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Womb Embodiment is the Gateway to your Divine Feminine

You might be here because deep down, you can feel how the heaviness of sexual trauma, abuse in your childhood and ancestral wounds are being held in your womb. Perhaps your unresolved trauma has now resulted in your hormones being out of balance, leading to womb conditions and other physical symptoms. Maybe you are struggling to connect with your own feminine energy and you feel blocked to create anything new. It's a confusing place to be and that's why in this article I explain how healing your womb after sexual trauma, going on the journey of deeper womb embodiment and somatic connection is a gateway to truly being able to authentically and fearlessly feel your divine feminine energy. The crux of this is, as long as your body and energy field are holding trauma imprints of fear, shame and pain, you will only be able to expand your consciousness and your field to the same degree. But with my support, you can heal and truly discover what divine feminine energy feels like. For the women that I support to heal, this is a life changing journey.

How Unhealed Sexual Trauma affects your Body and Womb

The majority of my clients have endured sexual trauma, often originating in childhood, with many experiencing it before the age of 7, and some even as infants. Despite the lack of conscious memory due to dissociation, their nervous systems retain deep somatic imprints, and their energy bodies hold clear frames of information. While there's a pervasive sense that something negative occurred, confusion often shrouds the specifics, as the mind grapples with piecing together fragmented memories. Decades of navigating chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, emotional turbulence, sexual dysfunction, and womb-related conditions underscore the gravity of their experiences. Healing offers a beacon of hope, providing a pathway toward resolution for what initially appears to be an insurmountable and enigmatic challenge.

So, how does childhood sexual abuse impact the womb?

When a developing child's brain encounters threats, abuse, danger, fear, and perversion, it undergoes constant adaptation to ensure survival, perpetually engaging the fight-or-flight response. As the child's hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, responsible for stress regulation, is still forming and learning what's 'normal,' sexual abuse—often perpetrated by close family members—triggers a relentless release of stress hormones. Consequently, the structure and function of the HPA axis undergo significant changes. Growing up, this translates into inhabiting a body in a perpetual state of hyper-vigilance, anxiety, fear, shutdown, numbness, and stress.

Expressing this phenomenon verbally proves challenging, as it's deeply internalized—a fundamental aspect of their existence, ingrained since childhood.

Moreover, recollections of sexual abuse are often absent due to its impact on memory-processing brain regions and emotional regulation centers like the amygdala.

When left unresolved, this accumulation results in chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, womb-related issues, sexual dysfunction, fractured relationships, and persistent emotional overwhelm. As the body maintains a state of deep internal contraction and stress, pelvic floor tissues bear the brunt of these effects. The toxic cocktail of long term hormonal imbalance combined with a brain that is constantly in fight or flight, emotions that can't be process because there is no ability to feel them and a physical body that is getting tighter, more rigid and more painful every year - can cause people to experience extreme despair. In this state, it is completely impossible to experience any higher frequencies or subtle field dimensions that the divine feminine moves through because you can't feel your physical body or womb without feeling fear. This keeps you trapped in your head, disconnected from your body. It becomes very difficult to go deeper into somatic sensations because they feel threatening and even harder to expand the energy body and go into subtle realms because the heart is blocked with fear and pain that has not been healed. PS: I have helped thousands of women go from this place of trauma and disconnection, to heal and deeply embody their womb and divine feminine energy. Usually it's the first time they've ever felt so free, so themselves, so liberated. It's the most rewarding work in the world - to witness a woman against all odds, discover who she truly is. If you are reading this and you feel like you are ready to heal please reach out to me.



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