Do you need to heal the wounded masculine?

There’s things that I’ve noticed big time about the current level of masculine embodiment and the wounds that men are holding that prevent them from deeply loving themselves and freeing themselves.

Here are aspects of the wounded masculine. Whether we are male, female or genderless these vibrational poles exist and play out through us. They are landscapes of frequency that influence and move us at a sub-perceptual level.

The wounded masculine

The wounded masculine seeks attention from the world (and the feminine) rather than being in presence with the world (and the feminine) because he is seeking validation for his own existence. Receiving attention is like being fed, except it never goes to the depths that he wants to be felt at.

The wounded masculine resists deep emotional expression and feeling because he believes it is his burden to bear the weight of pressure, patriarchy and undue responsibility in order to be male, because he has yet to find his true masculinity

The wounded masculine refuses to deeply see and connect with the feminine spirit beyond the superficial physical plane and maybe tapping into the intellectual realm but at a spiritual level no, because he is terrified of being dissolved in womb and no longer being “himself”

The wounded masculine chooses to battle with money rather than build and harmonise wealth from roots of self worth and as a result never really moves financially and feels stuck and hopeless. The reasons cited are always external and circumstantial rather than inner awareness.

The wounded masculine believes he has nothing to heal because he has reached a certain level of material accomplishment which is usually house wife kids and job. This means the identity goal is achieved and anything that threatens to move him from his role as all powerful provider becomes something to be resisted including his own inner growth and evolution.

The wounded masculine violates his own sacred sexual energy by using it to play, to feel a thrill, to connect, to feel worthy and to validate himself. This is because the sexual energy is shallow, coming from a place of lust and greed rather than emotional heart depth and love.

The wounded masculine cannot propel forward in any direction long enough to feel satisfied by it. This is because his root is fragile or dissociated and he does not have the life force running through his body to create force of will in any sustainable way. As a result, he feels trapped by himself.

The wounded masculine refuses to move, be moved, change, grow, surrender , heal , go within and then becomes angry with the world that it exists the way it does. He refuses to change himself and therefore lives in a world that reflects him back to himself. He refuses to leave relationships that are beyond repair because he is too fearful to connect more authentically because it is a blank unknown.

The wounded masculine does not know authenticity, he works from duty and need for status and money rather than purpose, passion and calling. He is preoccupied with “being able to provide” whilst he is starving his own soul. When he tries to blend the two he falls back into “but I have to” and the prison walls rise. Pain reveals soul purpose. Without feeling, the masculine resists his own purpose and existence.

The wounded masculine cannot be with a womb embodied feminine because her stillness will force him to surrender all distorted structures within him and he will feel powerless, nothing. Little does he know he is in the journey of being recreated. But this process of being nothing is too excruciating for the ego and identity of the wounded masculine.

The wounded masculine cannot make peace with his mother. He is aware of the empathic break but will not go deeper than to acknowledge it was there or to understand the soul journey he is on towards the Great Mother energy. The wounded masculine therefore develops distorted relationships with his mother either to idolise her to stay safe within himself but never to learn from her or the feminine ancestral line, or to distance himself from her.

The wounded masculine cannot create easily and with a flow. When he creates he doubts and despises his own creation. It is never good enough. He therefore resides to a world of serving others rather than himself because it’s slightly less directly disappointing than having to evolve in his own creative life force.

The wounded masculine become needy when his feminine counterpart begins to step into her power. The threat of destruction is too great and as a result he distracts her from her own embodiment and focus by bringing the attention back to him. This happens in subtle ways, sometimes mockery or ridicule sometimes demanding of sex or time.


The wounded masculine does not fully acknowledge that not only is he free, he is the freedom itself. The divine masculine is the golden axis of light around which all movement spirals and dances in worship of HIM. There is nothing else to do except worship the divine King, to bow down in reverence. He who knows HIMSELF knows that he is truly adored.


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