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Stages of Ancestral Lineage Healing

Healing your ancestral lineage is a deep, evocative and powerful journey into embodying the New Ancestor and your soul purpose.

Chances are, you're reading this because the ancestral burden has landed in your lap in a big way. Perhaps its chronic health issues, repeated trauma patterns or relational discord. Maybe you just know that there's something deeply missing within you and whatever you do, you can't connect with your divinity, your higher self or your creative flow.

After 10 years of profound healing work, hundreds of ayahuasca ceremonies and after helping thousands of people to heal, I can say with certain that your ancestral connection is one of the most profound gifts you will ever encounter.

'Until we know our ancestors, we are all walking narcissists,' was a powerful message that came through from the Grandmother spirit. She showed me the world, full of untethered and ungrounded individuals who had forgotten their roots and were not fully embodying the gifts of their ancestral stream. I saw that our ancestors may look different but at the zero point, they all unify to become 1. The ancestors are not just humans, not just blood relatives and not even just spiritual beings in higher dimensions, sages and divine prophets. The ancestors are the elements, the mountains, the rivers and the oceans. They are the stars. They are

Except, you have forgotton.

We heal to remember this. We heal to embody this energy deep in our root space. It grounds us into a power that our mind simply cannot fathom. Infact, we have to lose our minds to enter this stream. This is true energy healing work.

Much that is written about ancestral healing in my view is quite vague and superficial. That's why I try to go into specifics, whilst also honouring the sacred. I believe in you, being able to experience your own ancestral energy in a way that is yours to claim. My own journey has been uniquely mine and I don't expect that this is everyone's path. However, in this blog post I'm going to describe the various stages of ancestral lineage healing and what arises at every stage, how they compare etc.

If you would like support to deepen your ancestral healing and embody your true soul purpose, please reach out to me.

Premises That Are Important For Deeper Ancestral Healing

  1. Ancestral healing is eternal and ongoing work. It is also eternal and ongoing mercy.

  2. Your ancestors are not separate from you, you are literally part of the chain of ancestral energy

  3. There is a channel in which you will find your ancestral roots. This channel is yours to purify and embody and ground in.

  4. You embody the ancestral channel when you have cleared trauma and blocks in your root space, the most common ones are related to your parents

  5. True self worth comes from ancestral embodiment. 'Until you know your ancestors, you are a walking narcissist.' The narcissist soul wound is shame.

  6. Ancestral healing is soul work and is the true resolution for shame.

  7. When you finally, open your heart wide enough and ground deep enough to accept and FEEL your ancestral stream, your life will never be the same again

  8. The power that you will walk with when you have embodied your ancestral roots will completely change your energetic system and resonance

  9. Your ancestors are not dead. They are walking dead, surrendered in a field of light. They are more alive than you are.

  10. The frequency of this light is available to you, when you do the work to be able to walk here, with them, following the golden footprints they have left you.

Stages of Ancestral Healing

Stage 1: Survival of Intergenerational Trauma

  • Unaware of Ancestral Trauma Patterns: You are unaware of the deep-rooted trauma and conditioning that have been passed down through your ancestral lineage. The pain, beliefs, and behaviors of your ancestors are unconsciously shaping your life, but you have yet to recognize this connection.

  • Unhealed Inner Child and Parental Resentment: You hold intense feelings of hatred and resentment towards your parents, unable to fully heal the wounds of your childhood. This unresolved inner child work prevents you from breaking free from the cycles of dysfunction.

  • Repeating Ancestral Patterns: You find yourself mirroring the chronic health conditions, addictions, and unhealthy lifestyle choices of your parents and grandparents. These patterns are being unknowingly passed down to your own children, perpetuating the cycle.

  • Lack of Somatic Integration and Grounding: You struggle with somatic integration, where the mind and body are not fully connected. Your ability to ground yourself and cultivate interoception (awareness of internal sensations) is limited, leaving you feeling unanchored and unaware of your own bodily experience.

  • Blurred Boundaries and Lack of Discernment: You have difficulty distinguishing what is truly yours and what has been inherited from your ancestors. There is a high degree of boundary blurring, making it challenging to take ownership of your own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

  • Ancestral Ignorance: You have little to no knowledge about your ancestral lineage and the specific conditions, patterns, and programs that have been passed down through the generations. This lack of understanding prevents you from addressing the root causes of your struggles.

