Kimiya Healing

Al-kīmiyāʾ (الكيمياء) the sacred art of healing alchemy

'It was life changing, powerful, unbelievable'

Healing the root causes

Healing the root cause means uncovering and re-integrating life or historical trauma events which are unconscious and need to be integrated to facilitate a deeper experience of health. I work by feeling what is resonating in your body, field, ancestry and family and supporting you to see it, understand it, meet it and change it through awareness of it's vibrational dynamic within you. This leads to rapid and root cause resolution of issues and deep self awareness. 


About me

Welcome, I'm Safa, RCST BSc Hons 
Healer | Alchemist | Mystic | Founder of Womb Room | Craniosacral therapist | Trauma therapist | Plant Medicine Integration specialist  

My life's purpose is to help you heal, teach you how to embody your highest self and awaken your inner alchemist. I work with people around the world who are ready for radical, transformational shifts in their health, life and identity. My sessions are profoundly life changing and I work at depth with the body, psyche, spirit and soul. My group work includes Womb Room, the 10 day rebirthing journey  (next group Jan 2021 - join us!) and group alchemy sessions which take place every month. Click here to join.


PGDip Craniosacral Therapy | PGCert Gestalt Counselling | Essentials of Psychosynthesis | Shadow Work Practitioner | Yogic Meditation certification | Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher certification VortexHealing | Reiki Level 2 | Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Level 3 | BSc (Hons) Economics and Politics | MA Transpersonal Wisdom Studies Ubiquity University (current)

Recent CPD: Lymphatics, Neurodynamics (University College of Osteopathy)

Radical transformation

  • I work holistically and at depth with all aspects of your being in all timelines including biographical, perinatal, familial, ancestral, spiritual, past life, karmic and cosmic. If you have a chronic condition that you have not managed to heal or cure and you are ready to work with the root causes, get in touch.

  • Chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, panic, depression, disconnection, dissociation

  •  IBS, gastrointestinal problems, ulcers and stomach issues

  • Migraines, headaches, cluster headaches, sinus issues

  • Immunity conditions including cancer 

  • Acute and chronic pain, aches and tension, phantom pain, back pain, sciatica, muscle spasms, 

  • Stiffness / pain in hips, knees, shoulders, sports injuries rheumatic pain and arthritic Pain

  • Neuralgia, Bell's Palsy, Parkinsons and Alzheimers (early onset)

  • Trauma and Abuse - (physical, emotional, sexual), rape recovery, neglect, abandonment at any age

  • Birth trauma, in utero trauma, healing from miscarriages and abortions 

  • Paediatrics - newborns, children, teenagers. New borns and under 7's treatment includes birth parent 

  • Womb trauma, fibroids, prolapse, endometriosis, pelvic misalignment, fertility issues, sexual dysfunction 

  • Ancestral trauma and historical trauma

  • Healing for the whole family (physical and emotional)

  • and more - contact me telling me specifically what is going on for you

What clients say


Transform your health and life

1-1 and group healing 

1-1 therapy 
"life changing"
Group healing programmes
"a spiritual pilgrimage"
Healing events
Therapist mentoring
"career defining"
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Consultations are between 45 mins and 1 hour and include a full 6 session healing roadmap. All sessions takes place remotely over Zoom and you will notice the effects immediately.

  • Wed, Feb 17
    Meet the Ancestors
    Heal your lines through the ancestral field.
  • Wed, Mar 17
    The Sacred Heart
    Heart alchemy
  • Wed, Apr 14
    The Elements
    Experience the elements
  • Tue, May 11
    The Great Mother
    The Great Mother Energy