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From dissociation to divine embodiment. This is the the ultimate healing transformation. Programmes are between 8 and 25 weeks depending on your trauma, the somatic work you've done so far and what your healing goals are. 


A 12 month hybrid  of group, 1-1 and self study. Described as 'a life changing spiritual pilgrimage', over 1000 people have re-birthed. This programme is fully booked until further notice.

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Join my powerful group healing sessions every two weeks. This is an opportunity to experience profound healing alchemy LIVE and join a global community. Get your first session FREE,  £2 per day thereafter. Not suitable if you are in active trauma or are totally new to somatic and energy healing.

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Indepth, online self-paced healing courses exclusive to the School of Healing Alchemy. All courses offer you video guidance, behind the scenes on live healing sessions and unique insights to journey deeper. 100% money back guarantee on all courses!

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Welcome, I'm Safa. I specialise in guiding women like you through a transformative journey from dissociation to divine feminine embodiment. My areas of focus are releasing complex trauma trapped in the nervous system and energy field, including traumatic pre verbal imprints, in utero and birth trauma, sexual abuse and ancestral trauma. I work globally and do all the healing work live on zoom by distance so that you can experience the shifts immediately. With over 10,000 hours of private client work, I have developed 15 online courses that contain my unique approach to somatic and energy healing. 

You've found me for a reason. This is the depth of healing that your soul has been seeking.


If you're ready for a life changing healing journey, let's talk.



MA, RCST, BSc (Hons), PGdip, PGCert Couns


Online Courses to
Empower Your Healing Journey

Explore my Online Courses With Exclusive Video Content to Help You Deepen Your Healing. All courses come with a full 7 day Money Back Guarantee!

"It's life changing. I’ve spent years in therapy and searching in other healing modalities. This was the only place to rapidly change me within such a short amount of time.
I am reborn. "

Santa, Germany

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