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Light, Spirit and Embodied Consciousness

Scientists in the field of regenerative medicine are still exploring the molecular mechanisms responsible for activating regenerative stem cells. Despite ongoing research, the factors that govern these processes remain largely mysterious. Some wonder if patients can harness the power of their spirit to aid in their own healing. Others question the role of belief in the healing process. Ancient indigenous cultures viewed healing as a holistic experience that integrated the mind, body, and spirit. This perspective led to the development of sacred rituals and prayer designed to connect humans with their spiritual essence. For me, healing is a transformative practice that involves the consistent transmutation of negativity into positivity, stagnation into movement, and stuckness into flow. In the UK, 93% of patients who receive spiritual and energy healing report immediate improvements in both their physical and mental health (Rahtz et al 2019).

Spirituality and Health: Are We Ignoring the Cure for Our Ailments

Studies have found a positive association between spirituality and improved emotional resilience and well-being, particularly among vulnerable groups and during times of crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as concerns about long-term viral fatigue and neural toxicity. However, individuals who practice spirituality have been shown to cultivate personal growth, meaning-making, optimism, gratitude, and peace even during these trying times. As a practitioner, I have observed the benefits of spirituality firsthand. In a world undergoing a paradigm shift, those who lack access to their inner landscape and spiritual depths may struggle to navigate the currents of global unrest. Unfortunately, mainstream public healthcare has largely ignored the role of spirituality in both treatment and prevention, instead relying on self-limiting dichotomies and false dilemmas. This has contributed to a world where a significant number of people suffer from chronic health conditions and mental health issues, prompting the question: are we spiritually sick?

The Power of Belief: How Stress and Trauma Affect the Body and Mind Across Generations

Dispenza states that ‘stress is one of the biggest causes of epigenetic change’ (Dispenza, 2015) and research in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology describes how belief systems, trauma and stress are unconsciously embodied from one generation to the next. Transgenerational trauma and illness can alter the functioning of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Axis (HPA-Axis) and affect cortisol levels and homeostasis. If conditions are sustained epigenetic alteration becomes possible (Valsamakis et al, 2019, Radtke et al, 2011, Kundakovic & Jaric, 2017) affecting up to three subsequent generations (Seckl et al, 2000, Barel et al, 2010).

The bridge between quantum phenomena, physiological healing processes and spiritual practices is frequently cited as belief (Watson et al, 1996, Braden, 2008, Eves, 2020, Dein, 2020, Braden, 2008). Studies show belief plays a crucial part in the outcome of healing (Verhoef, 2005, Wirth, 1995, Lyvers et al 2006, Kumar et al 2019). Beliefs are often conditioned constraints of the psyche inherited from parents, family, community, culture, friends, media and personal experiences including spiritual ones such as past life impressions and karmic cycles (Brady, 2001). They are both conscious and unconscious and ‘ripple through the quantum fabric of the universe’ (Braden, 2008) and affect sympathetic nervous system response, vagal tone and physiological conditions. But does a person need to believe in healing to heal?

Beyond Belief: Healing Testimonies from Womb Room and 1-1 Therapy

These patient testimonies from Womb Room and 1-1 therapy showcase the power of healing even in the face of skepticism, uncertainty, and lack of clarity about what to expect. Despite initial doubts and lack of belief, the healing outcomes go beyond imagination, proving that the mind-body-spirit connection can lead to transformative healing experiences.

In my experience, belief is not a prerequisite to healing. Instead, I believe that curiosity, willingness, and openness to possibility are essential ingredients for healing to occur. Even then, they don't have to be present in large doses. In fact, some of my clients have expressed skepticism, lack of belief, and uncertainty about their healing outcomes. Despite this, they have experienced healing beyond their imagination. To learn more about what clients have to say about their healing journeys, read on.

