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Distance Healing & Quantum Biology

Distance healing is a profoundly transformative method of healing that I have personally experienced and now offer to others both individually and in groups. My unique approach to distance healing involves working with specific areas of the body, including the spine, brain, and organs, as well as addressing the emotional, ancestral, and collective energy fields.

Through this powerful modality, I am able to support my clients in resolving the root causes of their conditions, unlocking deeper levels of healing and transformation. With distance healing, the possibilities for personal growth and self-discovery are limitless.

In this blog post, I will cover:

- what distance healing is

- what quantum biology is

- principles of quantum field theory

- how our brain and our DNA is affected by quantum fields

- how distance healing affects physical tissue - the role of frequency and light in healing the physical body - what people feel during distance healing sessions - the power of group healing through the lense of quantum entanglement - how you can deepen your own healing skills through my online course, 'Energetic Mastery'

What is Distance Healing?

distance healing

Distance healing is a type of energy healing that can be carried out without the physical presence of the healer and the recipient. According to quantum field theory, every object in the universe is made up of energy fields, including the human body.

Therefore, the energy fields of the human body can be influenced by external energy fields, like the ones generated by a healer during a distance healing session. Although energy cannot be created, destroyed, or transferred, changes in frequency in the healer's field can affect the recipient's energy field. This, in turn, triggers activity at the subatomic level of the brain and neural activity, which is known as microtubule activity.

What is Quantum Biology?

Quantum biology is an emerging field of science that explores the intersection of quantum physics and biology. It investigates how quantum mechanics influences biological systems, from individual molecules to entire organisms.

One fascinating example of quantum biology is the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy. Recent research has shown that the quantum behavior of electrons in the plant's chlorophyll molecules plays a crucial role in this process. In fact, the energy transfer between molecules occurs with near-perfect efficiency due to quantum coherence.

This discovery has revolutionized our understanding of how plants convert sunlight into energy, and it has opened up new avenues for designing more efficient solar cells based on these principles.

Overall, quantum biology is a rapidly growing field with exciting potential for applications in various fields, including medicine and technology. By understanding the quantum mechanisms that underlie biological processes, we can unlock new possibilities for improving our health, the environment, and our world as a whole.

Principles of the Quantum Field

quantum healing

The quantum field is a fascinating and complex realm that consists of waves and particles and their relevant vibrations and frequencies. Bell's Theorem is a fundamental principle of quantum physics that explains how waves within these quantum fields can transmit information across any distance without dissipation, refraction, interference, or information decay. This remarkable phenomenon suggests that quantum information is omnipresent, meaning that it exists everywhere in the universe simultaneously.

The implications of Bell's Theorem are profound and far-reaching. It implies that information is neither transmitted nor received in the traditional sense, but rather that it is already present in the universe, waiting to be observed and interacted with, i.e transmuted!

This has important implications for our understanding of the fundamental nature of reality and our place within it.

This omnipresence of quantum waves has led to the development of innovative approaches to healing, such as group distance healing, which operates on the principle of entrainment, where one energy field can influence another. By tapping into the power of quantum waves, we can explore new frontiers in the fields of consciousness, energy healing, and beyond.

Microtubules: How Our Brain Interacts with Quantum Fields

quantum microtubules

Over the past decade, quantum physicists have uncovered a fascinating discovery that challenges our understanding of the human mind and body. Within the very depths of our brain cells lie tiny subatomic structures known as microtubules, which respond to the mysterious vibrations of the quantum field.

It turns out that the quantum field has a direct impact on our neurological activity through these microtubules. These tiny structures help regulate the synapses in our brain cells and even organize the interiors of our neurons.

Recent research has revealed that these microtubules play a crucial role in our neurological processing and overall well-being. This breakthrough opens up a whole new world of possibilities, as we begin to understand how we can harness the power of quantum consciousness to unlock the deeper healing potential of our minds and bodies.

Imagine the implications of this discovery! We are now able to explore the fascinating intersection of quantum physics and neuroscience, opening up new frontiers in the fields of energy healing and consciousness. With this knowledge, we can tap into the hidden potential of our minds and bodies, unlocking a new realm of healing and self-discovery. Who knows what incredible breakthroughs and discoveries we will make as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the quantum universe!

quantum microtubules

Image 1: quantum microtubules in the brain. Microtubules are tiny, tube-like structures found inside cells that are made up of proteins called tubulins. They play a crucial role in the structure and function of cells, as they help to maintain cell shape and provide support for intracellular transport. In addition, microtubules are involved in cell division, the movement of cilia and flagella, and the transport of vesicles and organelles within cells. Recent research has suggested that microtubules may also play a role in the transmission and processing of quantum information in the brain.

Image 2: quantum microtubules and synapses.

Do Quantum Fields Affect Our DNA? How?

DNA contains the genetic information that is responsible for human development and functioning. This information is converted into messages or instructions that produce proteins, which form the building blocks of our brain and body.

