Demystifying distance healing and Einstein's famous 'spooky action at a distance'

In this post I will be demystifying long distance healing, a form of energy healing / observational awareness that takes place with the practitioner and client in different locations. It's especially helpful when clients cannot travel due to severe illness, mobility restrictions or in times that we find ourselves in now where it is impossible to meet in person.

The explanation of how distance healing works lies in quantum biology, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, which became known as 'Einstein's Nightmare' because by its very nature, it defies scientific logic, reason and conventional reality. Infact, our vital life processes such as respiration and vision utilise quantum mechanics. The process, of transforming energy into forms used in chemical reactions is the field known as quantum biology, which goes far beyond organic chemistry.

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Research interest in the phenomenon and application of quantum biology only really began in the 1930's. This science describes the quality and dynamics of subatomic particles, particularly the atomic nucleus which is the tiniest known particle to exist with a particular focus on the conversion of energy into forms that are used in chemical reactions, particularly, light. Phenomenon can be observed that just can't be explained or captured or explained but are still widely observed in the life giving organic processes such as photosynthesis where plants turn light energy into form/ matter, enzyme action within a cell and DNA mutation.

Quantum biology is even deeper and more detailed than organic chemistry. It studies how energy is transformed into matter, process such as photosynthesis, DNA mutation, vision- they are vital to our living state and yet still a relative mystery

Quantum entanglement - the discovery that particles are connected even when separated (something happens in one particle, it is reflected in the other even when separated in space) was described by Einstein as 'spooky action at a distance.' It's not too far off what some of my newer clients say after they experience a distance healing session with me. I'll invite you to experience it for yourself, and if you'd like a taster, join my global group healing events

Quantum entanglement - the discovery that particles could be influenced by each other even when separated was described by Einstein as 'spooky action at a distance'

For those interested there is plenty of research out there about quantum theory and quantum entanglement and it's all still being developed like all sciences are. This is a great talk by Jim Al Khalili if you're interested in more.

Quantum Phenomena in a nutshell:

1. Particles behave like waves, waves behave like particles

2. Quantum states are discrete

3. Everything is a probability

4. Measurement determines reality

5. Quantum correlations are non -local

6. Everything not forbidden is mandatory

Quantum physics is not magic but it gives rise to the magic of perfect harmonics, proportion, frequency and form reflected in sacred geometry and in nature. It also gives rise to mystery and paradox. It defines the nature of space and time. It is a reflection of duality - something is in A and B at the same time, except A and B are separate spaces - or are they?

Indeed, everything in nature, including our own bodies exhibit this perfect geometry and wave like nature (breath moving through the body, ocean waves, cerebrospinal fluid flow etc).

The picture below shows human embryo development; the human embryo gradually unfolds itself in a such way that it is exactly similar to the the golden spiral unfolds itself as it spins farther away from its center. The heart of the fetus is located on the center of the golden section.

Quantum physics is not magic but it gives rise to the magic of perfect harmonics, proportion, frequency and form, often experienced in sacred geometry.

Distance healing is not about sending energy- energy is neither created nor destroyed - it is merely transmuted. Healing is about generating awareness of the quality of the energy, the vibration of it, whether the waves are flowing and moving or stagnant and dense tells you alot about the state of a system, solid vs fluid, open vs closed etc.. In states of a healers expanded awareness, where everything is a probability and a possibility and where correlations are non local i.e something happening to/through someone in one place, can happen to someone in a completely different place - it is possible to feel, sense, see what is happening with someone far far away, as if you were right next to them. Below is an image of the human biofield, where you can see the Torus -

The Torus explains how something starts as a descent from spirit, or an ascent from matter, through a central channel or tube of light/energy/consciousness and is a self referencing dynamic, that is, all motion into and out passes through the centre point. It is the fundamental pattern that results in the motion (Bohm’s holomovement) from which all is created. Everything starts with the point of infinite potential. That point, is the great unknowable Source.

You can even observe this in physical form during the developing of a chicken embryo below. At every level you will find the same field. From cell division to the cosmic level. The Earth is also at the center of a torus, so is the solar system and even our galaxy.

Chicken Embryo

Cell division

It is possible to feel, sense, see what is happening with someone far far away, as if you were right next to them

When I work with my clients it's almost as if i'm right next to them in the room; I am able to perceive the nature of their body and field's movement , patterns, expressions, twists , turns, stagnations, flows the same way as a normal session. It's quite incredible how easy it is. It takes deep stillness to be able to make a connection, so the stiller I am within myself the easier it is to sense and notice movements. Depending on what the person needs, we might be working with family field energy, old emotions from past memories, physical tensions and constraints or psychological self limiting beliefs. Every session is tailored to exactly what you need. Interested to try it? Get in touch with me. Experiencing is believing.

What do clients say?

Safa has done amazing work on me in 2019-2020, I attended quite a few face2face sessions, they have done wonders to my body and my inner-self. Over the last few weeks I started to feel that I need to see Safa again to work on my inner and outer body. It is amazing that despite the quarantine healing sessions can be done online. I was not sure what to expect to be honest it was the first time in my life that someone has done a healing work on me via zoom but to be honest….nothing was different….despite the distance I have received a wonderful healing session! In fact a powerful healing session. I could feel my body restoring in areas where I had a pain, but most importantly I finally found my true-self. It is a powerful feeling to feel your true-self, I will not let go of myself. By far this was the most profound experience I have had, thank you Safa for bringing me back home - Client review