Evidence for the effectiveness of group distance healing

Half the population of industrialized countries use some form of alternative medicine. You might be surprised to discover that distance healing is amongst the most ancient and most popular (Mishra et al 2014).

Most distance healing methods are practiced one to one, with a single patient at a time. Group distance healing (GH) which is a speciality of Kimiya Healing is much less common and can also be tricky to understand and accept (Matos et al 2021) especially without direct experience. Afterall, to believe a group of unconnected strangers can simultaneously experience physiological and psychological shifts and share transcendent experiences whilst being thousands of miles apart, requires a vaster perception beyond three dimensions, a quantum lense and an expanded perspective of what constitutes reality.

Kimiya Healing

More importantly through, it requires direct experience and embodied shifts that lead to lasting change, in order to be called effective.

When it comes to clinical research, some studies have found that healing effects can and do occur at a distance (Astin et al 2000, Braud 2003, Achterberg et al 2005, Radin et al 2015, Schlitz & Braud 2017). Some studies have shown that participants demonstrated significant improvements in depression, AIDS and even cancer (Radin et al 2008, Jain & Mills, 2009, Greyson 2017). However, the picture is far from clear cut (Schlitz et al 2012, Targ 2015).

Other studies into distant intercessory prayer (slightly different from distance healing) found no discernible impact (Masters et al 2006). In post surgical wound healing for example, there was no significant impact (Schlitz et al 2012) on participants. To date, the clinical efficacy of group healing largely remains inconclusive. This is perhaps a controversial area to apply conventional scientific methods to, firstly because of the characteristics of nonlocality and non temporality as well as the role of the observer in affecting the outcome. Nonlocality is defined as when interactions between events are too far apart in space and too close together in time to be connected even by signals moving at the speed of light. It is inherently reflective of a quantum mechanism.

Other factors that make it hard to conclude the effectiveness are the range of participant’s expectations and beliefs which could influence the result they get. Some argue that even by agreeing to participate in a study, there is a subconscious bias towards a healing result which then leads to a healing observation. However, if mere belief alone was the mechanism by which healing occurred, then people anywhere could easily and immediately evoke self healing themselves leading to spontaneous remission from their conditions. Whilst I believe every human has the capacity to heal, it is far more complex than just a mechanism of belief.

(For more on the role of belief and the mechanisms of consciousness, light and healing please read this)

Ultimately, the variables that modulate the effectiveness of group distance healing are not well understood or modelled and as mentioned, due to quantum features, the dynamics may interact in highly complex ways (Schlitz et al 2012).

As such, there is still not enough evidence of clinical efficacy (Schlitz et al 2012, Radin et al 2015) and the true potential and longitudinal effects are yet to be discovered (Koopman 2013).

In my view this all points to an opportunity to conduct frontier research and make a unique contribution which is why my masters thesis is on this particular area.

The implications for health and healing of this seemingly mysterious approach are considered as perennially intriguing now, as ever before (Radin et al 2015). My own thesis explored whether a single session of GH could impact the immediate holistic wellbeing of group of over thirty random participants from all around the world.

It used a single armed trial with direct empirical observation as against single-blind or randomized controlled trial (RCT).

Whilst efficacy was the focus, I also examined the extent to which physical, emotional or spiritual transcendence were more pronounced.


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What people experience during Kimiya Group Distance Healing Sessions

'I hadn't considered distance healing before. Surely it couldn't be as potent or beneficial as hands on healing? Oh how wrong was I? First of I tried Safa's monthly group distance healing sessions. I was amazed at the depth of releasing that happened during that group session. It felt like deep healing from deep within.The depths of spaciousness I felt within my internal world, and the soothing balm sent by Safa and the universe was felt by all of us in that group I should imagine.I was beyond intrigued!I then did the Womb Room rebirthing. I cannot recommend this enough if you are ready to to connect with yourself deeply and heal.'

'I felt as if I was the consciousness within every atom of every cell - every subatomic particle and was mingling consciously with all the particles of the ever expanding universe. Energy ran up and down and swirled around my body. My mind was blown - my soul took over. I saw my soul’s journey into this life.It was abstract, kaleidoscopic- like fractals and bursting open like flowers blooming. I fell to Earth and reminded myself to ground - stay grounded in my body, even as my soul traveled.'

'I could feel it the moment the group healing session started, my legs started shaking and this deep scream came from my perineum. It felt like I was releasing aeons of rage, things carried in my body that weren't even mine. It was raw it was wild. It moved up to my solar plexus and I cried, and then to my heart space where I felt the deep sadness of 'not enough'. I just wept. I felt more still after that and started accessing my voice ( something I've always struggled with). Slowly I felt myself feeling grounded and I held myself in foetal position and I felt a ' thank you' and saw that time was up. And I fell asleep.'

'It was my first time experiencing group healing and i was shocked at how sensitive i would be to the energy work, i could feel the heat rise in my spine the moment you would describe the work being done! i loved it! When you were explaining the release of stress held in the spine i started crying automatically in a light shaky way like my spine was literally shaking it all out. Brilliant!!! I invited my partner to join me when you mentioned in your introduction to do it with family, I hope that’s okay as i didn’t get a ticket for her. I believe it was one of her very first times meditating. She said she could feel her blood flow in her whole body as it was pumped through her heart. She’s a heating plumber and uses her spine a lot to support the heavy loads she carries so she’s often hurting at the lower back. she said that as you were asking us to fully let go, she felt like her body was sliding off at 45 degrees sideways. Sounds like she could feel the imbalance in her spine. I’m so glad i got to share that with her. Thank you so much Safa i look forward to the next group healing session.'

'I saw the group like lights all different and beautifully connected all over the planet like a matrix. I felt Safa and there were also other beings assisting in this recreate. '

'That was so profound! I’m shocked and surprised and amazed what has just happened'


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