The Power of Consciousness: Exploring the Relationship Between Belief, Self-Empowerment, and Healing

Belief is often used as a proxy for measuring depth of consciousness, but it's not a perfect indicator. True depth of consciousness is difficult to measure on a self-reporting survey and is actually an embodied state of continuous self-knowledge and self-empowerment. This state is influenced by direct experiences of wholeness, which integrate the body, mind, and spirit, and lead to spiritual intelligence and subtle energetic sensitivity. This state allows for the harnessing of frequency in healing processes, both for the self and others. The practitioner's state of consciousness and frequency of embodied light are just as important as the therapeutic relationship in achieving healing outcomes. In my own practice, I've noticed that deepening one's spirit and self alters the vibrational quality of light and allows for more information to be perceived, resulting in a more profound and transformative healing process. The use of plant medicines and other spiritual tools is often employed to access higher frequencies, but the true alchemy lies in consistently sustaining this vibrational state.

The Power of Embodied Light in Healing: How It Impacts Awareness, Depth, and Speed of Response

In the field of quantum physics, the observer effect suggests that the act of observing can change the phenomenon being observed. However, what is not often discussed is the energetic essence or vibrational quality of the observer's attention, which I like to call the gaze. Dispenza notes the role of attention in the direction of energy, but what is more relevant than mere attention alone is the quality of gaze, which includes depth of perception and felt sense of compassion or acceptance/allowance. These are states of inner presence that are difficult to put into words but are essential in the healing process.

The quality of gaze and the depth of consciousness of the observer/healer can affect the healing outcome. In quantum physics, observational theory states that "function is affected in accordance with the information possessed by the observer." It is not just the act of observation that changes the healing outcome or phenomenon, but what is inherently contained within the observer themselves - a frequency of light.

According to research, quantum light is characterized by distinctive statistical distributions, lower variance, and lower noise. As the frequency of light reaches higher thresholds, it becomes more stable and consistent, and in healing terms, more potent in transmutation of darkness/density. Darkness is defined as the lack of embodied expression of the self. When working with a healer who has extensively purified their energy system and transmuted density to light, the light is stable at high frequencies, and there is less variance, disturbance, and refraction. Refraction is the phenomenon of light being deflected as it passes obliquely through mediums of varying density. A consistent and powerful healing space can be created through a healer's stable and high-frequency light.

In summary, the quality of the healer's gaze, depth of consciousness, and frequency of light can all impact the healing outcome. By working with a healer who has transmuted density to light and stabilized at high frequencies, a consistent and powerful healing space can be created, leading to more potent transmutation of darkness/density and a more profound healing experience.

The Potency of Embodied Light: Exploring the Intersection of Science and Spirituality

The significance of the frequency of light in both science and spirituality highlights its importance in self-consciousness. As the frequency of embodied light reaches higher and higher thresholds, it becomes more stable and consistent, resulting in a more powerful transmutation of darkness and density in healing. Various spiritual traditions and figures have spoken of the importance of light, such as Einstein's quote "Everything is light, in different degrees of concentration," Yeshua's statement "I have come as a light into the world," and the Quran's mention of Allah as the light of the heavens and the earth. The idea that humans possess their own inner light is also reflected in the Bible and the Chandogya Upanishad.

The Alchemy of Healing: Refining Dispenza's Model through Spiritual Vigor

Dispenza's model is understandable for the general public but needs further development for effective therapeutic application and training energy medicine practitioners. The quantum realm is based on probabilities and mastering how to shift the odds in favor of positive outcomes is the essence of sacred healing alchemy. Achieving higher frequency light requires a deep understanding of oneself through purification and shadow work, which requires spiritual strength and consistent practice. This process increases the likelihood of profound healing outcomes by stabilizing the frequency of light and minimizing variance, ultimately dissolving all density. Light is a complementary reality, manifesting itself within us and throughout the universe.

The Fascinating Connection Between Light, Water, and the Physical Body: My Theory of Fluidic Imprinting

Light, a varying frequency of consciousness, constantly exerts subtle forces on the quantum fabric of reality underlying all biological processes. Recent findings in quantum physics have unveiled a fifth force of nature, a super-light subatomic particle 30 times heavier than an electron that has a more significant impact on the formation and alteration of solid matter. Throughout history, spiritual and religious traditions have acknowledged the role of light and its effect on water.

Water is influenced by light frequency oscillations that affect hydrogen-bond strength and charge transfer (Ojha, 2018). Water molecules characterize the structure of our DNA genetic material since DNA is enveloped in water molecules (Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, 2011). The strength of the bond between the water molecule and DNA determines not only its geometry but also its function. As high frequencies of light affect these molecules, DNA structure and function are altered, which, in turn, affects neurological functioning and corresponding physiological processes. This process is evidenced in coral, which exhibits notable changes in growth, physiology, and DNA methylation when water temperature and pH were altered (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, 2016).