The double helix structure of DNA is covered in hydrogen bonds, and each hydrogen bond contains a proton - a positively charged subatomic particle.

As our frequency shifts, proton activity changes, ultimately leading to changes in our neurochemistry and physiology. However, because protons in the quantum field are entangled, they influence each other, with protons transmuting from lower to higher vibrational states.

Protons are able to move through physical matter faster than the speed of light, a phenomenon known as quantum tunnelling. This suggests that quantum frequency could have a direct impact on our physical body, including our DNA structure and function.

Through a quantum lens, distance healing can be understood as a mechanism that operates on the entangled nature of protons, ultimately leading to changes in our DNA structure, neurochemistry, and physiology. By exploring this intersection of quantum physics and biology, we can unlock the full potential of energy healing and pave the way for new frontiers in the fields of consciousness and well-being.

Bessel Beams: How Higher Frequencies (of Light) Heal Our Physical Body

Research has found that in high frequency states, Bessel Beams are activated. Bessel beams are a type of light field that propagates in a unique way. Unlike regular light beams that spread out as they travel, Bessel beams maintain a central region of focus, which remains constant over long distances. The secret to Bessel beams lies in their unique wavefronts, which are shaped like concentric rings rather than the typical flat wavefronts of regular light beams. This allows Bessel beams to maintain their focus, even as they travel through obstacles like scattering media or turbulence.

These beams of light can penetrate physical tissue and remain unchanged after passing through it. As a healer, when we embody a high frequency of light we are able to activate this Bessel Beam phenomenon. If you were deep in the subtle quantum realm and very still (or very deep in a DMT trip) you would be able to actually see these fields of light. (They're blinding, often experienced in NDE's). They often appear as a light grid, a web, a crystalline structure, a golden web.

When a high frequency field is sustained for a significant amount of time, it can trigger a powerful level of coherence in the quantum field, leading to changes in physical properties of all those present. During healing sessions, clients frequently describe experiencing these physical transformations firsthand. Click here to hear what clients say.

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Entanglement, Unity Consciousness and Distance Healing

Could it be that those who attend distance healing sessions are already experiencing proton entanglement with the healer's protons at the quantum level? This would suggest that as the healer accesses higher frequencies within the quantum field, all participants are simultaneously affected by a spontaneous entanglement that defies distance, time, and space. This experience is often described as unity consciousness - a deep knowing or feeling of oneness with others and the universe.

This state of unity consciousness is commonly evoked by deep states of meditation, healing, and the use of psychedelics and plant medicines, particularly when individuals experience ego death states and heightened synesthesia. During group healing sessions that I facilitate, people have reported releasing the pain of existential disconnection and feeling a deep sense of connection with others in the group. In this sense, a grid is created - a collection of entangled protons that have formed entangled fields of information that exhibit a level of coherence independent of distance and time.

I suggest that the healer's frequency opens the fields of consciousness, and the ever-present entanglement becomes known. By exploring the quantum nature of distance healing and the concept of unity consciousness, we can unlock new frontiers in the fields of energy healing, consciousness, and well-being.

The healer can feel the emerging pattern in the field through their own interoceptive depth and can use the vast amounts of quantum information transmitted through vibration to support healing. Recent research has shown that anything can be accessed anywhere, including conscious and unconscious instructions, metabolic or relational information. During group healing sessions, participants often experience profound healing that surpasses their expectations, leading to a feeling of deep awe and wonder. This suggests that distance healing can induce a state of consciousness that enables individuals to access levels of well-being and connection that they may not have thought possible. By exploring the intersection of quantum physics and energy healing, we can better understand the mechanisms through which distance healing operates and unlock new frontiers in the fields of consciousness and well-being.

What does Distance Healing Feel Like?

The answer to this is, it depends on how deep your level of interoception is. If you are completely disconnected and dissociated from your body you won't feel much, perhaps a sense of relaxation as the parasympathetic state takes over. However, the deeper you feel, the deeper you heal! You will then feel all the nerve activity, organs, fluids of the body, their consciousness and then deeper, into the subtle vibrations and light frequencies that make up the physical structures. If you want to learn how to feel deeper take my online Masterclass called Sacred Somatix.

The following are examples of client experiences of sub-atomic healing occurring during group distance healing sessions. These responses were collected after just one session. Broadly you can see that participants experienced:

  • Reduction of physical pain and inflammation

  • Increased sense of relaxation and calm

  • Improved digestion and elimination

  • Enhanced immune function

  • Greater mental clarity and focus

The Mysterious Power of Group Healing

In group distance healing such as Womb Room, the effects of frequency on our physiology are often amplified. This is because particles that are grouped together exhibit greater levels of entanglement and coherence, which can be observed more clearly.

The quantum field exists beyond the constraints of time and space, which means that this level of coherence and entanglement is always available. However, the most important aspect of this experience is not what is happening, but rather the quality of stillness and peace that is present in the grid.

