Mysterious perinatal experiences

Scientists remain puzzled by the neonate sentient experience and has broadly dismissed its existence because it goes beyond the brain and measurable observations and inherently leads the curious seeker into the realm of deeper consciousness study. The perinatal level of consciousness (and birth dynamics) are mysterious but critical to understanding human development and healing, not just at a personal level but on a collective stage.

The transpersonal - beyond the small self

In order to fully appreciate the fetal experience in utero we need to go beyond the personal experience into a broader and deeper consciousness paradigm of a transpersonal nature. This is where we meet the phenomena of shared waters, resource allocation, nutritional abundance or scarcity, safety and much more.

The transpersonal realm invites us to appreciate how experiences that come up through perinatal inner work are not mere replays of gestation and birth processes reflective of repressed or buried imprints related to self or immediate family systems but also represent broader collective structures of human consciousness from phylogenetic to ancestral, karmic and cosmic.

This includes information about space-time and archetypal realms of the collective unconscious such as paradise or hell, huge collective sufferings, but can also include mystical insight and familiar senses of spiritual union.

These experiences alter the ego boundary to incorporate realms beyond identity.


Integration after transpersonal experiences

Crucially, impressions need to be integrated. Integration requires some element of ego consciousness to go through a self process of meaning making or interpretation which ideally happens in all aspects, psychologically, spiritually, somatically. People receive access to the fields they need in order to more effectively serve themselves but generally speaking I have noticed two trends:

1) those further along the line in their psychospiritual evolution will experience more transpersonal content 2) as will those caged in by their egoic structures The latter group are most vulnerable when it comes to integration and inherently need more support to make meaning. There is commonality in the transpersonal experiences of the group such as a) divine light b) deep feelings of oneness c) heightened synchronicity d) ancient images such as Egyptian symbols e) connections with a transcendent peace f) a deep sense of existential purpose

There is no point visiting paradise for a fleeting moment, for it to remain a memory, for paradise (and hell) awaits at all times. It is not access to dimensions that you need, it is learning how to navigate between them with mastery and in self devotion.


Examples of the personal and transpersonal experiences from previous Womb Room clients:

>>Transpersonal: 'The void eclipsed' 'I propagated through space and time like photons do: FAST. Faster than our thoughts can figure out, totally massless' 'I felt my ego melting away.....i felt peace entering my body, I felt my heart and the unlimited love that I have' 'Energy descended from my head to my toes & felt like it was erasing me. Wiping out everything I thought I was. I merged with everything. The air, the trees, the flowers.' 'It took me to great depths of the ocean, dissolving into the unexplainable void' 'I felt as if I was still in space/time and nothing was moving. I wasn’t even breathing. I don’t know long I was there within this point in the centre of my womb but it felt so peaceful'

>>Personal: 'My physical body started twisting, contracting, unwinding and went into foetal position' 'Womb Room was life changing to say the least. The effects were so profound, words cannot do justice. My internal environment and the way I process incidents of my past has completely changed.' 'I have never felt this good in a long long while. I feel so aligned and grateful. I'm filled with light' 'I felt so much lighter and connected like I had really let go of any trauma' 'I felt my spine light up like tube of light. I felt my womb expand to fill the room. I feel light after, like a weight has been lifted from my chest and throat.'


This is part of the work that takes place in Womb Room. It is not just a personal regressive journey back into womb but a forward looking propelling transpersonal experience into planetary womb and beyond, cosmic womb and beyond into the Void. Along the way we meet and dissolve many ancient and ancestral structures. We greet the elusive Great Mother and Great Father not just as conceptual archetypes but as alive vibrational fields in our own consciousness and we accept and integrate this as our innate parental nurturing from within, thus releasing ourselves and our parents from attachments based on need and instead, appreciating with compassion. How many of your parents experienced a rebirthing? How many were held by the tangible all knowing safety and calm of the Great Mother? Few ventured that deep. So this is an example of an experience that can help to adjust expectations. By reorganising our experience with our own sensation, relation and mental perception of self we culminate together in a final clearing that invites a total surrender, a rebirth.


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