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What Does It Mean To Be A Wom(b)an?

To be a wom(b)an is to embrace the profound and sacred power of the womb – not just as a physical organ, but as a metaphorical and spiritual embodiment of the divine feminine. It is to recognize the womb as a portal, a vessel that transcends the boundaries of the physical form, connecting us to the infinite cycles of creation, destruction, and rebirth that permeate the universe.

The wom(b)an is the keeper of this primal wisdom, the custodian of the fertile ground from which all life springs forth. Her body, with its rhythmic tides and cyclical nature, mirrors the ebb and flow of the cosmos, grounding her in a deep, intuitive understanding of the natural world and her place within it.

But the wom(b)an's power goes beyond mere biology; it is a manifestation of the divine feminine, a living embodiment of the creative spark that ignites the very fabric of existence. Through her womb, she accesses realms of consciousness and spiritual insight that transcend the rational mind, tapping into the collective wisdom of the ages.

To be a wom(b)an, then, is to embrace your multidimensional identity – to honor the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of the womb, while also recognizing its metaphysical significance.

It is to walk the path of the oracle, the healer, the visionary, using the sacred vessel of the womb to midwife new realities, to transmute suffering into growth, and to reconnect the fragmented parts of the self and the world.



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