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Secrets of Divine Embodiment

Divine embodiment refers to the belief that the divine or sacred aspect of existence can be manifested or expressed through physical form. This concept is found in various ancient religious and spiritual traditions. In order to experience divine embodiment, there has to be a depth of grounding available to hold the energy channel open.

1) Your Heart And Womb Are The Core of Your Creativity and Flow

The journey towards divine embodiment begins with the expansion of two vital centers within your being - the heart and the womb. These sacred spaces hold the keys to unlocking your innate creativity and the natural flow of life force energy that courses through you.

Your heart, when open and radiant, becomes a portal to the infinite well of love, compassion, and intuitive wisdom that resides within. It is the seat of your emotional intelligence, the wellspring from which your deepest desires and authentic expressions arise. By cultivating a deep attunement to your heart's rhythms and sensations, you begin to align with the universal heartbeat that connects you to all of creation.

Equally vital is the nourishment and activation of your womb center, whether you identify as a woman or not. This sacred space is the source of your creative power, the cauldron where new ideas, projects, and life itself are birthed. When you tend to your womb with reverence and care, you ignite the spark of divine femininity that allows you to receptively receive the luminous frequencies of the divine.

Together, the heart and the womb form the foundation for your creative expression and the natural flow of your life force energy. By expanding and harmonizing these two central hubs, you open the floodgates to a deeper well of inspiration, intuition, and the embodied experience of the divine.

This is the first secret of divine embodiment - the unlocking of your core creativity and the honoring of the divine feminine that resides within. Embrace this invitation, and allow your heart and womb to blossom, radiating their light throughout every cell of your being.

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2) The Deeper Your Roots, The Deeper the Revelation You Can Hold, The Higher The Frequency You Can Embody

As we journey deeper into the secrets of divine embodiment, we come to understand the profound interconnectedness between our grounded presence and our capacity for spiritual revelation. Just as the towering oak tree draws its strength and vitality from the expansive root system that anchors it to the earth, so too do we find that the depth of our inner exploration is directly proportional to the depth of our embodied wisdom.

The Sufi mystics often spoke of the importance of cultivating a "tree-like" presence, one that is firmly rooted in the soil of the present moment, yet reaches ever-higher towards the celestial realms. When we create this robust foundation of grounded awareness, we, like the oak, open ourselves to the possibility of receiving profound insights and divine revelations. It is from this place of stable, receptive presence that we become attuned to the subtle whispers of our intuition, the gentle nudges of our higher self, and the luminous frequencies that emanate from the very fabric of existence.

The deeper we allow our roots to penetrate, the more we open ourselves to the profound wisdom and universal truths that lie waiting within. But this process is not simply a one-way street, where we passively receive downloads of sacred knowledge. Rather, it is a dynamic interplay, a constant exchange between the earthly and the celestial. As we allow the revelations from within to guide and inform our embodied experience, we find that our very being begins to resonate at higher frequencies, aligning us more fully with the divine essence that permeates all of creation.

It is through this mutually reinforcing cycle of grounding, revelation, and energetic elevation that we come to embody the full spectrum of our divine nature. We become living conduits, vessels through which the ineffable mysteries of existence can flow and be expressed in tangible, meaningful ways. This is the true power of our roots - not merely to anchor us, but to serve as the fertile ground from which our most profound realizations and highest frequencies can emerge, like the ecstatic whirling of the Sufi dervish, lost in the intoxicating embrace of the divine.

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3) Your Open Crown Field Is A Gateway to Divine Levels of Intelligence

Often associated with the crown chakra in various spiritual traditions, the crown field represents our connection point to the divine, our gateway to higher realms of consciousness and awareness.

When this energetic center is open and receptive, it signifies a mind and spirit that are ready to receive the wisdom and insights that flow from the celestial realms. This openness allows us to perceive and understand the divine essence that resides not only within us, but within the very fabric of the universe. It is this sacred connection that ultimately facilitates the process of divine embodiment.

