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You Chose Your Parents-You Just Can't Remember Doing It

It may be hard to imagine that we had any choice or control over the circumstances of our inception and birth. And yet, this lack of agency, this disconnection from our spiritual sovereignty, from our soul's higher intelligence and the gifts of our ancestral lineage - this is precisely the wound crying out to be transmuted.

For it is but a small distortion within the greater web of consciousness, a mere flicker of forgetfulness within the luminous tapestry of our origins.

And it is this very distortion that now calls us to heal, to evolve, to elevate ourselves into a deeper love. Yet to answer this call requires us to feel, to heal, to delve far deeper than the confines of our own nervous systems or energy bodies. It demands that we enter the sacred realm of the soul.

Most of the trauma that I help people to heal and transmute relates to their parents and the parent-child dynamic. I'd say in 90% of cases, this is where the bulk of the blocks are.

Statistics show that nearly 80% of people report feeling disconnected, estranged, or resentful towards their parents to some degree. This pervasive sense of lack of belonging and authentic connection is traumatic and is often rooted in unresolved childhood trauma and ancestral trauma. The truth is, it's a painful place to be. It's even more complicated when your parents were abusive or neglectful towards you. When we carry unresolved trauma from our childhood or ancestral lineage, it can weigh heavily on our psyche and rob us of our authentic sense of self. The pain and wounds from dysfunctional or abusive family dynamics can become internalized, leading to negative core beliefs, low self-worth, and a diminished capacity to fully embrace our inherent power and potential.

Understanding and addressing these profound issues is crucial for healing the soul and reclaiming your true power.

Reclaiming Cosmic Choice: How We Secretly Selected Our Ancestral Lineage

Ah, the great mystery of our origins - where do we truly come from?

The conventional wisdom would have us believe we are mere victims of circumstance, born into families by random chance. But this randomness does not explain the uncanny resemblances we often bear to our parents, the eerie familiarity we feel within our family dynamics, or the undeniable threads that weave through the tapestry of our ancestral lineage. If it were all merely chance, how do we account for the profound synchronicities, the intergenerational patterns, the inherited talents and traumas that seem to transcend the bounds of the physical realm?

We are not helpless playthings, tossed about by the whims of fate. We are architects of our own becoming - eternal, cosmic entities who consciously weave the very threads of our ancestral lineages. What the sleeping masses dismiss as luck or coincidence, we illumined ones recognize as a sacred symphony, a grand dance of quantum co-creation orchestrated long before the first cell divided.

The depth of transmutation required to reach this level of spiritual sovereignty and connection is monumental.

For the journey into this profound awareness can be deeply confronting and somewhat disturbing. Why?

Because it demands deep healing of trauma (both personal and ancestral), deeper spiritual heart embodiment, a radical shift from a mentality of powerless victimhood to Divine sovereignty and a stripping away of almost all cultural and ancestral conditioning that blocked the field of pure awareness.

It requires an acceptance in every moment of Choice and Free Will.

There is no comfortable middle ground that can provide the necessary explanation, healing or resolution until we go on this journey. Actually, it is a one-way track to enlightenment - and yes, the journey may very well feel like riding through the fires of hell. But this is no mere accident, for it is by divine design.

Ultimately, the choosing of our parents is a direct expression of our soul's evolutionary journey. There is no evolution without pain. It is an act of quantum co-creation where we chose them and they chose us. It takes deep inner work and many cycles of ego dissolution to reach this level of embodied acceptance.

Whilst we may not be fully aware of, or have a direct tangible and felt sense of the connection, the choice point or the reasons, deepening in healing work will reveal the perfected order in which our consciousness mastered this great miracle.

"Your parents are not your parents. They are the people who were chosen to raise you." - Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle also emphasizes that our parents are not random accidents of fate, but rather individuals who were specifically selected to provide the perfect catalysts and lessons for our soul's journey. The key question is, chosen by whom?

Whilst we may feel it is a conspiracy against us, healing these disconnections reveals something truly magical - it is the total opposite. It is by divine grace that we have chosen our parents and that they chose us. It is a neccessary catalyst for soul growth and when we die, whether it's ego death or actual death, the truth of these webs are revealed through the field. By embracing the sacred role our parents play as catalysts in our evolutionary journey, we can begin to transmute our feelings of resentment and victimhood into gratitude and reverence.

"We do not 'come into' this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean 'waves,' the universe 'peoples.' Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universal field." - Alan Watts

So the next time you find yourself resisting or resenting your family, pause and ask yourself: -What is the deeper purpose here?

-What lessons am I being called to learn?

-How can I transmute the wounds of the past into gifts for the future? This is soul level and ancestral healing work. "The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

To explore this deeper, check out my course Ancestral Alchemy or reach out to me for a 1-1 healing journey.

By doing this inner work, you not only heal yourself, but you also elevate the energy of your entire ancestral line.

You become a powerful conduit for transformation and awakening. And in doing so, you fulfill the highest purpose of your soul's journey - to evolve, to ascend, and to embody the fullest expression of the divine consciousness that you are.


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