The role of belief, spirit, consciousness, quantum light and water in healing

Researchers in the field of regenerative medicine are still trying to understand the molecular

mechanisms through which regenerative stem cells for example, become activated. (Facchin et al 2018). What are the mysterious forces that actually govern regenerative molecular processes? Is it possible that a patient can harness spirit to heal? What is the role of belief?

Ancient indigenous cultures saw healing as the experience of wholeness, an integration of mind-body-spirit that occurred through ‘the gift of spirit’ (De Quillan, 2011). This led to revelations of sacred ritual and prayer designed to attune the human to their spiritual essence. To me healing is a quantum, alchemical practice of consistently transmuting density to light, stagnation to flow, stuckness to spin.

In the UK today 93% of patients who receive spiritual and energy healing report immediate benefits to both their physical and mental health conditions (Rahtz et al 2019).

Are they all believers?


Spiritual healing in a pandemic

Spirituality is associated with improved emotional resilience and well being (Júnior et al 2020) particularly among vulnerable groups (del Castillo, 2020) and in times of crises (Roberto et al, 2020). The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in depression, anxiety, distress, and insomnia (Wu et al 2021) and fears are now emerging of longer term viral fatigue and neural toxicity (Wostyn 2021). Studies show that people with spiritual practices have been able to cultivate personal growth, meaning making, optimism, gratitude and peace even during this pandemic (Roberto et al, 2020). I've noticed this myself in my practice. At a time of paradigm shift, those without access to their inner landscape, the depths of their spirit, are easily blown away by each current of global unrest. Substantial personal meaning making in this pandemic is inherently a spiritual affair

Despite well known benefits of spirituality to mental health and wellbeing mainstream public health care has largely ignored its role in both treatment and prevention (Lukoff, 1992, Rao 2005). Most institutions especially public ones are steeped in self limiting dichotomies, bound by reels of red tape (mental vs physical, prevention vs treatment) and fixated on false dilemmas (Frenk et al 2016) i.e constantly treating symptoms instead of identifying the holistic root causes which are usually embedded in traumatic experiences or ancestral trauma.

As a result we now live in a world where in spite of the apparent technological advances in healthcare research and life sciences, every third person suffers from multiple chronic health conditions (Hajat & Stein, 2018) and the burden of mental health issues and substance use disorders is increasing (Vigo et al 2019). Are we spiritually sick?


Belief, intention and healing outcomes

Dispenza states that ‘stress is one of the biggest causes of epigenetic change’ (Dispenza, 2015) and research in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology describes how belief systems, trauma and stress are unconsciously embodied from one generation to the next. Transgenerational trauma and illness can alter the functioning of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Axis (HPA-Axis) and affect cortisol levels and homeostasis. If conditions are sustained epigenetic alteration becomes possible (Valsamakis et al, 2019, Radtke et al, 2011, Kundakovic & Jaric, 2017) affecting up to three subsequent generations (Seckl et al, 2000, Barel et al, 2010).

The bridge between quantum phenomena, physiological healing processes and spiritual practices is frequently cited as belief (Watson et al, 1996, Braden, 2008, Eves, 2020, Dein, 2020, Braden, 2008). Studies show belief plays a crucial part in the outcome of healing (Verhoef, 2005, Wirth, 1995, Lyvers et al 2006, Kumar et al 2019). Beliefs are often conditioned constraints of the psyche inherited from parents, family, community, culture, friends, media and personal experiences including spiritual ones such as past life impressions and karmic cycles (Brady, 2001). They are both conscious and unconscious and ‘ripple through the quantum fabric of the universe’ (Braden, 2008) and affect sympathetic nervous system response, vagal tone and physiological conditions. But does a person need to believe in healing to heal?

Below are some examples of my own patients testimonies from Womb Room and in 1-1 therapy.

You will notice there is scepticism, lack of belief, uncertainty about an expectation and lack of clarity about what healing outcome to expect. And yet, healing happens - beyond imagination!

I don't see believe as a prerequisite to healing. Curiosity, willingness and openness to possibility however, are essential ingredients and even then, they're not required in large doses. Read more about what clients say here.


Consciousness as frequency of embodied light

Belief has become an imperfect proxy for the more relevant but tricky to measure on a self reporting survey - depth of consciousness.

Belief is a continuous state of embodied consciousness measured as frequency of light along a spectrum that is influenced by self knowledge and that is a catalyst for self empowerment.