It is possible that what we observe in the quantum dimension of our reality is also what we simultaneously create and experience. This suggests that the mere process of observation / witnessing has a direct impact on our reality and highlights the power of consciousness in shaping our experiences.

What are the Benefits of Distance Healing?

Aside from the fact it's incredibly powerful and can take you into much deeper realms of consciousness than working with the physical body alone, here are some of the potential benefits of distance healing:

  1. Convenience: With distance healing, you can receive healing sessions from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules or limited mobility.

  2. Accessibility: Distance healing allows for greater accessibility to healing services for those who live in remote areas or have difficulty traveling to a healer's location.

  3. Flexibility: Distance healing can be customized to fit the unique needs and preferences of each individual, allowing for a more personalized approach to healing.

  4. Non-invasive: Distance healing is a non-invasive form of healing that does not require physical touch, making it a suitable option for those who may be uncomfortable with in-person touch.

  5. Safe: Distance healing is a safe option for those who may have compromised immune systems or other health concerns that make in-person healing sessions risky.

  6. Effective: Research has shown that distance healing can be just as effective as in-person healing, with many clients reporting significant improvements in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  7. Holistic: Distance healing takes a holistic approach to healing, addressing not only physical symptoms but also emotional and spiritual imbalances. This can lead to a more complete and transformative healing experience.

Overall, distance healing offers a convenient, safe, and effective way to receive healing services that can improve your overall health and well-being.

Are there any Risks to Distance Healing?

While distance healing has many potential benefits, it's important to be aware of the potential risks as well. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that distance healing requires a certain degree of somatic interoception, or the ability to feel sensations within your own body. This means that if you are completely dissociated or unable to sense your own body, distance healing may not be the best first approach for you. It's better to start in talking therapy, become aware of your trauma narrative, understand the basics of your somatic experience and then become emotionally ready for distance healing work.

These videos below can help you

Many people find distance healing to be a highly effective way to release trauma and reintegrate the energy system as well as deepen their connection spiritually.

It allows you to receive healing sessions from the comfort of your own home where it can be easier to release trauma and emotions because you don't have to think about travelling home after and you're in the comfort of your own home and cozy bed.

This also makes it a convenient and accessible option for those with busy schedules, childcare responsibilities or limited mobility. Click here to read more about the power of creating safe online healing spaces in an interview I did with Eventbrite.

However, it's important to work with a qualified and experienced healer who follows ethical practices and takes appropriate measures to ensure your safety and privacy during the healing session. It's also important to consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any form of healing or therapy to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for your specific condition.

Overall, distance healing can be a powerful tool for those who have some degree of somatic interoception and are looking to continue their healing journey. If you are interested in exploring this form of healing and you are trauma aware and ready to heal, please reach out to me and book a clarity call to discuss indepth what your healing programme would involve.

Try 3 Quantum Distance Healing Sessions for FREE! 1) Spine Surgery: Distance Healing for Your Spine

2) Distance Healing for Emotional Release

3) Distance Healing for Your Inner Child

How do You Find the Best Distance Energy Healer?

What sets healers apart is a number of things but ultimately it is the frequency they embody because of the depth at which they have healed themselves, embodied stillness and open heartedness, plunged into healing their own shadow relentlessly opening ever deeper to love, raising their frequency into higher realms of light that illuminate the shadows immediately, and experienced repeated ego deaths.

It's also important to know the therapeutic techniques they have developed to address the root causes of issues. Their professional accreditations are worth considering along with how long they've been doing this as their full time career.

There's a big difference between a healer who does a few sessions now and again and a healer who is constantly in the field and has committed to their practice and their processes.

Then there is transparency; they should be able to be totally open with you about exactly how they work, what they do and don't do, why they work that way and what you can expect. They should be very clear about what they do that is unique, different and valuable. They should be capable of really understanding your journey and where you need to go, your unique path, and have conducted an integral case history before you begin working together. My own consultation, diagnosis and treatment process that I teach practitioners is available here. A healer's track record, ability to accurately diagnose and support true healing, and their capacity to communicate clearly with you every step of the way is crucial.

Healing is a deeply personal journey that requires sensitivity and profound understanding. If you are interested in exploring how I can support your own healing transformation, please reach out to me for a clarity call. I am committed to providing you with clear explanations of what is happening in your physical, emotional, and energetic systems, as well as why these issues are occurring and what needs to be done to address them.

Listen to my podcast: How to get 10X return on your healing investment

Distance / Remote Energy Healing Courses

Are you ready to deepen your knowledge and understanding of healing and quantum biology? Look no further than The School of Healing Alchemy, my online school specialising in distance energy healing!

Not all energy healing courses are created equal, which is I am committed to providing you with the highest quality energy healing education and training in this field.

All the courses I teach are grounded in our somatic experience and trauma informed. This is so important when it comes to doing energy healing work with integrity.

So why wait? Take the first step on your own personal healing journey by enrolling in a course today. You'll gain the clarity and understanding needed to transform your life and the lives of others.

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