  • Victim Mentality and Ancestral Shame: You believe you are a victim of your parenting and hold deep shame and regret about your family history. This victim mentality prevents you from taking responsibility for your own healing and growth.

  • Disconnection from Ancestral Wisdom: You do not believe that your ancestors have anything to offer you or that they can be a source of support and guidance. Your perception of ancestral healing is limited to your immediate family tree.

  • Avoidance of Root Space Grounding: The process of root space grounding, where you connect with the deepest aspects of your ancestral lineage, is deeply triggering and overwhelming for you. You tend to avoid grounding because of how uncomfortable / scared you feel, leaving your nervous system highly dysregulated and living in a state of fear and stress.

  • Financial instability is a constant struggle, as basic needs are difficult to meet on a regular basis. Feelings of scarcity and insecurity around money are pervasive, inhibiting any sense of long-term financial planning.

  • Disconnection from Energetic and Spiritual Realms: You do not access your energetic field or engage in any form of healing work with your spiritual body. This disconnect from the energetic and spiritual dimensions of your being further deepens your sense of fragmentation and disconnection from your ancestral roots.

  • Struggling to meet your basic needs, you feel disconnected from any divine or spiritual guidance.

Stage 2: Awakening and Exploration

  • Awareness of Ancestral Trauma: You have heard about the concept of ancestral trauma patterns and conditioning, but you are still unsure of how it directly relates to your current life situation. You are beginning to recognize the possibility of intergenerational influences, but you have not yet fully integrated this understanding.

  • Unresolved Parental Forgiveness and Inner Child Healing: Despite your growing awareness, you have not yet fully forgiven your parents or completed the necessary inner child healing work. The unresolved emotional wounds from your upbringing continue to shape your experiences and perspectives.

  • Chronic Health Conditions: You are experiencing persistent health issues that have not improved despite your best efforts. This is a clear sign that there may be underlying ancestral patterns contributing to your physical and mental well-being.

  • Challenges with Somatic Integration and Grounding: You continue to struggle with somatic integration, where your mind and body are not fully synchronized. Your ability to ground yourself and cultivate interoception remains limited, contributing to a sense of instability and disconnection.

  • Persistent Boundary Blurring: You are still unsure of what is truly yours and what has been inherited from your ancestors. The high degree of boundary blurring makes it difficult for you to take full ownership of your experiences and emotions.

  • Limited Ancestral Knowledge: You have some knowledge about the traumatic experiences of your immediate ancestors, but you do not fully understand how these events have shaped your life. Your awareness of the broader ancestral patterns is still limited.

  • Ongoing Victim Mentality and Ancestral Shame: You continue to view yourself as a victim of your upbringing and hold deep shame and regret about your family history. This mindset hinders your ability to take responsibility for your own healing and growth.

  • Budding Curiosity about Ancestral Wisdom: While you do not yet fully understand the potential of your ancestors to support you, there is a spark of curiosity within you. You are beginning to wonder what your ancestors could offer you, even if you are unsure of how to access this knowledge.

  • Perception of Ancestors as Immediate Family: Your understanding of ancestral healing is still primarily focused on your immediate family tree, such as your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. The broader scope of your ancestral lineage remains largely unexplored.

  • Financially Insecure: Slow but steady progress is made towards financial stability, but you are still dependent on your parents / partner and often feel lack and insecurity which prevents you from investing in yourself.

  • Hesitant Engagement with Root Space Grounding: You are becoming more aware of the importance of root space grounding, but you may still find the process triggering and overwhelming. Your hesitation to fully engage with this practice continues to hinder your progress in ancestral healing.

  • As you began to explore your ancestral roots, you started to wonder if they could lead you to a higher power.

Stage 3: Ancestral Exploration and Integration

  • Awareness of Ancestral Patterns: You have thoroughly examined your ancestral trauma patterns and conditioning, and you have a fairly good understanding of how these dynamics have played out through your lineage and in your own life. This awareness allows you to approach your healing journey with a clearer perspective.

