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Al-kīmiyāʾ (الكيمياء) the sacred art of healing alchemy

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I solve the problem of feeling stuck, confused and not able to move forward because of how trauma has affected your body. This creates several issues, the biggest being you’re held back from living your true potential. Common mistakes people make is spending months and years in therapy without addressing the actual root cause, or seeking spiritual solutions for somatic and energetic imprints. I address this by working directly with the root causes that are determining your physical structure and state of consciousness, getting you a tangible and significant shift after every single session (you'll feel it immediately) and being crystal clear with you about what you need to deepen in to heal and get to where you want to be. 

You're here for a reason. Most people who find me are ready for radical inner transformation. If that's you, contact me.

About me

Welcome, I'm Safa

Healer | Womb alchemist | Cranio-sacral therapist | Somatic practitioner | Plant medicine integration practitioner | Mystic


Founder of Womb Room™ and School of Healing Alchemy, believer in miracles (I see them in my clients every day) and lover of chai (oh, and cats). 

I offer deeply transformational healing for people who are ready to participate in physical, emotional and spiritual rebirth. I work with individuals and families around the world in rapid 6 week healing programmes designed to deliver change - fast.  

If you are trauma aware, ready to heal the root causes and go deeper than ever before, check out my programmes here and book a call with me. If you'd like to experience my group healing sessions you can join here

PS: I am fully booked until June. To start in the summer, have a consultation now. 

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PGDip Craniosacral Therapy | PGCert Gestalt Counselling | Essentials of Psychosynthesis | Shadow Work Practitioner | Yogic Meditation certification | Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher certification VortexHealing | Reiki Level 2 | Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Level 3 | BSc (Hons) Economics and Politics | MA Transpersonal Wisdom Studies Ubiquity University (current) | Recent CPD: Lymphatics, Neurodynamics (University College of Osteopathy)

Radical transformation and soul growth

I work holistically and at depth with all aspects of your being in all timelines including biographical, perinatal, familial, ancestral, spiritual, past life, karmic and cosmic. 

  • Chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, panic, disconnection, dissociation

  •  IBS, gastrointestinal problems, ulcers and stomach issues

  • Migraines, headaches, cluster headaches, sinus issues

  • Immunity conditions including cancer and brain tumours

  • Acute and chronic pain, aches and tension, phantom pain, back pain, sciatica, muscle spasms, 

  • Stiffness / pain in hips, knees, shoulders, sports injuries rheumatic pain and arthritic Pain

  • Neuralgia, Bell's Palsy, Parkinsons and Alzheimers (early onset)

  • Trauma and Abuse - (physical, emotional, sexual), rape recovery, neglect, abandonment at any age

  • Birth trauma, in utero trauma, healing from miscarriages and abortions 

  • Paediatrics - newborns, children, teenagers. New borns and under 7's treatment includes birth parent 

  • Womb trauma, fibroids, prolapse, endometriosis, pelvic misalignment, fertility issues, sexual dysfunction 

  • Ancestral trauma and historical trauma, mediumship, reconnecting to ancestral field

  • Healing for the whole family (physical and emotional)

  • Spirit attachments, entity attachments, curses, spiritual illnesses

  • Spiritual initiations, spiritual guidance, spiritual awakenings

  • Plant medicine and psychedelic integration (not assisted sessions)


1-1 and group healing

1-1 therapy 
"life changing"
Group healing programmes
"a spiritual pilgrimage"
Healing events
Therapist training
"career defining"
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