How to deepen your feminine power by healing your womb

The womb space is a sacred area. Many

people fail to connect with it as they

see it is as a mere physical organ—

they mistakenly believe there is

nothing to connect to. In reality, it is more

than that; it is where energetic imprints

from our past memories and experiences remain.

For those who would like to conceive, it

is all the more important to release toxic

emotions and maintain the womb as a

safe and still haven because

if you don't want to go

inside your own womb, why would you expect your foetus to?

Following that line of thought, it is important to note how stress and trauma imprints can be transmitted in utero.

Meaning, whatever emotions a mother feels while pregnant are also received by the baby in her womb.

This can affect them tremendously throughout their lifetimes if left unresolved.

Energetic blocks in the womb space can hold us back from living our full potential and realizing our truest essence.

In today’s blog, we will be outlining how womb healing is crucial to holistic wellness and how it can unleash the divine power that is within you.

1. You understand the purpose of your pain and move forward in a new light

It is important to recognize unhealed trauma and clear past imprints that block the womb’s energetic pathways. Through womb healing exercises, you start to get the answers to WHY things had to happen to you as you release yourself from all powerlessness and reclaim your true essence. You no longer revel in victimhood, blame, or anything else that creates bonds to lower vibrational states. You experience REBIRTH and begin again as you free yourself from cycles of illusion and suffering. You are able to drop your bags and surrender into the void of Womb.

2. You access deeper flow, sensuality, 

bliss, and self-love

The womb holds the connection to

your sacred sensual self. It allows you

to receive love and pleasure. You can 

experience the divine union of your 

masculine-feminine polarities as you 

cultivate the ultimate state of bliss within 

you and learn how to practice sexual 


By doing the work from the roots rather 

than learning techniques that only

scratch the surface, you can be the

person you want to be and start

prioritizing your higher self in your life.

3. You have the energy to take action and make decisions to move yourself forward

You have unique gifts to birth into the world. However, procrastination and forever waiting for the “perfect timing” can hold you back. With proper guidance and support, you’ll be able to reveal and implement simultaneously, take messy action, and do what is necessary to get things done. Listen to my podcast on Procrastination, fear and flow states

4. You access deeper stillness in body, mind and spirit

Through womb healing you establish inner clarity, stillness, and peace every day. Healing and living in alignment becomes your daily experience rather than a fleeting transcendence.

You also catalyze your energetic sensitivity, spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness in a real, grounded, and safe way - through your actual body. Try this guided practice on Finding stillness

5. You boost your feminine creativity and inner wisdom

When you can heal from all imprints that block your connection to your higher self, from inception to in utero to your birth process, you can harness your creativity and cultivate your life force.You also begin to channel wisdom consistently, activate your own mystical insight and unique methods of inner revelation.

Meaning, you become your own guru. You stop following others and giving your power away because you realize that YOU have exactly what this world needs.

You live the powerful life of self-illumination and transcendence as you embrace and learn to enjoy your shadow work. Listen to my podcast on Sexual energy as a reflection of our self creation


Final words

And there you have it! We have just rounded up some of the ways womb healing can benefit you. There are practices that can help you clear your energy field and ground yourself, which you can try here.

If you’d like to experience a life-changing healing journey, join the Womb Room.

Learn more about it here.