't sleep. I was having trauma flashbacks and emotional memories were replaying on a mental loop. I was dissociated, disconnected and spiritually lost. I was really struggling. After just 6 weeks I now have a wonderful connection with my body. I feel safe in my body now, rather than just in momentary experiences. It's been utterly beautiful coming to know my heart, my womb, and my inner child. These connections now feel embedded and at home. It's like a door has opened to a tender and caring new relationship with myself! Womb work was a whole new revelation and my relationship here is my gateway to empowerment. I am now embarking on a new journey within myself with fascination. I feel my potential has been unlocked and I am unravelling new ways of being."

"For the first time I managed to acknowledge how my core beliefs were affecting my life. I feel deepest gratitude for getting to understand my in utero experience. I think this was an important clue for me and my relationships, my aversion to life, my uncertainty. It offered deep emotional insight, it felt like the safest place to share and be, the pure body with its deep teachings and physical experience of the Spirit. I have no words to describe it. I realised how ancestral patterns of separation and polarities arouse in me disconnection and aversion to life. I recognized that I do not need to be isolated to feel safe/me/that I am all-right. I recognized why the partner whom I have lost was such a huge container for me and how sacred his love was."


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