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The Ancient Practice of Group Healing

Throughout history, communities have gathered together in prayer and pilgrimage to heal themselves, their families, their tribes and communities. In indigenous cultures of the Americas, ceremonies such as sweat lodges and vision quests were conducted to promote healing and spiritual renewal. In India, the practice of yoga and Ayurveda has deep roots in communal healing traditions. Yoga classes, meditation circles, and Ayurvedic retreats provide opportunities for individuals to come together in pursuit of holistic well-being and self-discovery.

Group healing has very much been a collective practice suggesting that healing and spiritual growth is not something that we need to pursue in isolation.

You may have believed in the past that your healing work needs to be a solitary journey. Perhaps you've been on your healing path for a while but you've felt a sense of longing for more connection, community and deeper relationships with likeminded souls.

I have been practising group healing for many years and time and time again, I see a unique magic that unfolds when individuals come together in a group healing circle, like we do in the Tribe every two weeks.

The depth of healing that takes place is profound, there is less emphasis on talking and the conscious mind and more of a depth of feeling and shared resonance and learning. Group healing is the alchemy of energy, where individual wounds become collective wisdom, and together, we rise.

We also experience levels of connection that are very healing for the wounds of rejection and abandonment that we may have held from childhood. The acceptance from other members of the circle comes at a deeper level, it is at the energetic field level where your authentic self and spirit is seen, felt and met.

This is incredibly rare, in a world that values individual interest over collective growth.

In a group healing session the individual energy field gets the chance to resonate in the collective field. When this is held safely and at a high frequency, all individual particles start to align. Rapid shifts are possible, at a somatic and energetic level. The results are often undeniable. You can read more about the quantum mechanics in my blog post.

If you would like to experience my group healing sessions come and join us in the Tribe where we meet every other Sunday.


What my clients say about Group Healing

'I hadn't considered distance healing before. Surely it couldn't be as potent or beneficial as hands on healing? Oh how wrong was I? First of I tried Safa's monthly group distance healing sessions. I was amazed at the depth of releasing that happened during that group session. It felt like deep healing from deep within.The depths of spaciousness I felt within my internal world, and the soothing balm sent by Safa and the universe was felt by all of us in that group I should imagine.I was beyond intrigued!I then did the Womb Room rebirthing. I cannot recommend this enough if you are ready to to connect with yourself deeply and heal.'

'I felt as if I was the consciousness within every atom of every cell - every subatomic particle and was mingling consciously with all the particles of the ever expanding universe. Energy ran up and down and swirled around my body. My mind was blown - my soul took over. I saw my soul’s journey into this life.It was abstract, kaleidoscopic- like fractals and bursting open like flowers blooming. I fell to Earth and reminded myself to ground - stay grounded in my body, even as my soul traveled.'

'I could feel it the moment the group healing session started, my legs started shaking and this deep scream came from my perineum. It felt like I was releasing aeons of rage, things carried in my body that weren't even mine. It was raw it was wild. It moved up to my solar plexus and I cried, and then to my heart space where I felt the deep sadness of 'not enough'. I just wept. I felt more still after that and started accessing my voice ( something I've always struggled with). Slowly I felt myself feeling grounded and I held myself in foetal position and I felt a ' thank you' and saw that time was up. And I fell asleep.'

'It was my first time experiencing group healing and i was shocked at how sensitive i would be to the energy work, i could feel the heat rise in my spine the moment you would describe the work being done! i loved it! When you were explaining the release of stress held in the spine i started crying automatically in a light shaky way like my spine was literally shaking it all out. Brilliant!!! I invited my partner to join me when you mentioned in your introduction to do it with family, I hope that’s okay as i didn’t get a ticket for her. I believe it was one of her very first times meditating. She said she could feel her blood flow in her whole body as it was pumped through her heart. She’s a heating plumber and uses her spine a lot to support the heavy loads she carries so she’s often hurting at the lower back. she said that as you were asking us to fully let go, she felt like her body was sliding off at 45 degrees sideways. Sounds like she could feel the imbalance in her spine. I’m so glad i got to share that with her. Thank you so much Safa i look forward to the next group healing session.'

'I saw the group like lights all different and beautifully connected all over the planet like a matrix. I felt Safa and there were also other beings assisting in this recreate. '

'That was so profound! I’m shocked and surprised and amazed what has just happened'



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