Chronic conditions are a statement of consciousness

Denial of the mastery of the body - mind - spirit system comes from fear, ignorance and refusal to have a direct experience of self or self healing.

We now live in a world where 1 in 3 people have a chronic illness and 1 in 8 have a 'mental health condition.'

Chronic conditions develop over time. They don't suddenly emerge. They reflect the state of consciousness of that person. The physical level is the base level of consciousness. All physical conditions have corresponding psychological and emotional consciousness structures that govern them and keep them active.

The reason you feel taken by surprise is because you haven't been feeling your own body and lifestyle choices. You haven't been paying attention to your own emotions, flow, patterns and shadow aspects.

The root causes of these structures embedded in the psyche and called 'personality' can clearly be traced back to childhood trauma events including birth trauma, unprocessed shock in the body, chronic stress that was never resolved, sometimes medical interventions such as surgeries that were never fully recovered from.

The body is designed to heal. More than to survive, it is designed to thrive.


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