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How to Deepen Your Ancestral Connection

In this powerful experience, I set a clear intention to connect with my oldest ancestors and receive guidance and healing wisdom from them. What followed was an encounter with three men and a woman, each holding a unique energy and significance. One of them appeared as a Masai warrior, wielding a sharp spear as my protector. Another presented himself as an African dragon, donning a box and a large black sheet as my shield against negative energies and darkness. The third was an old priest with a compassionate gaze and a wealth of wisdom from multiple lifetimes. Together, they offered me a profound understanding of the depth and significance of ancestral healing.

As I set my intention to connect with my oldest ancestors, I didn't know what to expect. Four ancestral figures appeared before me, each with a unique purpose in my healing journey. One of them, a Masai warrior, jumped the ground with a sharp spear and declared himself my protector. Another wore a box around him and a big open black sheet on his back, resembling an African dragon, and acted as my shield protecting me from all psychic energies and darkness. The third one, an old priest with kind eyes and a wide smile, held many lifetimes of wisdom of living in compassion. And then, there was the fourth one, a woman with spinning chariots embedded in her deformed body, each carrying a baby.

As I delved deeper, I saw the emptiness of a woman whose body had never been her own. She had never deeply connected with her purpose and her essence on earth. Instead, she harboured a belief that her body was only meant to bear children. But as I looked closer, I saw a raging fire of love deep inside her, a desire to be nothing but a vehicle for the creation of love. I realised that in creation, as alchemists, we have choices along a wide spectrum, and we can choose the place we create from. I saw the power of the misunderstood women in my lineage. The energy that created me, fueled by their sacrifice, love, and creativity, came to life.

The wise priest then took my hands, and we laid down together on the savannah, our left ear to the ground, listening to the earth beat. We synchronised our breath with the natural rhythm of the earth, and I felt myself calmer, dissolving into the energy of the earth. They surrounded my body and danced, their feet stamping the ground, and their hands moving in an animated and tribal flow, bringing down celestial wisdom and healing energy into my body. Their movements felt like a symphony of ancestral energy flowing through me, cleansing and revitalizing every cell of my being. The vibrations from their stomping feet grounded me in the present moment, while the celestial wisdom and healing energy filled me with a sense of peace and harmony. It was a moment of pure connection to my ancestors and their timeless wisdom, reminding me of the powerful influence they continue to have on my life.

As we meditated together, they reminded me that they will always be there for me, to teach me, and guide me on my journey. I honour their healing wisdom and carry it forward to those that I meet and work with in healing, grateful for having found this ancestral connection.

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