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My Personal Story of Free Bleeding

Today I bleed free.... It feels amazing to say that

It's such a rush to declare this newfound liberty, even if it's just a tiny trickle, barely enough to be called blood.

But today, I embrace this minuscule, sacred flow, knowing I'm standing in solidarity with countless other women who have also been inspired to bleed freely. Whether it's a gush or just a hint, it holds the same weight.

What really matters is that today, I bleed without fear. Without worrying about staining my clothes or being judged. I stand boldly and unapologetically in the essence of my blood, in the vibrant pulse of my life force.

This morning, I woke up feeling the excitement of day one of my period. It's a sensation I haven't always embraced, often reaching for those trusty pink packets of ibuprofen to ease the discomfort. But not today—I'm celebrating this newfound connection to my body.

My womb has been quite the teacher, showing me that pain is just a perception, a sensation my mind interprets. It's a revelation that shifts my perspective, revealing layers of wisdom beyond my thoughts—an intuitive knowing.

Yet, there's still more to learn, more to uncover about the dance between flow and stillness. Maybe this cycle will mark the end of this faint trickle, or maybe there's more to come. Either way, I'm letting go of expectations and surrendering to the wisdom of my womb, which whispers, "Accept all as One."

Until I fully embody this truth, moment by moment, hour by hour, the stillness of death remains a lesson I'm eager to grasp.

My womb, my greatest teacher and muse continues to guide me on this journey of self-discovery and acceptance.


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