The importance of our roots

THE IMPORTANCE OF OUR ROOTS - The first space to develop in gestation is perineum, yoni, anus and gonads - THEN the heart.


- PRIMAL ROOTS / WOMB / ROOT CHAKRA / SACRUM / SEXUAL ORGANS / all interrelated and holding intergenerational stories of SAFETY.


'I wait, secretly anxious. I see a tree arise from the sea. Its crown reaches to Heaven and its roots reach down into Hell.' ~Carl Jung


Healing our root space, physically through structural alignment and release of muscular tension and fascia knots, emotionally through release of fear and power plays and spiritually through release of karmic conditioning helps to reconnect you to your BODY/VIBRANT SEXUALITY/FAMILY/ EARTH/ANCESTORS/TRUE SELF/LIFE FORCE. It will help you release FEAR/SHAME/SELF DOUBT and feelings of being LOST.


You ARE your roots. If you are scared to go into the depth of your root space, you will reflect this fear in your life, scared to go deeper into yourself. You will always feel held back by something, unsure of what, and probably projecting it externally.


If you are anchored deeply in your root space, nothing can knock you out, you sway with the wins grateful for their breeze and grow tall and straight like a giant forest tree. Have you ever seen a giant tree with small roots? It is impossible.


Roots are a network of intelligence, like nerve pathways they grow in the dark. They flourish in the void. They seek nutrients in order to allow the blossom the leaves high above. They are not afraid of the mystery or of intimacy with one another. They will grow and weave themselves in with the roots of other trees.


Take some time to drop into your root space today. What lies beneath and how are you healing this? How are you nourishing yourself? Are you blossoming within your own being? Can you go deeper into your roots?

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