As we combine this open crown field with the previous two secrets - the expansion of the heart and womb, and the cultivation of deep, grounded roots - we begin to experience a profound harmony within our being. These three aspects work in synergy, bridging the gap between our physical, embodied selves and our spiritual potential.

In this delicate dance of connection, grounding, and openness, we facilitate a constant exchange of energy, love, wisdom, and understanding between ourselves and the universe. It is here, in this state of dynamic equilibrium, that we find ourselves inching ever closer to embodying the divine, to becoming one with the cosmos.

Embrace this final invitation to raise your crown and open yourself to the luminous frequencies of the divine. As you do so, may you discover the infinite possibilities that arise when the heavens and the earth, the physical and the spiritual, converge within the temple of your own being.

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4) Divine Revelation Comes Through Your Body

Feeling the divine intelligence moving deep in the body is a deeply personal and transformative experience. It's akin to a delicate whisper of the universe resonating through every cell, every atom of your being.

As you quiet the mind and tune into the symphony of your existence, you might feel an unusual lightness, a vibrancy that seems to radiate from within, permeating every aspect of your physical self.

This is the force of self healing consciousness.

It's as if a hidden reservoir of energy, warmth, and profound peace has been tapped, flowing freely through your veins, connecting you to an expanse much grander than yourself. These are the gentle signs of the divine making its presence felt in your physical realm, a reminder of the inextricable bond that links the physical with the spiritual, the mortal with the divine, reminding us that we are, in every sense, beautifully and profoundly intertwined with the universe. Learning to deepen your body connect, trust the inherent forces that move through you and heal you and recognise them working deepens your divine embodiment as you recognise the source of all healing is within you.

5) Transmuting Fear to Love Will ElevateYour Soul Frequency

In our darkest nights, when hope seems like a distant memory and solace an elusive dream, trust in the divine can serve as our guiding star. It's not about denying the darkness nor about expecting a miraculous escape from our shadow. Instead, it's about finding the courage to believe that even in our most challenging moments, we are not alone and we are here to transmute all that feels self limiting, into light and expansive awareness. This transmutation takes us deeper into embodied frequencies of light and our true spiritual nature.

The divine, the universal energy that courses through the cosmos, is right there with us—within us. Trusting the divine is akin to trusting the inherent rhythm of life itself. It's to understand that just as day follows night, light will eventually pierce through the darkness. It's about embracing the wisdom that life, in its infinite complexity, comprises both joy and sorrow, growth and decay, light and dark. This trust serves as a silent prayer, a gentle acknowledgement that though the night may be dark, the divine is our companion, our inner strength. It’s a profound acceptance that even in the midst of chaos, there exists a cosmic order, a divine plan, that we are a part of. And in this trust, we find the courage to navigate our darkest nights, fortified by the unwavering belief in the dawn that awaits us.

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"Safa does an amazing part in facilitating the prompts and inspiring a greater depth of self inquiry. Her words are the matter that brings the group together, her spirit is the amniotic fluid bathing us all. Safa holds space with upmost protection and the deepest spiritual integrity that I have ever experienced. I was deeply listened to by Safa and others in the group. Being part of an online community and witnessing others in their healing process gives insight beyond just our own personal experience. Safa is a cosmic pioneer, using social media as an energetic room for us to enter and FEEL in the comfort of our own space." -Brook, USA

* "I learned to love all of me, my victimhood, the part of me that hurts myself. We realigned my hips, we straightened my spine, healed the liver, the black hole in my stomach. We spoke with my highest self and discovered it's name, Liwayway Apostol. I disentangled myself from my parents and their trauma that they were working out on me. I cleared my space and found stillness and peace, and learned that I always have access to this. This cleared my skin from being raw all the time and not understanding why. I learned the delicate balance of my holistic health. Learned what what is not yet resolved with show up physically. I learned to be thankful for my body for showing me what I was not ready to look at, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We cleared a blockage on my third eye, giving me a while new level of clarity. I really learned to be open and fearless, in my work with Safa. She showed me that I am always safe, held and supported. I am at peace with what has happened, not carrying it into my new experiences."

​-Kylee, Liwayway

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