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What is Group Healing and Does it Work?

Throughout history, communities have gathered together to share knowledge and practice collective healing processes. From traditional medicine practices in Indigenous cultures, where herbs and plants are used to treat physical and emotional ailments, to energy healing modalities, our ancestors have harnessed the power of collective healing for millenia. Today, this concept is more relevant than ever. With social distancing measures in place in many parts of the world, it’s crucial for us to find ways to stay connected with others without putting ourselves at risk. Ancient collective healing processes provide us with an opportunity to do exactly that.

Group healing is an alternative healing practice that has been used for centuries as a way to bring people together in a supportive, collective setting to promote healing and personal growth. Group healings focus on drawing upon the collective energy of the group and using it to support each individual in their journey of self-healing. This practice can be done virtually or in person, with participants engaging in different activities such as guided meditation, visualisation and even free writing exercises to receive the most benefit.

group healing

Unlocking Our Potential Through Group Healing

Experiencing personal healing and growth through group healing is rooted in the belief that we are all connected in an invisible collective energy field.

The concept of a collective consciousness has been explored in research for many years. It is believed that there is an interconnectedness among humans that links us all together, and this collective consciousness can create powerful waves of energy and healing if used correctly. From a quantum mechanics perspective, collective consciousness occurs when the quantum particles of each individual come into alignment, creating a strong collective field that can influence external reality. By coming together in this way, individuals amplify the power of their intention and can manifest positive change in the world around them.

Studies have shown that when people come together to work towards a shared goal, they generate a focused energy that can produce real results in the world. This group connection can be seen in religious rituals, spiritual ceremonies, political rallies, self-help groups, and various other forms of communal gatherings. By consciously connecting our individual energies through the collective consciousness, we can create powerful vibrations of healing and transformation across the globe.

This notion suggests that the power of a group, when focused on one individual, can help to bring about profound changes - physically, emotionally, and spiritually - on a much deeper level than what is possible with solo practices. By entering into this collective energy field and tapping into its universal wisdom, we can open ourselves up to insight, understanding and healing that may have been inaccessible without it. By drawing from the shared energy of the group, we can enhance our natural ability to heal ourselves on a deeper level and unlock new potentials for growth.

The Collective Consciousness is Key to Healing

group healing and collective consciousness

Community and shared experience are essential components of the healing process. By connecting to other individuals who are going through similar challenges, we create a sense of understanding, support and safety that helps us to feel safe enough to access our ventral vagal system, allowing us to ground ourselves in the present moment and get in touch with our feelings. Working together with others can also help us break down isolation and increase our sense of belonging, leading to further strengthening of the ventral vagal system. Gathering together as a community creates collective wisdom which can benefit everyone involved in ways that an individual alone may not be able to achieve.

There are many types of communal gatherings that involve collective consciousness, such as:

  • Religious rituals

  • Pilgrimages

  • Congregational prayer

  • Plant medicine ceremonies

  • Spiritual ceremonies

  • Women's circles

  • Men's circles

  • Self-help groups

  • Various other forms of communal gatherings

  • Yoga classes

  • Meditation sessions

  • Support groups

  • Artistic workshops

  • Music or dance performances

  • Outreach or volunteer events

Strengthening Connection Through Shared Group Healing

Group healing requires a shared willingness to open up and connect with one another in order to create a safe space for authentic and vulnerable communication. This openness allows the group to engage in an environment of mutual support, acceptance and respect which is essential for individual healing.

In this type of collective space, each individual can express their concerns, fears and hopes without judgment or criticism, allowing the opportunity for true connection and understanding. By being willing to open up and be vulnerable with one another, the potential for collective healing can be greater than it could ever potentially be by individuals operating alone.

The scientific community has long acknowledged the health risks associated with disconnection and disease. Studies show that those who are isolated are more likely to experience physical, mental, and even emotional pangs than those who have access to a supportive social circle. Even more compelling is the evidence that increased social connectedness can actually reduce symptoms of chronic illness and disease.

Specifically, research shows that mindful self-compassion practices such as ventral vagal strengthening (VVS) can lead to improved heart rate variability, increased resilience, and better overall health outcomes. Through group healing sessions focused on VVS, individuals can connect with others in a safe and supportive environment while reaping the physical and emotional benefits of intentional friendship

Group healing reflects our ancestors ancient practices. It is focused on cultivating deep presence through mindfulness and self-compassion, not just with ourselves but with each other. This affects our family systems, communities and humanity's levels of empathic awareness.

Taking part in a group healing session can help individuals calm their nervous systems by connecting with others who share similar feelings and experiences. By slowing down and being attuned with others in a safe space, people can learn how to regulate their emotions and increase their tolerance for difficult experience.

In addition to calming nerves, collective healing sessions can also help participants gain insight into why they may be struggling with physical symptoms by tapping into the energetic connections that bind us all together. Through these therapeutic practices, individuals can access helpful resources within themselves while also receiving comfort and support from a group setting.


Transformation Stories

'I hadn't considered distance healing before. Surely it couldn't be as potent or beneficial as hands on healing? Oh how wrong was I? First of I tried Safa's monthly group distance healing sessions. I was amazed at the depth of releasing that happened during that group session. It felt like deep healing from deep within.The depths of spaciousness I felt within my internal world, and the soothing balm sent by Safa and the universe was felt by all of us in that group I should imagine.I was beyond intrigued!I then did the Womb Room rebirthing. I cannot recommend this enough if you are ready to to connect with yourself deeply and heal.'

'I felt as if I was the consciousness within every atom of every cell - every subatomic particle and was mingling consciously with all the particles of the ever expanding universe. Energy ran up and down and swirled around my body. My mind was blown - my soul took over. I saw my soul’s journey into this life.It was abstract, kaleidoscopic- like fractals and bursting open like flowers blooming. I fell to Earth and reminded myself to ground - stay grounded in my body, even as my soul traveled.'

'I could feel it the moment the group healing session started, my legs started shaking and this deep scream came from my perineum. It felt like I was releasing aeons of rage, things carried in my body that weren't even mine. It was raw it was wild. It moved up to my solar plexus and I cried, and then to my heart space where I felt the deep sadness of 'not enough'. I just wept. I felt more still after that and started accessing my voice ( something I've always struggled with). Slowly I felt myself feeling grounded and I held myself in foetal position and I felt a ' thank you' and saw that time was up. And I fell asleep.'

'It was my first time experiencing group healing and i was shocked at how sensitive i would be to the energy work, i could feel the heat rise in my spine the moment you would describe the work being done! i loved it! When you were explaining the release of stress held in the spine i started crying automatically in a light shaky way like my spine was literally shaking it all out. Brilliant!!! I invited my partner to join me when you mentioned in your introduction to do it with family, I hope that’s okay as i didn’t get a ticket for her. I believe it was one of her very first times meditating. She said she could feel her blood flow in her whole body as it was pumped through her heart. She’s a heating plumber and uses her spine a lot to support the heavy loads she carries so she’s often hurting at the lower back. she said that as you were asking us to fully let go, she felt like her body was sliding off at 45 degrees sideways. Sounds like she could feel the imbalance in her spine. I’m so glad i got to share that with her. Thank you so much Safa i look forward to the next group healing session.'

'I saw the group like lights all different and beautifully connected all over the planet like a matrix. I felt Safa and there were also other beings assisting in this recreate. '

'That was so profound! I’m shocked and surprised and amazed what has just happened'

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