Experience rapid root cause resolution- without medication, surgery or years in therapy 

Rediscover your health, freedom, purpose and strength

Catalyse your spiritual growth and energetic mastery

Kimiya Healing's unique approach has been called 'a miracle, profound, surreal and beyond psychedelics' and has enabled thousands of people around the world to heal. Discover what your healing path looks like and book a clarity call today!


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Womb Room is a powerful inner pilgrimage into the seat of creation- WOMB. You will heal physical, emotional and energetic imprints of womb that have affected you, from your ancestral conditioning to your in utero and birth trauma to childhood sexual trauma and more. You will rediscover the true sacred power of your own womb and redefine your entire identity. This journey is suitable for all genders and will support you at whatever stage you are in your healing journey. 


Described as 'life changing, a spiritual pilgrimage and surreal' 

*** FULLY BOOKED FOR 2022/2023****


Hidden Chambers is a profound and transformative 1-1 healing programme. Designed to identify and resolve the root causes, you will finally release the many layers of trauma and unconscious imprints that are held in your body and energy field. Spaces are limited on this programme and due to the intense nature of this work Safa only works with people who are ready to heal and committed to diving deeply into their own shadow. 

Discover why thousands of people call this 'healing beyond imagination' 


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Master your energetics, field work, perceptive depth and alchemical gifts. Discover the art of trauma informed somatic integration and energy healing by distance by learning through initiation in the field. This is a unique learning environment for advanced practitioners only. You will receive indepth training that will deepen your felt sense, clarity and capacity to hold a powerful healing field. You'll receive everything you need to grow a six figure global healing practice. To join the next practitioner training please contact team@kimiyahealing.co.uk. Spaces are limited to 10. The next training will be in 2023/2024 and there are 8 spaces left. 


"I've been suffering with constant neck pain for 27 years. I've seen osteopaths since I was 14. In 30 mins it feels like someone's just blown it away! I'd definitely recommend this to anybody. What Safa does is SO DIFFERENT to everything else out there! "

"I healed trauma held in my body that I had no memory of. It was profound, radical, clear, loving and TRANSFORMATIONAL!  The guidance of Safa was exactly the kind of support I needed. I was BORN AGAIN after just six sessions!"

"Topics  came up that I didn't even know were  in my story! All the needs, all the perception of a deficiency- it just evaporated! I changed the perception of myself! There was this new wholeness within me!"

"I am now sitting here a year later and can only say that all your work and  those hour sessions are like a LIFETIME'S worth of work. I wouldn't be where I am right now, without it."

Hours of trauma informed somatic and energetic healing experience with clients around the world

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pioneer of distance healing, group healing and trauma informed energy medicine


Safa is truly a Healer, a Shaman, an Alchemist, a living Mystery, an incredibly beautiful Woman, a loving Heart and an eternal Divine Soul, that I had the luck, gift and WISH to heal with.

Santa, Germany