Self consciousness and belief is reinforced through direct experiences of wholeness - of body-mind-spirit integration leading to embodied self empowerment (McGuire, 1983). This is related to self consciousness, spiritual intelligence and subtle energetic sensitivity. It leads to the ability to harness frequency in healing processes for self and others.

Whilst the therapeutic relationship is an important factor in the healing outcome (Wirth, 1995 and Kumar et al 2019) so is the practitioner state of consciousness / frequency of embodied light. I have noticed this in my own practice where deepening in spirit and self alters the vibrational quality of light which allows vaster amounts of information to permeate through the same degree of attuned awareness such that presence itself, becomes healing.

The healing result with embodied depth and in high frequencies is deeper, more profoundly transformative and the process is faster. This is often why people work with plant medicines and other spiritual tools -to access higher frequencies. The real alchemy is in self sustaining that vibrational state consistently.


Embodiment of light affects quality of awareness, depth and speed of healing response

Whilst Dispenza notes the role of attention in the direction of energy (Dispenza, 2015) less is discussed of the energetic essence or vibrational quality of attention itself. I like to call this, the gaze. These can include depth of perception and felt sense of compassion or acceptance / allowance. They are states of inner presence - felt sense terms difficult to put into words but which are more relevant than mere attention alone.

Quality of gaze affects the healing outcome. That difference is determined by the person's depth of consciousness.

This is not as mystical as it sounds. You'll have heard of the observer effect - phenomena change through the process of being observed Baclawski, K. (2018).

In quantum physics observational theory states, ‘function is affected in accordance with information possessed by the observer’ (London et al, 1939). Hence, it is not merely the act of observation but what is inherently contained within the observer themselves that changes the healing outcome or phenomena. What is contained or embodied, is a frequency of light.

Quantum light is characterized by distinctive statistical distributions and lower variance and refraction equals higher-fidelity transmission of information. This is in turn accompanied by lower noise (Mittal et al 2018). I suggest that as the frequency of light reaches higher and higher thresholds it becomes more stable and consistent and in healing terms more potent in transmutation of darkness/ density whereby darkness is defined as lack of embodied expression of Self. When working with a healer who has extensively purified their energy system and transmuted density to light, the light is stable at high frequencies, there is less variance, disturbance and refraction. Refraction is the phenomenon of light being deflected as it passeso bliquely through mediums of varying density. Essentially what this means is a consistent and powerful healing space. If you are interested to experience this for yourself, come along to my group alchemy sessions which take place monthly.

The importance of frequency of light as self consciousness is illustrated in both science and spirituality. As frequency of embodied light reaches higher and higher thresholds I suggest it becomes more stable and consistent and in healing terms more potent in transmutation of darkness/ density.

‘Everything is light, in different degrees of concentration’ - Einstein ‘I have come as a light into the world’ Yeshua ‘Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth’ - Quran Al Nur (The Light) ‘You are the light of the world.’ Matthew 5:14 ‘There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart.’ - Chandogya Upanishad

Dispenza’s model is comprehensible for the average reader but for vigorous therapeutic application and for training of energy medicine practitioners, requires further refinement. The quantum realm is driven by probabilities and learning how to tip the odds in your favour is the work of the sacred healing alchemy. To embody higher frequency light required deepening in knowledge of self by purification and shadow illumination. This takes spiritual vigour and practice, ‘ he who practices the truth comes to the Light, (John 3:21).

In terms of quantum physics this shifts the odds towards profound and positive healing outcomes. Eventually the healing process becomes highly consistent because the frequency of light in the space the patient is held is stable and high frequency, contains minimal variance and dissolves all density. Light is a dual complementary reality quite literally, manifesting itself through itself (Constantinescu and Stănciulescu, 1993) within us and within all.

Below are some examples of participants in Womb Room, the 10 day Rebirthing Journey

‘I seem to be integrating higher energy/light/vibration.’

‘Crown chakra filling with intense light and frequency’

‘There was so much light!’

‘Life-changing, liberating, thought provoking, light giving’

‘I melted into the potent, pregnant darkness teeming with light’’

‘Everything that I thought I was just fell away. I became my true nature- a being of love and light’

‘It was so beautiful. I felt so deep & still and infused with light.’

‘I feel centred, calm, clear, light. I feel like I am filled with star light’

‘I dissolved into the light’



Consciousness as varying frequencies of light which are constantly exerting subtle forces through the quantum fabric of reality underlying all biological processes. Quantum physicists have now documented a fifth force of nature previously unknown and unmeasured - a super-light subatomic particle 30 times heavier than an electron which is more influential in the formation and alteration of solid matter. Mystical traditions, spirituality and religion have long recognised the role of light and its impact on water.

