Are you willing to see your shadow?

You are here to do the work of the warrior, the work that changes the world. If you want to glow you can’t be scared of the dark. You also need to learn to love hard work. At every stage of your consciousness expansion you will be faced with a choice, to contract and remain the same or to expand, trust, heal and grow. Nothing is holding you back except your own fear.

Examining your fears is the golden key. People who do this transform themselves and people around them.

When you turn away because it’s easier to hide or blame the world you scree yourself, not anyone else.

This is not a conceptual practice. This is a path that you live and commit to.

Your glow, your light is seeking higher and higher frequencies and as this is embodied you gain the ability to see more of the darkness and transmute heavier fears and emotions. You become a light worker when you commit to transforming the darkness within you. Darkness is nothing but self ignorance and resistance to love (ie yourself). When you’re trapped here you have to dig deep and heal. You don’t heal by talking about it. You heal by committing to living it.

Healing is a journey of seeing yourself in all the ways you move and making new choices, to move and flow more harmoniously with YOURSELF. It is a journey of self illumination.

Inner vision and outer perception need to be aligned. The question to ask yourself is if you really want to see. If you do, you will. When you truly ask yourself this question, your heart will say yes and your ego will try to defend itself. Sometimes you might find you make excuses for why you don't need to. That's your shadow trying to protect itself from the light.

My clients who are willing to see their shadow begin to illuminate themselves rapidly. They also heal fast. Yes they have to face alot of pain and feel it. But this also gives them a real sense of their emerging purpose and power.

As they get emptier, less weighed down by heavy emotions, trapped trauma and are able to open their heart more to themselves, they start to deepen in stillness. This happens at a nervous system and energetic level. The root space which holds fear is clear and safe. Their frequency of embodied light rises. They start to move differently in their bodies and in the world. With flow, compassion and ease.

The more you see the more you can feel and the more you feel the deeper you can access yourself to heal. When your eyes are closed to your own heart and soul you choose the darkness which is a powerful teacher but most of the time it will create a frequency of fear. This will make it harder to open your eyes and see yourself.


Here are some client experiences with awakening to their own self created shadow aspects and deepening their healing and empowerment:

“The toxins and tensions left every part of me, they gushed out. My body moved and writhed in the releasing. I liberated myself from negative, unwanted, old energy within me. Safa stayed by my side focused and rooted until every last drop of dirty water was released. I could not have ever imagined this calmness and newness”


“I thanked my body for everything she has endured and for housing a kidney that was once foreign, but is now a part of me. I looked in the mirror for the first time and acknowledged who I am, where I have come from and what true beauty really means”


“I was shown clearly the split between my left and right side. It was huge. I physically felt so much change in my body, massive releases in the sacrum and legs. I am now aware of how I am holding in my body”


“I was disconnected and holding onto deep wounds and pain from all my childhood abuse. I now feel content and at peace. Safa is a true alchemist healer. Thank you from the deep ends of my heart”


“Safa was able to see my deep blockages and paternal trauma from childhood- this is something I completely repressed throughout my life. I now feel extremely peaceful, light and there is no sadness anymore. I am now more self aware than ever before”


P.S. If you’re ready to see yourself, here are 5 ways I can help you heal, grow and awaken your inner alchemist

1. Work with me privately in a transformational 6 week journey to heal the root causes of trauma and pain. Just drop me an email and put 'Private Alchemy' in the subject line, tell me what you'd like to heal.

2. Learn how to heal trauma using energy medicine in my latest course- an initiation for experienced practitioners. I will be sharing techniques that have been revealed to me through sacred alchemy work that I use in practice.

3. Grow your practice with private 1-1 mentoring in Alchemy Lab, my accelerator programme for therapists who are ready to break new ground and scale their business, or for those who want support to get started in private practice.

4. Learn healing alchemy at the School of Healing Alchemy, online in depth courses that you can take in your own time

5. Join my monthly healing events which are attended by people around the world