Discovering Free Bleeding

When I first read about free bleeding 🩸 I thought ‘well that’s just impossible’ After all, that’s why sanitary products have been created right?

But I was curious. was it really possible to control my own bleed? I decided to find out for myself.

Free bleeding is the practice of menstruating without blocking or collecting the period flow and as such, being able to more deeply attune to the bleed and womb so that you are in a constant receptive state of womb embodiment.

Perhaps it's important to note that my discovery of free bleeding came after doing alot of womb healing whereby I no longer feared my periods or found them painful. I was seeking a deeper sense of womb embodiment, and it started to feel like blocking my flow / soaking it up and throwing it away wasn't going to support that. Ultimately I was curious, could I bleed free? What would it feel like? Would it be messy? I didn't know how to start but I heard an inner voice calmly announce, 'you'll know when'. It came because I was wondering how I will know when the blood is coming through. 'I'll tell you' the voice said. I recognised my womb was communicating to me, through a channel of deep intuition, assuring me that I would know when blood was coming through and that I would have enough time to manage the flow.

So many questions went through my mind. Will I really know when blood will flow from my body? Is it possible? Can I trust this voice? What if I can't feel it?

So here's what I found as I embarked on my first free bleeding experience:

- It was actually really simple, easy and clear. My womb spoke before it wanted to flow. It gave me ample warning. I could feel it! And it felt amazing to have that connection!

- I noticed my womb even had a consideration of where I was and gave me even more time! Once I entered into a negotiation - I was in the car park at Waitrose and I could feel my womb telling me the blood will flow. I asked to wait, give me a few more minutes to do a shop and then get home, and guess what, it worked!

- No cups and no cotton, no spotting - totally clean, wow! It honestly felt so pure, so free, so easy and so natural. It's hard to describe the feeling but it was like being in a deep and trusting connection with my own freedom, my own womb.

- The night times were equally easy. At first I slept with a towel just incase but after the first night I realised I didn't need it. Womb adjusted, and would bleed in the morning. I was mesmerised by my own womb. I would sleep naked, wear white, wear no underwear and still, not even a tiny spot or spec.

I was blown away. The voice was trust worthy. I felt a deep sense of support and womb embodiment, a knowing within me of the sense of freedom and flow.

After all those years stopping and blocking and soaking up this sacred blood, it was over. The free bleeding experience ultimately demonstrated to me the power of somatic womb connection, of listening and of cultivating trust in my own body. It helped me to look forward to my bleed, to prioritise it above other things in my schedule and to recognise what a sacred time it is for the feminine.

Since I talked about my journey of free bleeding it has inspired a few of you to also try it. It always blows me away when clients of mine, especially the ones who are doing deep womb work to heal from sexual trauma, find themselves in a place where they feel safe enough to bleed free, to trust their womb impulses and sensations again, to feel themselves so deeply in this primordial centre. If you are interested to try free bleeding here's some tips

- Set an intention before you start the bleed, to begin this practice and be receptive and open to feeling your own womb

- Try to pick a day when you will mostly be at home or somewhere you feel comfortable, ideally not a day when you are rushing around

- Wear black underwear to start

- Periodically check in and breathe with your womb. Sense how it feels and start to get used to interpreting sensation.

- After you bleed freely thank your womb for it's offering.

Blood is the deepest offering a human can give to this world, and recognising that your feminine essence is already designed to be in deep trust and sacrifice by offering every month, will help you to return to your


Womb gives rise to all creation and new identity. it is the primordial void in which you rebirth yourself anew. To join the next Womb Room journey click here.

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