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Embracing Your Ancestral Stream & Embodying Higher Frequencies of Light

Connecting to Your Ancient Stream of Ancestral Wisdom

When you're in your channel, in the stream of your higher self, your crown is open, and your ancestral roots are deeply embodied. You can feel the wisdom of the elders and your higher self vibrating in the stillness, and you just know you are held. This is a profound and sacred experience, one that allows you to connect with the deep well of wisdom and guidance that resides within you.

As you immerse yourself in this stream, you are tapping into a timeless source of knowledge and understanding. Your higher self, your ancestors, and the divine intelligence that flows through all of creation are now accessible to you. This is a rare and precious moment, one that requires your full presence and attention.

Surrendering To Your Felt Sense

Don't get into your head and start trying to understand. Instead, feel. Feel your midline, feel the light, feel your roots, and feel the light. Accept it, receive it, and let it flow through you. This is not a time for analysis or intellect; it is a time for pure, embodied experience.

Surrendering to the feeling is the key to unlocking the wisdom within. When you let go of the need to understand and simply allow yourself to be present with the sensations in your body, you open yourself up to a deeper level of awareness and connection. The answers you seek are not found in your thoughts, but in the deep currents of feeling that move through you.

Transcending Your Need for Certainty

Do you ask questions? Do you ask for guidance? When you're in your stream, it's important to understand that when you start asking questions, it's because you're uncertain about receiving. Your ancestors want you to be humble, vulnerable, and open to receiving the answers through your body, not through your intellect.

Asking questions can be a sign that you're still holding back, that you're not fully trusting the process. Your ancestors, however, want you to let go of the need for certainty and intellectual understanding. They want you to surrender to the wisdom that is already within you, waiting to be accessed through your felt sense of the moment. When you are able to let go of your questions and simply be present with the experience, that is when the true magic happens.

Embodying Your Ancestral Light

The answers you receive are not meant for you to simply observe or understand. You are meant to feel them, embody them, and let them attune your energy body to higher and higher frequencies. This is the work of our ancestors, and it requires us to root, ground, and bring stillness to our womb and our base.

Without this foundational work, the light and wisdom that flows through you will be blocked, unable to fully manifest. It is only when you have done the necessary inner work to clear and stabilize your energetic foundation that you can truly open yourself up to the transformative power of the ancestral light. This is a sacred and challenging journey, one that requires patience, dedication, and a deep trust in the wisdom of your lineage.

Becoming A Vessel of Light

When you've done the work of grounding and opening your crown, you become a channel for the light. The channel is light, and light does not ask questions. Light simply is. By becoming the channel, you stop asking questions and simply serve the light that flows through you.

In this state, you are no longer operating from the limited perspective of your individual self. You have transcended the need for personal understanding and have become a vessel for the divine wisdom that moves through all of creation. Your role is not to grasp or comprehend, but to surrender and allow the light to flow through you, unimpeded and unobstructed. This is the ultimate expression of your spiritual journey, the culmination of all the inner work you have done to prepare yourself for this sacred purpose.

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Client Perspectives: Exploring the Life-Changing Impact of Ancestral Reconnection

"Safa helped me to clear all the trauma including from in utero. She also did big ancestral healing work on the masculine and feminine lines. Finally, I forgave.

In just 12 weeks I experienced a big shift in my consciousness. I can feel self love and I trust myself again. I am able to feel the power of my womb. I am able to clarify my energy field and my space, connect to my ancestors and feel love in my daily life. I have learnt the deeper art of embodiment. I have turned away from senseless things like alcohol, smoking and empty friendships. Through the healing work I have done with Safa, my family are now shining. I see the sun in their eyes! I am speechless by the depth of transformation in this short amount of time. A huge thank you Safa.

I am so curious about everything I learnt from you! Your heart is so big! Deeply impressed!"

- Simone, Switzerland *

"It offered deep emotional insight, it felt like the safest place to share and be, the pure body with its deep teachings and physical experience of the Spirit.

I have no words to describe it. I realised how ancestral patterns of separation and polarities arouse in me disconnection and aversion to life. I recognized that I do not need to be isolated to feel safe/me/that I am all-right. I recognized why the partner whom I have lost was such a huge container for me and how sacred his love was.

I accepted that I have to change my constant invading thoughts about how wrong I am. In Womb Room I accepted my past, entanglements with masculine energy since I can understand the past and forgive and see that this offers me a possibility to heal and access the Divine masculine in me. I healed a huge part of the burden I have carried. I think I healed a part of my masculine energy, I think I opened to a feminine energy more, but most of all I think I crossed the river Styx to finally find the stillness."

-Ana, Slovenia

* "I came to see Safa with dissociation. For at least six years my nervous system has been dysregulated. After six weeks my physical symptoms are gone. I have also healed my dissociation and learnt how to trust my own body again. I am now feeling connected with my organs and I feel my heart and brain have reconnected. Spinal work realigned my spine and helped me to release deep anger from trauma that my body was holding in relation to childhood trauma. I reconnected with my own inner feminine and masculine energy and also met my inner child. Ancestral healing supported me to heal my paternal line and what was being held there that had affected me - religious abuse. I was able to see myself more deeply, both the victim and the rebel in me. I reconnected deeply with the vastness of my womb. This has helped me stand up for myself and stand in my power. " -Jasmine, USA

* "Wow, so much light and energy flowing through Safa's field the whole time!!!!

This healing programme was the biggest and most profound journey.

My biggest moment was meeting with Jesus! Tears streamed down my face with so much gratitude, a knowing that he is with me, feeling his love and holding his hand. I'm still feeling that connection- it makes me so emotional. I had ancestors come in to my field during the ancestral healing work I did. There was so much light and energy flowing through the whole field. I was being cleared and healed and filled with light for my journey. I deepened in my womb embodiment, I swam with the whales, felt their deep spirit in womb, the pulse of the oceans and earth's heart beat. I felt gratitude for my family and children. I saw their true essence and light -who they really are. I reconnected with my mother who had passed away, i held her hand in a coffin, kissed her with thanks for her journey. I am still buzzing, feeling so blessed and blissed out!

Safa, you are a master orchestrator of the cosmic symphony. This was a magical healing ride that I will never forget." - Mia, Canada


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