Do you need to heal the wounded feminine?

There’s things that I’ve noticed big time about the current level of feminine embodiment and the wounds that women are holding that prevent them from deeply loving themselves and freeing themselves.

Here are aspects of the wounded feminine and the womb-empowered feminine. [LISTEN: Womb Wisdom]

Healing these wounds is possible, when the space is held for depth re-embodiment and reconnection to the primordial feminine centre of creation - WOMB.

The wounded feminine

The wounded feminine doesn’t want to be in her body or in her womb but wants the masculine to love and adore her when she actually doesn’t love and adore herself but is filled with self hatred

The wounded feminine wants to be abundant and rich but actively feeds her own impoverished structures with belief systems that are draining dead ends because they feel safer than trusting the stream and building something new

The wounded feminine resists her own emotions and emotional flow because she is adamant that she shouldn’t not have to move from her stagnation in order to discover her stream. It is an arrogance of entitlement. The true feminine heart pours forth until it is empty and then longs to be emptied again.

The wounded feminine actively nurtures a victim vibration in order to get attention and support and to avoid her own purpose and power. This is because ultimately, she is unwilling to take total responsibility and self accountability for herself and of being soul aware (ie aware of all choices and her own creation). This prevents her from embodying her feminine power and re-creating her world and identity.

The womb empowered feminine is beyond anything you can identify with now, she is unknown to you, you have to die to find her and still, you will not find her. She is the unknowable formless divine.

The womb-empowered feminine is a force of flow.

She is the ultimate choice point of creative life force. She rebirths herself over and over in the void of her own womb. She creates from womb and knows limitless as the only available option.

[LISTEN: Guided Womb Meditation]


Womb is the seat of destruction and creation and the path to feminine self illumination, embodiment and enlightenment

I’m not here to keep you imprisoned in the old or to support the illusion that the crumbs you have become accustomed to are what you deserve and all you can have.

I'm here to help you see beyond what you think you are. To free you from yourself. Over and over again. I'm not here to serve your ego, I am in service of your soul.

It's fierce. It's fire. It's Kali MA. The ultimate rebirth vibration. And now it's here for you in September. [LISTEN: Womb and sexual energy]

Enlightenment is a destructive process because to become illuminated from within you must first dissolve the walls, the cages, the towers that block you from embodying your own light.

In the void of womb you are dissolved. How much will you kick and battle yourself depends on you, nothing else. Womb is the void that rebirths all creation.

Are you ready for rebirth?

Read what people say after experiencing the healing in Womb Room


To rebirth you need to be willing to die. You don’t decide what to keep during a rebirth. You let go and fall into a stream of trust, not knowing where you are going, but believing you will be taken to where you need to be in order to see yourself better. [READ: Personal story: submerged with a mermaid in Womb]


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