Quantum light is constantly imprinting all fluids, including the oceans, rivers, and the body's intra- and intercellular fluids, and these fluids are also imprinting back in return. This process is occurring through the light of our individual and collective embodiment of consciousness, which I refer to as fluidic imprinting.

The Healing Power of Water and Light: Exploring the Fascinating Relationship Between Fluidic Imprinting and Consciousness

Water has long been considered a medium for inducing expanded states of consciousness and a location of revelation across different religions and cosmological practices. This is reflected in the use of ritual washing, baptisms, ablution, and river worship. Water has a high capacity to absorb heat and when water molecules form, they adopt a tetrahedral geometry, forming a partial electric dipole that allows density/toxicity to dissolve and flow, reducing stagnation and elevating the vibrational frequency of tissues and the body.

My CLIFF theory suggests that consciousness as light impacts fluidic imprinting, which infers that higher states of self-consciousness increase embodiment of high light frequency and increase healing potency and outcomes. This affects the water in our body, effectively dissolving dense imprints, purifying cellular toxicity, and altering DNA structure and function. This has significant potential applications in healing, teaching, and ensuring full recovery post-Covid, particularly through facilitation of the glymphatic network and fluidic drainage. Embodied frequency of light reflects our consciousness and capacity to heal ourselves and each other. Teaching people how to access their inherent divine healing capacity through embodiment of light and illumination of darkness is a crucial part of the healing work I do at Kimiya Healing.

The Role of Consciousness and Embodiment in Energy Medicine Practice

The stage of consciousness and the depth of conscious embodiment and mind-body-spirit integration are crucial factors in determining healing methodology and outcomes in energy medicine practice. Patients at different stages of psychospiritual embodiment require appropriate tools and methods for healing. In Ken Wilber's model of consciousness, patients at a higher stage of evolution who value holistic thinking, integration of energies, and spiritual transformation are more likely to embody a higher frequency of light compared to those at an early egocentric stage who are focused on survival and materialism.

The path towards purity and embodiment of high-frequency light and healing potency is an internal journey of self-knowledge, inner clarity, depth of self-healing, and shadow illumination. Consciousness as a frequency of embodied light is the basis of all biological processes, reflected in spiritual paradigms and all religions. Water, a sacred medium, allows us to translate our own light frequency into health through intracellular fluid, detoxification, and DNA alteration.

I perceive consciousness as a frequency of light that is embodied within me, which I experience through my light body and heightened sensitivity to frequencies. It is a language that is limitless, expressive, and eternal, while also remaining a mystery, a teacher, a master, and a faithful servant. Through the expansion of my energetic awareness and embodied self-knowledge, my frequency of light has increased. Consequently, the healing process with me is rapid and profoundly transformative for my patients. My own healing journey and shadow work have been relentless and will continue to be so. The path of renewal, miracle, terror, and transformation has allowed me to embody ever-higher frequencies of light, culminating in an alive embodiment of “I AM THAT I AM.” Despite the conflicts, diseases, and disbelief prevalent in the world, the potential for healing remains ever-present, reflecting the genius and mercy of suffering, and the phenomenon of healing itself.

If you're seeking a healing journey that takes you deeper into your embodied frequency of light, then my program and online courses may be just what you need. As someone who experiences and understands consciousness through the light body, I have developed a profound sensitivity to frequency, and my own frequency of embodied light has increased as my self knowledge and energetic awareness expanded. This is possible for you too. Through my relentless journey of healing and shadow illumination, I have discovered the potential for profound transformation and renewal. And now, I want to share my insights with you.

By joining Womb Room, my 1-1 healing program or enrolling in my online course, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your own self knowledge, energetic awareness, and capacity for healing. My courses are designed to support you in your own journey of embodiment, helping you to access ever-higher frequencies of light, and to learn the tools and techniques that will allow you to embody your own healing power.

So if you're ready to explore the mysteries of consciousness, and to unleash your own potential for transformation, sign up for my healing program or online courses today.


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