Connecting with my ancestral energy

Another share. The immensity of this for me, right now, is so huge.

I set my intention. To receive wisdom and healing guidance from four of my oldest ancestors. I wanted to go as far back to the root. What lies there for me to learn.

Three men and a woman appeared in front of me. One of them a masai warrior who jumped the ground with a sharp spear. My protector, he said. The other wore a box around him and a big open black sheet on his back and he looked like an African dragon. My shield protecting me from all psychic energies and darkness. The third one was a priest, an old man with kind eyes and a wide smile- with many lifetimes of wisdom of living in compassion.

They showed me the fourth one, a woman whose large deformed body had spinning chariots embedded in her body. In every chariot was a baby. Whose she? I asked. “Have a look” they said.

I saw the emptiness of a woman whose body has never been their own. Who has never deeply connected to their purpose and their essence on earth. Who harbours a belief that their body is only to bear children with. “It’s ugly” I said. They instructed me to look more closely.

I wasn’t sure I could. I understood the despair of the maternal ancestry whose bodies have been used. Abused. Never worshipped. I looked inside her eyes, beyond her empty shell of self, and deep deep inside I saw a selfless service to creation that she had surrendered her body to. Very deep inside was a fire that burnt bright, a desire to be nothing except a vehicle for creation of love.

I understood now, that in creation as alchemists we have choices, along a wide spectrum. Emptiness and fullness are always and necessarily interweaved. One doesn’t exist without the other. “You choose” they told me. “What place to create from”

Emptiness and fullness are always and necessarily interweaved

Then the wise priest took me hands. I asked him what his name was. He didn’t reply. “Shall I call u uncle?” I wondered. “You can certainly call me uncle.” He said. “Although I’m more like your great great great great great great great grandfather from very long ago but uncle makes me sound younger. So u can call me that” he smiled. I laughed. “You’re funny” I said. “Where do you think you get your sense of humour from. It comes from me. You come from me”

Next they showed me the vast African landscapes and wilderness. I looked around as they invited me to absorb it all in. That it was from there that I came. It all belonged. And could be found inside me. Then uncle invited me to hold his hands. He took both my hands and stood in front of me. “Breathe my child.” He said. “Breathe with us”

As I inhaled I felt the entire land and energy of the ancestors in Africa fill my body. I felt overwhelmed. The energy was more than I felt I could contain.

“Come and lie down.” He said. I followed as we all laid down together. He told me to put my ear to the ground. We all lay together on a savannah with our left ear to the ground. “Listen. Hear the earth beat. It is the same as your heart beat. Your heart beats with the earth” he said. I felt myself calmer as I dissolved into the energy of the earth. “Now breathe” he said. “Breathe with the inhale and exhale of the earth. Synchronise your breath with the natural rhythm of this earth.” I breathed. All the winds of each direction filled my lungs. As I exhaled a deep peace entered the world and myself.

I stayed lying down. I wanted to ask them for more but I felt like I couldn’t. After all, what have I done for my ancestors to expect anything? As if they read my heart and mind they surrounded my body on the ground and began to dance. Their feet stamping the ground with each step a perfect coordination of earth energy vibrated through my body. Their hands moved in an animated and tribal flow moving the energy around my body. They raised their hands to the stars and brought down celestial wisdom and healing energy deep into my body. I surrendered. I felt safe. Complete at a soul level. Peaceful. Grateful.

“Can we meditate together now?” I asked. “Yes my child” he replied. Together we sat. They were in a line, eyes closed and I sat in silence. Together we breathed. Gratitude for having found the ancestral connection. For allowing it to remain alive. To live on.

“We will always be here. We have much to teach you. You can come back to us anytime. You are our child. You are the future of our family”

I bowed my head.

In respect, love and remembrance for the ancient wisdom and infinite compassion, for the readiness that our ancestors have to connect and to teach. I honour them and carry their healing wisdom through to the people that I meet and work with in healing.

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