'It was life changing, powerful, unbelievable'

Al-kīmiyāʾ (الكيمياء) the sacred art of healing alchemy
You're being called to go deeper now

Welcome to Kimiya Healing. You've arrived at the door to your transformation. Can you feel the heat? The flames of unconditional love roar here. Do you know what it feels like to feel that? More importantly, are you ready for it?

The truth is, this space is designed to blow your mind and your reality. This is divine deconstruction. The place where you become undone and begin again.


I take you to the depths that most people can't see, feel and will never venture. The places where fear awaits it's alchemical transmutation into love.

The depths of your body, your shadow and your energy field. The place where you finally discover who you really are and what you are capable of. 



Because deep within you lies divine purpose and unlimited potential - your inner alchemist has brought you here. It's time to see yourself, to return to your throne. To experience who you are and start showing up as that every single day.


That's what your soul is now asking you for. Right?

How do I know? Because thousands of people worldwide have sat where you are right now, feeling and thinking the exact same thing and then boom, they find Kimiya Healing and suddenly everything they were looking for is right there. Staring them in the face. This is the place where the impossible becomes real .


Do you want some of that?

Clients call my healing programmes surreal, beyond psychedelics, life changing and miraculous. These are people just like you. Infact, they've done all the psychotherapy, body therapy, energy healing, plant medicine, silent retreats, dark retreats, followed spiritual paths and are well versed in many, many modalities. They read all the books and saw all the experts. Hell, some of them even are the 'experts'


(I work with alot of somatic therapists, trauma healers, energy medicine practitioners, shamans and shamanic practitioners, consciousness leaders, CEO's, founders, teachers, researchers, doctors etc). 


They truly believed they were taking the right actions by trying everything. I get it, I did that too! But years go by and...the needle hasn't moved much. Core issues remain held in the nervous system, unconscious trauma remains buried, self limiting beliefs still hold them hostage beneath the shiny exterior.


Which means it gets played out subconsciously in their lives, careers and relationships. Sound familiar?


I'm here to help you recognise and resolve the root causes, access the depth of your body's wisdom and healing capacity and enable you to feel embodied divinity through every cell of your being. You will become your own channel, healer and mystic as I heal and teach you how to master your energetics.

I'm here to cut through all this and give you complete clarity, a straight and direct path to your soul purpose, unparalleled depth of somatic and energetic healing and a transformation that will leave you feeling like a new person. The depth I work at is globally unparalleled and definitely not for the faint hearted. You need to come ready and prepared to do the work, feel deeper than you ever have before and conquer your fear. 

If you're reading this and your body is responding, trust it. I'm definitely not for everyone, but the people that are called to work with me know that they are ready. These people are the alchemists and visionary leaders of the future. 


If that's you, you're in the right place.

Trauma release | Womb embodiment | Energetic mastery

I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world who are just like you, seeking something that will finally enable them to get to the root causes, heal and activate their highest potential. I know exactly what it takes, (and everything that can get in the way), to help you heal, embody your divine power and activate your inner alchemist. Seeking a deeply transformational journey? Keep reading.

"I healed trauma held in my body that I had no memory of. It was profound, radical, clear, loving and transformational!  The guidance of Safa was exactly the kind of support I needed. It's really possible in just six sessions!
I was born again after just six sessions!"
"I've been suffering with constant neck pain for years . I've seen osteopaths since I was 14. In 30 mins it feels like someone's just blown it away! It feels amazing! I'd definitely recommend this to anybody. What you do is so different to everything else out there. I don't know actually know how you do it! "
"Oh my goodness! I'm telling lots of people about it and how amazing it's been! All these testimonials you have about, 'oh, this is life changing...' I was thinking, 'oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah' and it's like, bloody hell - IT IS! "
I've healed thousands of people just like you
You've tried everything to heal but your chronic conditions persist and are holding you back from the life and opportunities you are seeking.
You're aware of your trauma and ready to liberate yourself (and your family) from  childhood abuse and sexual trauma so you can feel safe in your own body.
You're the cycle breaker, the new ancestor willing to put an end to the pain carried silently from generation to generation but you're not sure where to start.
You're excited by deep shadow work and the process of self illumination and becoming fearless as you deepen your capacity to love yourself and reclaim your power.  
You're a leader, visionary or creative seeking your next level of consciousness expansion and you need tools and healing to embody your next spiral.


Unlock your extraordinary human potential 

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Trauma Release

kimiya healing


Next steps:
1) Get clear on the trauma you're holding - do 
this body mapping practice here

2) Clarify your healing goals (dream big!) and listen to my podcast on how to 10X your healing investment

3) Complete this intake form so we can be laser focused during your consultation and send it back to me

4) Pick a time below for us to meet over Zoom-somewhere private with good wifi connection


Please note, I have very limited spaces for 1-1 work and I get booked up in advance. If you book a consultation and don't show up it will not be rescheduled.