3 Sub personalities get stuck in a lift


Dora: Shi* Now what?

Scrappy looks at Dora

Gandhi: Noticing the lights have dimmed

Dora: Why are you looking at me!?

Scrappy Looks away

Gandhi: Looks at Scrappy. Looks at Dora.

Scrappy sniffs the door

Dora: It’s closed. You can see that.

Scrappy Looks up at Dora.

Dora: For Christ’s sake. Why don’t people maintain these lifts?

Gandhi thinking about the question

Scrappy: Walks around the lift

Dora: Stop walking - you’re making me edgy!

Scrappy: Stops and looks up at her

Dora rages: I’m stuck in a lift with a bloody dog!

Scrappy: She thinks i’m just a dog.

Gandhi: Wonders- how long will these two survive in this lift together?

Dora: I’m pressing the alarm bell. This is ridiculous!

Scrappy: Losing interest. Sits down.

Gandhi: Thinking - she’s panicking. Why?

Dora: There’s too many of us in this lift. I want to get out.

Gandhi: Asks Scrappy Can we let her out?

Dora: Can you help?

Gandhi: What do you think?

Dora: What kind of question is that?

Gandhi: Do you think I can help you?

Scrappy: Looks up at them

Dora: Can you help or not?

Gandhi: It depends what you mean by help

Dora: Stop talking jibberish. I want to get out of this lift.

Scrappy walks around.

Dora: That dog needs to sit still!

Scrappy: Stops moving. Looks at Dora. Goes to lick her shoe.

Dora: Don’t lick my shoe, get away from me!

Gandhi Sighs

Dora: Why are you sighing?

Gandhi looks at the door and then the dog

Dora: Why?

Gandhi: You’re safe here

Dora: I don’t want to be in here

Gandhi: Where do you want to be?

Dora: Somewhere else, not in here with a dirty dog

Gandhi: Whose dog is this?

Dora: I don’t know, but he follows me around

Scrappy: Looks up at Dora.

Dora: Why do you follow me around?

Scrappy: Blank face

Dora: I think he does anyway. That’s how I feel

Gandhi: You feel like he’s following you

Dora: What does he want! When was the last time he was washed?

Scrappy sniffs

Gandhi: Why don’t you ask him

Dora: I don’t talk to dogs!

Gandhi: Maybe you can try today?

Dora: When did u last wash?

Scrappy: Blank face

Dora: Why are you blank?

Scrappy: Blank face

Scrappy wags his tail

Dora: Why are you wagging, are you happy?

Scrappy: Smiles

Dora: You’re happy?

Scrappy: Curls up at her feet

Dora: You’re sitting on my shoes, get off!

Scrappy stays

Gandhi smiles

Dora: What’s he doing?

Scrappy falls asleep

Gandhi: He’s coming home

Dora: I’m not his home

Scrappy snoores

Dora: Can you open the doors?

Gandhi: Yes, just press the button

Dora: What do you mean 'just press the button'

Gandhi: Press ‘open’

Dora: Presses open

[Doors open]

Dora looks at Gandhi

Gandhi looks at Dora

Scrappy walks out

Dora follows Scrappy

Gandhi: Now, who is following who?

Dora: What did you say?

Gandhi: Sometimes the thing you need most is the thing that is annoying you most. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. All you need to do is push the button. Open up. Sometimes, the lift hasn't broken down , it's just waiting for you to realise you've arrived.

Dora: Right..I have no idea what you’re talking about...

Scrappy wags his tail

Dora: The dog seems happy at least

Gandhi: And what about you?

Dora: I’m just happy to get out of this lift

Gandhi: And now?

Dora: Now I’m leaving both of u! I probably smell of dog!

Scrappy raises his eyebrow

Gandhi: Are you taking Scrappy with you?

Dora: No!

Scrappy gets up to start walking

Dora: See- he’s following me again!

Gandhi: Tell him what you want

Dora: I don't know how to do that

Gandhi: Try

Dora: If I agree to take you home..can u promise not to lick my shoes

Scrappy: Woof!

Dora and Scrappy walk off together

Gandhi: Watches them leave and shakes his head and smiles. Presses the lift button.

[Doors close, Gandhi ascends to the top floor]