Monster vs Mother

Healing the mother wound can be a deep journey that brings up everything you believe you have been as well as everything that you can be. In this podcast I talk about the journey towards healing from empathic breaks and violence or abuse and the hands of your own mother. Far more common than you might immediately imagine, the mother wound lives on, until it is healed. Listen here on Spotify

In the journey of healing, there will be many challenges that arise. Going deeper than ever before into your emotional relationship with your own mother is important to strengthen your own relationship with yourself. The journey there will bring up much realisation. Infact, it may feel like complete and utter destruction. This is because we are so imprinted with our mother's psyche and stories in utero. We kind of need to be, in order to belong, to not be a totally foreign entity to our own mothers. The healing journey is a liberation of what you believe you are vs what you can be and also what you believe your mother is, vs what she can be.

Often associated with maha Kali it can be terrifying but is certain to bring great transformation.

When you allow Kali energy to reach you, as in the picture to the left, you will find yourself under her feet, probably begging for your life but at the same time, seeing that you are really begging for your pain back. You will come to know Kali as a terrifying and benevolent force. When she knocks at your door, you will learn to take a deep breath, open the door, bow down and prepare for your unravelling. Here, under her feet, you will be gifted the liberation you are seeking.

"Paradise lies under the feet of mothers" the Prophet. The awareness of the Great Mother is held sacred in all religions including Islam (al-Raḥmān), Christianity (Mary - also in Islam), Buddhism (Prajnaparamita) and Hinduism (Maha Kali).

It is often interpreted by the mind as a need to serve your mother in good or kind behaviour, but that is the riddle for you to decipher. On the journey to discovering what mother is, who she is, and who you are much will be revealed. In the end, when you find her, you will be serving only yourself, in a deep and unconditional reverence, as well as all mothers in your line. You will have found the paradise within.

If you dare to embark on depth healing of the mother wound within you, you will at some point, discover a new you as you re-ignite every cell in your being and as you overflow with your own sense of inner love. The Great Mother energy resides within in all. Formless and barely female, but with an essence of the feminine vibration that is so high it is difficult to even describe. More than an elusive archetype, healing can help you experience this as an alive, potent and primordial intelligence and vibration of unconditional holding and seeing.

So the longing you once had, to be held and seen by your own mother soon dissolves into this ocean as you realise you are already it. Now, you can love your mother and allow your love to unshackle her and set you both free.


My clients who have healed the mother wound of their immediate mother have experienced the spirit of their deceased mother return to support them in a way they never experienced before. They have found a new ability to see through the pain held in the face and heart of their own mother and empathise, rather than be triggered. They have found themselves, as the new mother, healing all mothers that came in their line before them.


Get in touch with me if you'd be interested to deepen your divine feminine by healing the mother wound. This is possible in 1-1 therapy with me and we also work with the Great Mother Energy in Womb Room, there are a few spaces left for October.

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