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Craniosacral Therapy Association UK, London License number: 1804

 safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk · +44 7793812940 · North London & Mayfair


kīmiyā healing

Meet your soul through your body

Craniosacral therapy in North and Central London


Safa Boga RCST BSc Hons PGDip 

Welcome! I’m Safa, a craniosacral therapist and yoga teacher dedicated to helping you get into a place of physical, emotional and spiritual balance and inner harmony. My own healing journey started in India, took me deep into the Amazon Jungle and brought me back to London where I now practice. 


In this ever-changing world, there are so many factors that can impact the way we feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whether it's just an ongoing feeling of heaviness or worry, or you've been through a difficult experience that has affected your mental well-being, or perhaps a chronic illness that nobody has managed to help you to fully understand and resolve, get in touch. I work at depth with the root cause, using bodywork, dialogue visual imagery and deep energetic attunement to help you heal and free yourself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 


I completed my post-graduate diploma in Craniosacral Therapy at The College of Craniosacral Therapy (CCST) in London, the first, largest, and the most established college of the practice. I have also completed one year of Gestalt psychotherapy as well as a year of Psychosynthesis therapy which a transpersonal framework that sees trauma through a psychospiritual lense.

I want your experience to be one of embodied safety, discovery and new understanding of your body and mind. Let me help you experience your inner magic. Please feel free to reach out with questions and allow me to help get you started on this journey! My email address is  safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk

Craniosacral Therapy (PGDip) | Anatomy and Physiology Shadow Work Practitioner | VortexHealing® | Reiki Level I & 2 | 

Gestalt Counselling (PGCert)  | Yogic Meditation TT 200h | Ashtanga Vinyasa TT| Economics and Politics BSc (Hons) 

Recent CPD: Lymphatics, Neurodynamics, Embryology



Craniosacral therapy is a form of bodywork that uses gentle touch to facilitate physical and emotional healing using the body's natural organising forces.  It's safe, non invasive and works at all levels from the physical, to the emotional, mental and spiritual. If you're interested to read more about the history of the craniosacral approach click here

What do you treat?

  • Emotional: Anxiety, Stress, Low mood, depression, panic attacks etc

  • Chronic Pain and Injury: Back and neck pain, tension

  • TMJ, Bruxism

  • Headaches, Migraines, Sinus issues

  • Trauma: Sexual and physical trauma, emotional trauma, birth trauma (PTSD)

  • Immunity conditions

What happens?

The session takes place lying down, fully clothed 


I will place my hands lightly on your body with permission and listen


I build a map of the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, obvious and subtle.  


I allow your body to express itself.


As it does, patterns of tension and imbalance are expressed and released.

What will I feel?

It depends. Some people feel very relaxed others start to become more aware of their physical and emotional holding.


Sometimes people fall asleep, sometimes they are quite emotional. Emotions can include feeling sad or very joyful. Personal insight is common.

Healing is a unique and individual experience. 


What then?

You might notice healing is still happening deep within, after a few days. 

I work with clients weekly to contain their process safely. I encourage clients to self reflect, meditate to build awareness of their body sensations or write.

Feel free to have a read of client testimonials to find out what others say

This woman has magical hands, I don’t know how she does it but she sees the pain, fears and other emotions trapped within the body

client review


I work using gentle touch on your body as you are lying down fully clothed. I help you understand and resolve the root cause, rather than offering local symptomatic relief. The first session is a treatment and an assessment of the root cause. We will then decide how many sessions are required to get you into a better place of balance and health. For each person this will vary as every single body and mind is different. I work  with clients on a weekly basis  so that the healing process is held safely.



You can literally feel the tension and pain (physical as well as emotional) fade away and by the time you are done it's as if you have been given a fresh start with body, mind and soul.
I am so impressed and can't wait to go back for more of Safa's magical therapy. Highly recommended!
I came to visit Safa 2.5 months after an operation to remove mastitis in my right breast. 
It had returned. I was desperate and depressed.

Not only did I resolve the recurring problem of mastitis but I learned how to listen to and heal my body and mind. 
Since I first met Safa she has not only helped me, my body and my soul but has become a vital part in my son's recovery.
Safa has done amazing work in getting him to release not only physical tension and pain but more importantly let go of some of his many heart aches and traumatic memories.

The sessions I have experienced have been absolutely amazing!
Unaware that my liver was holding on to so much sadness and trauma Safa began to work on many areas of my body.
The emotions, tension and fear that left me during these times were incredible.


My fees are £80 in North London and £110 in Central London. Sessions last an hour.

Payment must be made in advance of the session by bank transfer.

My cancellation policy is 48 hours after which the full fee is payable

Appointments are available Monday - Friday. If you need a Sunday session please contact me


Totteridge, North London, N20


Mayfair, Central London


Contact me to book a session or to find  out how craniosacral work can help you or a loved one.

You can also email safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk. 

I offer free 15 minute phone consultations

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