Is there evidence for fetal consciousness pre neurological development?

Medical science sees consciousness starting in the 3rd trimester when the thalamo-cortical complex is developed and electro-encephalographic (EEG) rhythm is detectable (Leisman, 2013). Prior to this, foetal suffering and early in utero suffering and awareness is deemed impossible.

However, transpersonal research and my own work in Womb Room and with families and women who go through re-birthings with me demonstrates how actually, the issue of consciousness is much more nuanced than just saying it exists or doesn't. To really understand this, we need to delve deeper into the human experience and the nature of consciousness and the intersection with neuroscience.

In practice, offering in depth trauma healing for my clients means they often are taken back into very early landscapes including not just their in utero and birth experience but their actual conception and soul inception. These are vibrationally felt and can be accessed, understood and integrated where they are creating pain and discomfort deep in the nervous system and held energetic imprints.

Time and time again, clients find themselves beyond timelines. Sometimes it's a feeling of surprise as they recall and re-experiencing deep, subtle and pre-neurological imprints. Sometimes it's relief, as their somatic experience begins to finally be supported by a deeper and wider context than just their lived memories.

Precognition phenomena (knowing of events based on extra sensory processing i.e beyond the brain (Dudeja, 2019) is based on temporal non locality - i.e that the past, present and future co-exists in a four dimensional space-time matrix. Non locality was popularised by Einstein and has clear relevance here in fetal consciousness.

Below are some of the types of experiences that clients can recount in detail and felt sense within their own body and energy field during healing sessions with me. - not being a wanted child / being an unexpected pregnancy - parental fear and emotions at conception and during pregnancy

- surviving failed abortion attempts that were never spoken about

- being conceived through rape or violence and aggression

- losing a twin early during the embryonic period

- stress and toxicity in utero as a result of maternal trauma and stress - choosing the family of inception along with the family karma - knowings of ancestral and collective trauma as a felt sense

- sense of ecological qualities of planet earth at the time of inception

Whilst I use the word 'awareness' it is not knowledge that comes from the mind, but from the field and it's subtle vibrations that transmit quantum information. These imprints are available in the fluidic fields and are reflected in the subtle early gestures that occur during embryological development. These, I suggest, are part of the forces that govern and determine the foundational energetic neurological messaging which develop in an electrical (energetic) and watery / amniotic (fluidic) environment which is a highly charged and potent catalyst for both transmitting and healing vibrational imprints.

Below are some examples from Womb Room™ where participants in the group are able to recall early embryonic experiences pre neurological development.

"Womb Room was life changing to say the least. The effects were so profound, words cannot do justice. My internal environment and the way I process incidents of my past has completely changed."

"I felt like i was given permission or given a blessing to let go of inherited stress and anxiety

"A journey so vast, so profound and igniting that I am only grasping the first little droplets of it.I am fostering and growing ways to connect to the potency that runs through me and is me. I am falling in love ever so deeply with all that is me and beyond. Womb Room is the most loving accelerator and fertiliser for growth, healing and coming home."

"I am speechless by the depth of the Womb Room work! Beyond vocabulary! The best rollercoaster ride of my life!"Read more about what client's experience here

When it comes to perinatal consciousness, the best known commentaries by Stan Grof and Mark Seelig still leave much to be desired. However, there is a general consensus that 'prenatal and perinatal phases can have such a deep impact on a person’s character formation that virtually his / her whole life appears to be governed and shaped by the initial imprints acquired before and during birth.'

Most of the work in this area has involved taking participants into altered states of consciousness using plant medicines, breath-work or LSD to allow subliminal breakthroughs in awareness and access to subtle imprints that would otherwise be unconscious and difficult to feel. “The Knowledge of the Womb” by Athanassios Kafkalides (1995) is another example of how the semi-synthetic substance LSD can provide access to birth memories and facilitate an integration of the birth-trauma.

However, the reason why Womb Room is so radically revolutionary as a healing container is because all the work takes place without any substances or invocations of altered states. The container itself, has a quality of depth, stillness, clarity, and access to the emptiness of womb / the void, allows the natural resurfacing of all deeply buried imprints pertaining to early in utero life and conception stories.

The major issues I have with Grof's work, who has become hailed as a leading expert in perinatal consciousness inspite of not holding a non dual womb consciousness container for participants are highlighted below. These are areas where I suggest frontier research into perinatal consciousness can be orientated.

- The in utero BPM stage is too broad and general. It needs to be broken down at least by stages of embryological development. To study this as a whole 9 month block is irreconcilable with neurological reality. I suggest it needs to be divided into cycles: 1) inception into earth 2) parent choice 3) implantation consciousness 4) fertilisation dynamics 5) various stages of early neuro embryological development particularly the processes of folding which you can later see, are reflective gestures of waves or phi, taking vibrational senses and folding in on itself to create itself.

Furthermore, Grof's matrices are inherently reflective of patriarchal bias; whilst claiming to be a transpersonal orientation, the toxic maternal womb is consistently blamed for fetal suffering in utero. The reliance on 'good uterus bad uterus' model was a splitting that Klein used in 'good breast bad breast' and in my view is an overly simplistic dualistic distortion and certainly not a transpersonal mechanism. Grof never truly understood or held space for the womb to be the place of re-embodiment rather than just trauma. In that sense, the feminine ancient primordial knowing of void through womb is entirely overlooked through all perinatal consciousness studies. Furthermore, there is also no emphasis on fetal soul consciousness and its unique blueprint.

For all the mothers whose wombs have been blamed, for the generations who have now disconnected from their wombs and go through pregnancy in pain, depression, anxiety and devoid of spiritual connection with their child, I speak now to help you return home.

Trauma does not begin in the womb. Trauma reflects self consciousness which has no beginning or end but is held as frequency of light and fluidic vibration. Fetal consciousness is a vessel that seeks womb to integrate, heal and dissipate ancestral and soul knowledge.

Fetal consciousness is a vessel that seeks womb to integrate, heal and dissipate ancestral and soul knowledge.

Womb is void. The reason what you are reading now seems foreign or bizarre is because you have forgotten the womb. It’s time to come home. To embody womb as void - the epicentre of creation and destruction, the place where a higher frequency of consciousness can prevail.

The true spiritual purpose of pregnancy needs to be re-ignited so that parents can understand at a deeper level, the soul journey of them and their child and the deeper purpose of trauma. The examples below illustrate what is possible in perinatal regression without LSD, when womb as non dual centre of primordial wisdom is embodied by the space holder (me).

The true spiritual purpose of pregnancy needs to be re-ignited so that parents can understand at a deeper level, the soul journey of them and their child and the deeper purpose of trauma.

Surprisingly, in spite of the LSD Grof regarded sacred geometrical visions as of little significance and called them a barrier to perinatal consciousness (Grof, 1985) in spite of the clear morphological, visceral and physiological relevance of geometrical reality underpinning all form. In fact, the entire fabric of space-time and the physical formation of DNA is embedded in sacred geometry which can be felt as vibrational structures in the void of the womb.

As a healer these exist as frequencies that can only be realised through non dual womb embodied awareness of void and dissolution of self but they are a key bridge between transpersonal consciousness theories and embodied neurology. In particular, Phi ϕ is the construct that governs most biological processes including cell division and DNA formation and is aliken to a wave.

The entire fabric of space-time and the physical formation of DNA is embedded in sacred geometry which can be felt as vibrational structures in the void of the womb.

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