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Why Healing Your Mother Wound is Multi Dimensional Soul Work

HEALING THE MOTHER WOUND means reclaiming the aspects of the feminine expression that we’ve suppressed or shut out or sometimes barely even realise are necessary somatic expressions. It means doing this at a personal and collective level and re-grounding into earth frequency through the roots to establish heart coherency with the earth.

Integration of the inner wounded daughter archetype and becoming the Mother of our own soul is necessary for growth, healing and spiritual maturity. When we release our mother from the inability she may have had to be able to love us in full presence, that is when we begin to love ourselves.

Until then, we stay trapped in a cycle unable to forgive, thirsty for love from the external, seeking reparation that will never come. Until we learn to love ourselves we will repeat the cycle of the mother wound. For they too, were unable to love themselves. Remember?

Often clients that come to see me with complex PTSD also have a deep mother wounding. It can be from abusive experiences, in utero and birth trauma or just a subtle disconnection. This is often manifest in the line and is an existential soul wound that convinces them that their own existence is wrong and something to be ashamed about because they were not loved enough by their own mother.

Sometimes the mother was as caring as she could be but there was no spiritual or energetic connection developed so the child was forced out of its essence as a frequency of feeling into the mental realm of doing, yet seeking a deeper and all elusive 'connection.'

If you'd like to read more about my own experience of healing the mother wound and discovering my purpose by transcending the personal limits that I had created you can read it here.

Healing the mother wound must happen at all levels- from personal to ancestral to collective. There is a huge mother wound that is actually being actively reinforced by society as women disconnect from their wombs and humans destroy the very womb that has created and sustained them, Gaia.

The shame and rage from being trapped in an unconscious cycle of self destruction affects everyone at a subconscious level. This is our home, after all, just as womb was.

We are Gaia in our core grounded frequency. There is no separation. We share the same heart beat as the earth. The moments of separation can create lifetimes of disconnect, a longing to be held again in deep presence, the ability to feel loved. Healing the mother wound begins and ends in Womb and the womb of Earth is our mirror.

We are Gaia in our core grounded frequency we share the same heart beat as the earth. Healing the mother wound begins and ends in Womb and Earth is our mirror.

Consciousness is an infinite spectrum of frequency of light that imprints fluids of the body and of the planet and therefore comes into being through embodiment and depth of feeling. The mother wound is occurring at all levels of consciousness. It is inherently a disconnection from feeling, from the heart, from the heartbeat of nature and the synchrony of the cosmic dance.

Feeling is inherently a heart based intelligence and a divine feminine quality. Women feel and have always historically been the healers in indigenous communities and ancient cosmologies always revered the power of the feminine creator. The wound is a calling for many women to reconnect to their body (the earth) their breath and lungs (their spirit) and the soul (the cosmic mystery).

The wound is a calling for many women to reconnect to their body (the earth) their breath and lungs (their spirit) and the soul (the cosmic mystery).

Furthermore, it is not just the personal field of consciousness but the collective consciousness that is important when treating the feminine as her essence is of the creator, the feeler, the flow. Her grounded baseline vibration of root and womb space is the same vibration of the womb of earth. Her heart beats with the earth. Helping women reconnect to personal womb space is my passion. It's the most authentic way to heal and turn the mother wound into the wisdom of the great mother.

From there, it becomes easier to access multidimensional womb nature.





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