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CSTA license number: 1804 | Registered Company number 10559174 | safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk


kīmiyā healing

Kimiya (کیمیا) means 'alchemy' in Arabic.
Alchemy is the art of transmuting energy to transform self


Safa Boga RCST BSc Hons PGDip 

I'm a craniosacral therapist and yoga teacher. Through gentle touch and a deep personal attunement I help you identify, understand and resolve once and for all, the root cause of your condition. I work with chronic pain, complex and unexplained illnesses and early life trauma. My treatment process is transparent so you can experience for yourself the healing power of your body. I work at physical, emotional and energetic level to hold the entirety of your being.

I completed my post graduate diploma at the The College of Craniosacral Therapy (CCST) in London, the first, the largest, and the most established college of Cranio-Sacral Therapy. I'm a registered, insured and supervised member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association, license number: 1804 

Get in touch if you have questions or you'd like to book a session. I work in North London, N20 and Mayfair, contact safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk or complete the form below.

Craniosacral Therapy (PGDip) | Shadow Work Practitioner current | VortexHealing®  Energetics | Reiki Level I & 2 Gestalt Counselling (PGCert) | Psychosynthesis Counselling Essentials | Indian Head Massage| Yogic Meditation Teacher Training 200h  | Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training | Hatha Yoga Foundation Teacher training | Economics and Politics BSc (Hons) 



Craniosacral therapy is derived from osteopathic medicine and incorporates more aspects of our emotional and energetic life patterns and experiences. It's a safe and holistic way to resolve injuries, illnesses and imbalances at the root cause. 


As a craniosacral therapist I deeply attune to your body’s nervous system , physical, mental, emotional and energetic patterns which are created from your life experiences. I work with your body to reveal the WHY behind the symptoms that are being expressed, in this way, I am not treating the symptoms but the root cause, which allows the symptoms to dissolve. Our bodies are incredible and intelligent healers and I witness the intelligence and purpose of all your body processes so you can get an answer and resolution. 

What do you treat?

  • Anxiety, Low mood, Depression, Grief, Self harm, Panic attacks, Intrusive thoughts, Insomnia

  • Low energy/ Fatigue, Poor concentration, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Chronic stress

  • TMJ, Bruxism, Headaches, Migraines, Cluster headaches, Meningitis

  • Sexual and physical trauma, emotional trauma, birth trauma, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Endometriosis, Pelvic pain, Fertility issues, Dysmenorrhea, Fibroids, Painful sex, Lack of libido

  • Surgery recovery, Nerve damage, Back and neck pain, Muscular tension, Injuries and strains, Fibromialgia

  • Arthritis, Lupus , IBS, Shingles, Thyroid disorders, ME

  • Gastritis, Reflux , Colic, Malabsorption syndrome, Hernias

  • Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Epilepsy, Infantile spasms, Parkinson's

  • Sinus issues, Asthma

What happens

The session takes place lying down, fully clothed on a treatment table. 


I place my hands lightly on various parts of your body to build a picture of how the body operates at rest.


I observe patterns at all levels, from bone to fluid, from mental to emotional, from obvious to subtle.


These patterns reflect your life experiences. Your body holds your story. 


I allow your body to express it's patterns until it reorganises to find a healthier balance. 

What will I feel?


Usually clients feel very relaxed.

I invite you to feel your body's sensations as they emerge, so you might notice movement, changes in temperature, tension etc.


You might notice releases taking place in your muscles and fluid flow changing in your body.


Your body is invited to move the way it needs to.


You might feel emotions and memories or visions come up.


Sometimes clients laugh, cry, shake or curl up their bodies. Anything is possible as the body expresses itself. 

What happens after?

You might feel lighter, calmer, more relaxed, more positive and clearer.


Tension, body pains and constrictions may have disappeared.


You could feel more tired / thirsty / emotional / energised than normal.

Feel free to have a read of client testimonials. I always ask my clients to be honest  about their experience.



My father suffers from Parkinson's. 
All the doctors I have seen say is 'let's up his medicine' .
She was amazing as was the treatment.  
I witnessed things that I have not seen in 8 years. It was nothing less than amazing as I personally witnessed an impact as she was performing the therapy. 
The impact on my dad was just unbelievable.
I came to visit Safa 2.5 months after an operation of removal of mastitis in my right breast with a return of the infection.
I was desperate, depressed and could not imagine going under the knife again after such a short period of time. 

Not only have I managed to resolve the occurring problem of mastitis, but also I learned how to listen and heal my body and mind. 

"Since I first met Safa she has not only helped me my body and my soul but has become a vital part in my son's recovery.
Alongside his very complex medical history and ongoing issues Safa has become his safe haven.
Safa has done amazing work in getting him to release not only physical tension and pain but more importantly let go of some of his many heart aches and traumatic memories.

The sessions I have experienced have been absolutely amazing!
Unaware that my liver was holding on to so much sadness and trauma Safa began to work on many areas of my body.
She encouraged me to listen, along with her, to my body.
The emotions, tension and fear that left me during these times were incredible.


After our initial treatment session we will decide together how many sessions to have. I usually work weekly for 3, 5 or 10 weeks with many clients choosing to continue with long term therapy. Setting a treatment plan out ensures your process is held in a therapeutic relationship.  

I work Monday - Thursday 9am-7pm in North London N20 and Mayfair Central London.  

Treatments last up to 1 hour. 


In Totteridge, North London, N20


In Mayfair, Central London


Contact me to book yourself a session or if you have any questions about how craniosacral work can help you feel free to contact me. I offer free 15 minute phone calls where you can tell me a little about what's happening for you.


You can also email me safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk

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