Quantum physicists have now documented a fifth force of nature previously unknown and unmeasured - a super-light subatomic particle 30 times heavier than an electron which is more influential in the formation and alteration of solid matter.

Water is affected by frequencies of light oscillation as vibrational frequency fluctuations affect hydrogen-bond strength and charge-transfer (Ojha, 2018). Water molecules actually characterize the structure of our DNA genetic material ( Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, 2011) because DNA is covered in water molecules. The strength of the water molecule bond to the DNA determines not just its geometry but also its functioning and as high frequencies of light affect these molecules DNA structure and function is altered. This in turn, affects neurological functioning and corresponding physiological processes. This process is already documented in coral, which exhibit marked changes in their growth, physiology, and DNA methylation when water temperature and pH were changed (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology , 2016).

All fluids including oceans and rivers and the body’s intra and inter and intra cellular fluids are constantly being imprinted by quantum light and imprinting in return.

This is taking place through the light of our individual and collective embodiment of consciousness. I call this fluidic imprinting.

Water has long been held as a ritual precondition for receiving divine intelligence, a source or location of revelation and a medium for inducing expanded states of consciousness (Dennis, 2008) . This too is reflected in all world religions and ancient cosmological practices that utilise ritual washing, baptisms, ablution and river worship.

Water has almost the highest capacity to absorb heat and when water molecules form they adopt tetrahedral geometry which forms a partial electric dipole - a form of silvent, into which density / toxicity quite literally dissolves and can then flow, reducing stagnation and elevating the vibrational frequency of the tissue and person.

My CLIFF theory that consciousness as light impacts fluidic imprinting infers that higher states of self consciousness increase embodiment of high light frequency and increases healing potency and outcomes.

The impact this has on the water in our body and fluidic structure is to effectively dissolve dense imprints, purify cellular toxicity and alter DNA structure and function. The potential applications of this for healing, teaching and ensuring full recovery post Covid in particular through facilitation of glymphatic network and fluidic drainage are huge.

Embodied frequency of light reflects our consciousness and capacity to heal ourselves and each other. Teaching people how to access their inherent divine healing capacity through embodiment of light and illumination of darkness is part of my life’s mission.


Consideration of client level of consciousness

A distinction needs to be made pertaining to the stage of consciousness of the patient and depth of conscious embodiment and mind-body-spirit integration, in the determination of healing methodology and outcomes.

To illustrate: in Wilber’s model of consciousness (Wilber, 2000) a patient in the turquoise stage of evolution who values holistic thinking, integration of energies, seeks personal and spiritual transformation actively and attends to their inner feeling, perception and meaning making in my view, is more likely to be able to embody a higher frequency of light compared to someone at an early egocentric stage who is focused on survival, security and a material, dense matter realm operationally functioning from fear based programming which is inherently denser.

This subtle differentiation is important for practitioners of energy medicine to consider, especially if they are creating programmes for clients at different stages of psychospiritual embodiment. Sharing appropriate tools and methods is important.

The path towards purity and embodiment of high frequency light and healing potency is inherently an internal path of self knowledge, inner clarity, depth of self healing and shadow illumination. It is the path for the warrior who is willing to meet all within in order to transmute it through embodied self consciousness. Consciousness as frequency of embodied light is the basis of all biological processes and is reflected in paradigms of spirit and all religions. Water is a sacred medium, always available within the body and allows us to translate our own light frequency into health through intracellular fluid, detoxification and DNA alteration.


To me consciousness is an embodied frequency of light that I experience through my own light body and extreme sensitivity to frequency. I feel the light, I see it, and I feel it’s expressive eternal limitless language. It is both a mystery, a teacher, a master and a faithful servant.

As my embodied self knowledge and energetic awareness has expanded my frequency of embodied light has increased such that the healing process with me is rapid and profoundly transformational for patients.

My journey of healing and shadow illumination has been relentless and will never end. The path of renewal, miracle, terror and transformation has allowed me to embody ever higher frequencies of light in an alive embodiment of I AM THAT I AM. Beneath the conflict in the world, the disease, the disbelief, the externalisation of the shadow lies the potential, the everpresent phenomena of healing, reflected in the genius and mercy of suffering, reflected in that which IAM.


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