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The Power of Ancestral Healing to Collapse Structures from Within

Carrying trauma from our ancestors can be a heavy burden that weighs on us both physically and emotionally. Whether it's discrimination, oppression, or displacement, these painful experiences can be passed down through generations and impact our lives in ways we may not even realize. The pain of our ancestors can become our own pain, and it can take a lot of work to unravel and heal from the deep wounds that have been passed down to us. In this article, we will explore the effects of ancestral trauma and the importance of ancestral healing for our own well-being and that of future generations.

I used to have a complicated relationship with my ancestors. Their struggles with disease, displacement, and discrimination, and the burden of religious dogma they carried, made me want to keep my distance. I didn't want any of it to rub off on me.

But eventually, I realised that I just couldn't avoid this ancestral energy forever. It came crashing down on me, manifesting as physical tension in my jaw and chest, and a deep exhaustion that I couldn't shake off. I turned to all the healing tools I had at my disposal, but I soon realised that I was only perpetuating the cycle of doing and solving that my ancestors had taught me. I needed to stop and take a step back. As the days passed, my jaw became more and more locked, and I found myself tempted to seek out a quick fix from an osteopath. But I knew that this battle was something that I had to face on my own. It was tough, but as I persevered, I began to understand the importance of addressing my ancestral energy and finding a way to heal and move forward.

I experienced a transformative moment during my meditation practice where I reached a point of surrender. Exhausted from my attempts to heal my ancestral trauma, I finally let go of any expectations and just allowed myself to be. It was a moment of complete vulnerability where I faced the pain of my ancestors head-on. In this moment of surrender, I felt a stirring from within the stillness. The words, "I forgive you, I forgive me, I forgive all. All are forgiven" flowed from me and I repeated them over and over again. As I continued to repeat the words, the structures of my ancestral trauma were revealed to me. Walls, towers, small rattling cages, and forgotten civilizations all crumbled under the vibration of forgiveness. It was like watching dust turn to dust. Eventually, I found myself standing in a desert. A vast emptiness stretched out before me, free of any structures or remnants of my ancestral trauma. It was completely still.

My jaw relaxed, my temples eased, and I felt a sense of peace wash over me. I felt a connection to my ancestors and a deep understanding of their struggles. In that moment, I was united with them in ancient wisdom.

Almost immediately I received an unexpected text message, it was from my mum asking about... bruxism!? I couldn't help but smile inside. Her soul seemed to acknowledge what had taken place, even without directly mentioning it. Too exhausted to come up with a clever response, I simply replied with the definition of teeth grinding. Rolling over to sleep, I felt grateful and at peace with my ancestors. I now felt free, rooted, grounded, and supported, with a newfound relationship with something much larger than myself - blind faith.

Our ancestors' experiences and their way of life have not only created external structures that we can see, but they have also left an energetic imprint on the fabric of our reality. These energetic structures are born from their intense energy, often stemming from their need to survive in a challenging world. As a result, these structures hold great life force energy that can be integrated into our own lives when we become conscious of how they vibrate and open our heart to healing and integrating these patterns.

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Reclaim Your Ancestral Power: Transforming Past Wounds into Present Strengths

Do you feel weighed down by the burdens of your ancestors? Do you struggle with inherited trauma and patterns that seem impossible to break? Our ancestors have left a mark on us not just in the physical world, but also within the energetic dimensions of reality. These structures hold immense life force and can be integrated through ancestral healing.

We carry the energetic imprints of our ancestors deep within our genes and our energy body. These imprints can manifest as patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that we may not even be aware of. Unresolved ancestral trauma can affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and can even be passed down to future generations. By healing our ancestral wounds, we can break these patterns and create a better future for ourselves and our descendants. Additionally, connecting with our ancestors can bring a sense of belonging, identity, and understanding of our place in the world.

In my course on ancestral healing, you'll learn how to connect with your ancestors, release inherited trauma, and transform ancestral patterns into sources of power and wisdom. You'll discover how to work with the energetic structures created by your ancestors, and tap into the immense life force that they hold. Join me on this journey of healing and transformation, and discover the power of ancestral healing.

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