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Thinking of referring your client?

As a life coach, somatic coach, CBT therapist, psychotherapist or alternative medicine practitioner e.g physiotherapist, reiki or acupuncture practitioner etc, it is not uncommon to feel out of your depth, too triggered or unable to hold a consistent container when a client reveals their deep childhood trauma.


You may realise that your specific approach is not best suited for the type of healing that the client needs or that they need additional support as well as sessions with you. This is very normal.


I believe as professional practitioners we have an ethical responsibility to know ourselves and our technique and approach, and be transparent when dealing with vulnerable people who are putting their faith in our services.


This means knowing when our treatment is helping and when it's not, who it's for and who it's not for, and the scope of it's effectiveness. We also need to be able to communicate this clearly to all clients that seek our support.


I often accept referrals from other practitioners for this reason. I also refer clients who I believe will not benefit from my specific way of working. 


If you do refer, on completion of the client's 1:1 healing programme with me, you will receive a referral fee of between $200 and $500 depending on programme length, as a gesture of gratitude for helping someone to change their life.


My online courses have a $50 referral commission. 

Please note, I work only with adults and do not do in-person body work.

All my healing work takes place over Zoom.

Common reasons to refer your client

Here are some common reasons you may be looking to refer your client. Please note, I work with adults only and do not have the capacity to take insurance as payment, nor do I offer single sessions of healing. All work takes place after a complete consultation process which  can be booked by the client via my website.


Your treatment methods do not support the resolution of complex trauma including dissociation, complex PTSD or pre verbal trauma


You believe your therapeutic approach would be more supportive if it was combined with deeper somatic integration work


You are aware of significant layers of in utero, birth and sexual trauma that the client cannot easily talk about but is being affected by


You are not confident or experienced or qualified to support deeper trauma integration or your therapeutic approach does not facilitate this

Refer in 3 easy steps

When your client books their online consultation they should mention you as the referrer.

If they book a course ask them to email with your details (your name, email and website)

On completion of their healing programme and / or online course I will email you and arrange for you to receive your referral fee! This can be by bank transfer or PayPal.

Online courses can help your clients and support you to grow your practice

"It's life changing. I’ve spent years in therapy and searching in other healing modalities. This was the only place to rapidly change me within such a short amount of time.
I am reborn. "

Santa, Germany

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