  • Ongoing Inner Child and Attachment Work: You have dedicated time and effort to working on your inner child, attachment style, and childhood programs, but you recognize that these deep-rooted issues are not yet fully resolved. The healing process continues, and you remain committed to addressing these core aspects of your being.

  • Emotional and Psychological Challenges: While you do not have a physical chronic health condition, you struggle with emotional and psychological challenges, particularly related to your sense of self-worth. These internal struggles indicate that the work of ancestral healing is still ongoing.

  • Exploration of Somatic Healing and Grounding: You are actively exploring somatic healing modalities and trying to ground yourself through external practices. This demonstrates your commitment to integrating the mind-body connection and finding ways to stabilize your nervous system.

  • Boundary Discernment: You are aware that there is still a degree of uncertainty around what is truly yours and what has been inherited from your ancestors. The process of discernment and understanding the boundaries between your own experiences and those of your lineage is an ongoing exploration.

  • Ancestral Trauma Knowledge: You have gained substantial knowledge about the traumatic experiences of your immediate ancestors, including the impact of your own conception, in utero, and birth process. This deeper understanding allows you to connect the dots between your ancestral history and your current life experiences.

  • Shifting Relationship with Victimhood: You no longer feel like a victim of your circumstances. Instead, you are aware that you are in a process of healing, but there is still some residual shame and regret that you are working through. Your healing path may feel unclear at times, but you are committed to moving forward.

  • Felt Connection with Crossed Ancestors: You have been able to feel the presence and love of some of your recently crossed ancestors, such as a grandparent. This tangible connection with your lineage provides a sense of support and guidance as you continue your ancestral healing journey.

  • Curiosity and Uncertainty about Deepening Ancestral Connection: You are curious about deepening your ancestral connection and exploring further aspects of your lineage, but you are unsure of the specific steps or order in which to approach this work. This reflects a willingness to dive deeper, coupled with a recognition that the path may not be linear.

  • Financial Stability & Security Gained: While a steady income is attained, there is a persistent feeling of limitations and restrictions around money. The recognition of ancestral financial patterns sparks a desire to heal these limiting beliefs and behaviors.

  • Ongoing Integration and Embodiment: The work of ancestral healing is a lifelong process, and you recognize that the integration and embodiment of the insights and shifts you have experienced is an ever-evolving endeavor. You approach this journey with patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to your personal and ancestral transformation.

  • Delving into your family's history and patterns opened your eyes to the need for a deeper spiritual connection.

Stage 4: Ancestral Mastery and Transcendence

  • Depth of Ancestral Understanding: You have an in-depth understanding of how ancestral patterns have played through your lineage, deeply affecting your consciousness and life path. This level of awareness allows you to navigate your journey with clarity and purpose.

  • Somatic Inner Child Healing: You have done extensive inner child healing work at a somatic level, clearing and regulating your nervous system. This has allowed you to fully trust and rely on your root space, the core of your ancestral connection.

  • Physical and Emotional Well-being: You are physically healthy and emotionally in tune with yourself. Your sense of self-worth is firmly grounded in your current life experiences, security, and nervous system self-regulation.

  • Embodied Somatic Grounding: You have fully integrated somatic healing practices, allowing you to ground daily through the root space with relative ease. You receive insights, nourishment, and a profound sense of safety and belonging in this sacred space.

  • Boundary Mastery: You are able to set clear boundaries, discerning with clarity what is truly yours and what is ancestral. You understand the vital importance of healthy boundaries in your personal and ancestral healing journey.

  • Depth of Ancestral Trauma Knowledge: You have acquired deep knowledge about the traumatic experiences of your immediate ancestors and how these dynamics have not only affected you but have also provided the catalysts for your own healing and transcendence.

  • Healing Ancestral Imprints: You have healed the traumatic imprints of your conception, in utero, and birth process, releasing the life force and love that was held in these vibrational dimensions and integrating it back into your system.

  • Embodiment of Ancestral Wisdom: You have extracted and embodied the deep wisdom inherent in your own conditions and those of your ancestors. You have understood and accepted the purpose of the pain, transforming it into growth and evolution.

