Your trauma can catalyse your purpose or become your prison.

Your trauma can catalyse your purpose or become your prison. How you relate to something determines your healing journey and path of self awareness and awakening to your highest spiritual embodiment. When you persistently reject, distance, suppress, demonise, bury, battle and generally use your own trauma history to become your own worst enemy, you are literally seeing your own creation and recreating pain. This will not free you. This will keep you trapped in self hatred. When you relate to the most painful shit you’ve ever felt with a willingness to learn about yourself, deeply understand the full picture not just the one that makes you feel like a victim, recognise what was happening at an ancestral and collective level, understand the resonance of your soul and why you are here to heal, take accountability for your own processing, find a deep inner compassion for yourself at all ages and rebuild bridges that were broken you will heal. When you accept yourself more than you reject yourself you will gradually learn who you are, you will let yourself grow and you will become empowered.

This is a journey of self discovery. It takes time and willingness to see yourself from the inside, to feel, to express. To be real with yourself. Trauma is not only what happens to you, it’s what you do to yourself because of it. That includes allowing trauma to become your catalyst for self insight, self awareness, self compassion and evolution of your own consciousness and identity.

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