5 Facts About the Womb-Heart-Throat Connection

Our womb, throat and hearts are inherently connected. Together they are like our emotional and energetic holy trinity. Despite this, we don't get taught about WOMB connections in biology lessons or in sex education. Medical schools don't teach doctors a holistic approach to the body and how it works as an integrated system. As a result, the womb is often overlooked, and really only addressed when something goes wrong.

The reality is, the womb is an integrated system inherently connected to our throat and our heart - our centre of intelligence and knowing and our ability to speak our truth.

Our emotional lives affect our nervous system which affects our muscles including our pelvic floor, our circulation and drainage, the flow of our fluids, our absorption and our hormonal balance etc. Everything works together in synchrony and needs to be looked at as a whole.

Our emotions and thoughts affect our nervous system which affects our muscles, our fascia, our pelvic floor, our circulation and drainage, our absorption and hormonal balance etc. The body is an integrated whole.

Here are 5 facts about our womb-heart-throat

1. As we develop in embryo, two depressions form membranes which later form our mouth (oropharyngeal membrane) and the opening of our reproductive tract (cloacal membrane). 2. Our larynx and cervix are connected by our vagus nerve which is affected by our stress levels and breathing patterns. You'll notice if you get scared or nervous, your voice sometimes shakes. Try deep breathing before you speak, or sing and notice the difference.

3. Our jaw and pelvis are connected fascially and then later on in embryological development the spinal cord forms to connect them. When we soften our jaw muscles, our pelvic floor muscles automatically relax - give it a go, let your jaw hang loose. 4. The heart and womb are one, inherently connected and working together. This is often why emotional trauma, shocks to the system and sexual abuse can affect not only menstruation cycles but also fertility.

Harmonising our bodies, reconnecting them is part of the healing journey towards deeper embodiment, resolution of womb health issues, rebalancing of hormonal conditions and accessing of inner feminine wisdom.

When I work with my clients I support their bodies to reintegrate the dissociated organ function and emotions. Often this means reconnecting the heart and womb which have been forgotten. The emotional world is key to unlocking the gifts of womanhood and divine feminine power to create.

The most common underlying root causes that I help women to uncover as we heal their womb conditions together include:


- experiences of childhood sexual abuse which are unconscious or never vocalised or healed

- ancestral feminine suppression, having a powerless mother, watching mother mistreated

- inability to vocalise their truth with their own family, partner, friends - hiding from the world

- early childhood experiences of being consistently shut down - disconnection from their inherent feminine power as creators of life - pervading uncertainty / lack of clarity around personal boundaries / own path in life - heavy role playing (mother / wife / daughter) sense of self is missing

- overexertion / doing mode mentality

Physical - Structural issues with pelvis such as a torsion/twist that has gone unnoticed

- Structural issues as a result of difficult labour that has left scar tissue damage

- Injuries that have affected the sacrum / lower vertebrae alignment

- Nervous system overstimulation because of chronic stress that affects hormonal balance

- Adrenal fatigue from over-doing




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