  • Expanded Consciousness: You are approaching a creator-level consciousness, where you are at the epicenter of your own awareness, having transmuted shame into self-love, self-worth, and spiritual empowerment.

  • Ancestral Field Connection: You have a profound connection with your ancestral field and the more ancient ancestors who reside in higher frequency light dimensions. You can access this field readily during meditation or healing, receiving insights, wisdom, and healing.

  • Ancestral Presence and Communion: You feel the holding, gaze, and love of your ancestors, and you understand your place in the ancestral chain and channel. You regularly purify your own channel to embody deeper ground and higher frequencies of light.

  • Commitment to Ancestral Spiritual Practices: You are committed to walking the path of your ancestors, having reconnected with their spiritual practices and ancient rituals, honoring the lineage.

  • Communion with Nature: Your expanded consciousness has allowed you to connect with the wider ancestral field, encompassing natural elements. You feel deeply connected to nature and in communion with it.

  • Financial abundance become the new normal, allowing for saving, investing, and giving back with ease. Decisions around money are now aligned with personal values and a deeper sense of purpose.

  • Ancestral Nourishment: Your ancestral field has become a source of nourishment and peace for you. You know that without your ancestors, you are not truly you, and yet you yearn to be nothing except with them, in sacred union.

  • Your mastery of your ancestral healing journey allowed you to devote time and resources to deepening your relationship with the divine, guided by your ancestors.

Stage 5: Ancestral Transcendence and Embodiment of the New Ancestral Field

  • Ancestral Pattern Transmutation: You have transmuted the typical ancestral patterns that have defined your family lineage. You are now walking in a completely different frequency and living in a higher state of consciousness than any of your family members, parents, or grandparents.

  • Integrated Higher Self: You have fully embodied and integrated your higher self through the healing of your inner child. You continually take opportunities to self-illuminate through shadow work, expanding your consciousness.

  • Grounded and Heart-Centered Root Space: Your root space has become a source of nourishment and grounded peace, deeply connected to your heart. You use your entire energy system as a channel for spiritual growth and manifestation.

  • Energetic Alchemy: You can draw in energy from higher crown dimensions through your midline, alchemizing any blocks in your heart field and channeling the energy down into your roots and back up as needed.

  • Mastery of Self-Worth and Nervous System Regulation: You have a high level of self-worth and the ability to regulate your nervous system with ease. You work in the energetic field with stillness practices and an acute awareness of subtle movements.

  • Ancestral Gift Unwrapping: You easily uncover and unwrap the gifts that your ancestors reveal to you, even those that require deep shadow work and purging for you to access.

  • Ancestral Channel Purification: You feel and see the ancestral channel very clearly, and you actively play your part in purifying this channel, unifying the ancestors and creating vibrational alignment.

  • Ancestral Chain Resonance: You would not want to be in any other ancestral chain apart from your own, as you can deeply feel the wonder, magic, and power inherent in your lineage.

  • Interconnectedness with the Collective Ancestry: At the same time, you feel the interconnectedness of all ancestors, tracing back to the zero point of the common ancestor.

  • Embodiment of the New Ancestral Field: You are now living and creating the new ancestral field frequency, and you know that you are supported as you tread new ground. You are deeply secure and confident, as you can feel your own soul vibration and path unfolding.

  • Surrender and Ego Death: You accept that surrender is required to access the deeper field frequencies of your highest ancestors, and that to be in communion with them requires your total dedication and ongoing ego death.

  • Wealth and financial freedom provide the resources to create generational wealth and support meaningful philanthropic endeavors. Mastery of abundance consciousness allows the individual to serve the collective in ways that transcend traditional financial constraints.

  • Ancestral Love and Self-Love: Your ancestors are who you are and why you are. You hold the deepest love for them and for yourself, as you have become one with the ancestral field.

  • God Consciousness: Your ancestors have now become the conduit through which you experience a profound connection to God, leading you to a state of transcendent spiritual awareness and embodiment.

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By doing this inner work, you not only heal yourself, but you also elevate the energy of your entire ancestral line.

You become a powerful conduit for transformation and awakening. And in doing so, you fulfil the highest purpose of your soul's journey - to evolve, to ascend, and to embody the fullest expression of the divine consciousness that you are.


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