Al-kīmiyāʾ (الكيمياء) the sacred art of healing alchemy


'It was life changing, powerful, unbelievable'

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PGDip Craniosacral Therapy | PGCert Gestalt Counselling | Essentials of Psychosynthesis | Shadow Work Practitioner | Yogic Meditation | Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Level 3 | BSc (Hons) Economics and Politics | MA Transpersonal Wisdom Studies Ubiquity University (current) | Recent CPD: Lymphatics, Neurodynamics 

Welcome, I'm Safa

Healer | Womb alchemist | Cranio-sacral therapist | Somatic trauma practitioner | Plant medicine integration practitioner | Mystic


Founder of Womb Room™ and School of Healing Alchemy.

I offer a transformational healing space for people who are ready for physical, emotional and spiritual rebirth. I work with individuals and families around the world in personalised six week programmes, designed to deliver root cause resolution and change - fast.  

If you are trauma aware and ready to acknowledge and heal the root causes of your conditions book a call with me. To join the next group healing event click here. Get free healing guidance and practices on my podcast

PS: 1 space left for 1-1 healing in 2021.

Womb Room™ September now fully booked


Radical transformation and soul growth

I work with people from all genders and backgrounds, individuals and whole families. I support you to heal and integrate all aspects of your experience (body, emotions, beliefs, energy field ) in all timelines (pre-personal, perinatal, biographical, ancestral, spiritual (past life, karmic, cosmic, soul). 

I specialise in somatic and energetic treatment of:

1) Sexual trauma 

2) Childhood abuse

3) Ancestral trauma 
4) Complex structural issues / injuries, chronic pain and spinal issues

5) In utero and birth trauma (incl miscarriages, fertility issues abortions)

6) Family re-constellation (I work with multiple nervous systems at the same time)

Symptoms can look like: 

  • Chronic stress, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, emotional distress, emotional detachment

  • PTSD, numbness, dissociation, depersonalisation etc

  • Autoimmune conditions, hormonal issues, cancer, tumours

  • IBS, gastrointestinal problems, ulcers and stomach / gut / liver issues

  • Migraines, headaches, cluster headaches, sinus issues

  • Acute and chronic pain, back pain, inflammation, sciatica

  • Neuralgia, Bell's Palsy, Parkinsons and Alzheimers (I work with early onset)

  • Womb health e.g fibroids, prolapse, endometriosis, pelvic misalignment, fertility issues, sexual dysfunction 

  • Spirit attachments, entity attachments, cords and curses, ancestral entities etc


Read what clients say about their healing experience here

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What clients say


Transformational healing journeys

1-1 & FAMILY

"Life changing, surreal, deep transformation -  empowering beyond words."

"A spiritual  pilgrimage. The only place to rapidly change me. WOW. I am reborn."
Image by Shane Rounce

"So profound- unlike anything i've ever experienced - it was beyond psychedelics. I dissolved."
Image by Elia Pellegrini

"Powerful and eye opening. It was an initiation of a lifetime and truly career defining."
Book a consultation

To book a free 40 min consultation and healing roadmap please download and complete this form and pick a time below. for us to meet. I work live via Zoom and you will feel the healing immediately. I reserve 1-1 sessions for people who are trauma aware and ready to resolve the root causes and commit to changing lifestyle factors that may be contributing to illness. A full assessment of suitability takes place during our consultation.