The Great Mother | The Great Undoing

What is the Great Mother? And in the journey of healing and releasing trauma and self limiting beliefs, how can the great undoing be a catalyst for our growth?

Deep in the void of womb Lies a never ending grace An endless stream of patience With a look of love upon her face She is vast and made of stars Her love is the kiss of death Her stillness is enough to undo you Her knowing is limitless She holds you in her arms Allowing all the ways you move She never doubts your greatness She knows that soon you’ll love you too . Her child is the entire cosmos Which she wraps in a golden glow She says ‘rest tonight my children Your rebirth comes tomorrow’ . . The Prophet ﷺ told us, "Paradise is at the feet of the mothers" ‎الجنة تحت أقدام الأمهات

Come and experience the arms, the love and the transformative power of the void, the Great Mother. The unknowable experience of unconditional love with no limits.

- Access deep inherent wisdom and healing capacity

- Channel pure creative life force into everything you do

- Experience ease, flow and grace in your daily life

- Unravel ancient secrets and ancestral guidance

- Clear deep emotional, physical and psychological imprints

- Come face to face with the seat of your own creation


WOMB is years of therapy in 10 days. WOMB is your birthright. The space I am holding is a transformational and rapid rebirthing for men and women. Look inside, what keeps you from WOMB, except fear and pride?


WOMB ROOM: Experience a 10 day transformational rebirth deep into the mystery of the void. This takes place online, as part of a group healing. Book your place, with a partner or loved one and enjoy the depths together >>>