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Signs that you've created a trauma identity and need to rebirth

Let me explain how holding trauma is different from having a trauma identity.

The trauma identity is a small tight cycle that perpetuates the core wounds through repetitive beliefs, behaviours and body sensations that then reinforce the wound itself. It is a process of chronically and unconsciously lying to yourself to keep yourself stuck because that is what you feel you deserve and that is what gets your needs met (in a warped and unsatisfying way).

With a trauma identity, anything good that happens, any healing work that starts to move the dense structures including and starting with the physical structure and spine, is interpreted as an immediate threat to your existence (because existence is a trauma identity) and therefore you resist change.

Your identity is maintained. Unfortunately this identity is creating pain.

This includes through somatic release and energy work designed to interrupt and integrate patterns of density.

It is usually reflected in the external experience of chasing healing, coaching, spirituality etc only to turn around and say -look it didn't work, nothing works for me, i am beyond repair. The trauma identity does all the right things but is not open. Not in the slightest. Yoga every damn day but the breath of life does not flow. The ego will not allow it, fuelling the deep set soul and body sense of disconnect.

Here's a list of the signs that could be pointing you towards rebirth!

  1. You've been stuck in the same body, emotional state, and limiting beliefs for years and haven't created anything new or moved forward in your goals

  2. You find yourself saying 'i've tried everything and nothing worked for me'

  3. You're focused on how your external circumstances are holding you back without acknowledging how or why you allow it to

  4. You view change as a threat to your immediate safety and existence

  5. When your body releases trauma and pain or emotions you lose yourself, feel ashamed and blame yourself for what you went through

  6. You don't fundamentally value or love yourself but you become bitterly disappointed when you don't receive this love from your partner

  7. You believe co-dependency is the only way that you can exist because you have no strength to exist on your own

  8. You get a sense of power and safety from your own resistance to healing, it reinforces your negative self perception that you have carried all your life

The traumatised person on the other hand, is able to and willing to heal. They welcome change even when it's scary. They're not addicted to toxic self sabotage.

They recognise how they trauma has affected them and notices the way they are slowly improving, changing and healing physically, emotionally and psychologically.

They are open to understanding and accepting the purpose of their pain is growth and therefore they are open to the idea of spiritual evolution.

Rebirth is a total identity dissolution in the void of Womb. It is a surrender that allows you to become undone and begin again.


Here's an analogy:

This is the equivalent of the sun coming through the windows and the trauma identity, instead of opening up, runs and closes all the curtains, puts on sunglasses and a winter coat and sits in the corner asking -'why is there no light?'

'There is light,' the sun says, 'open up.'

'No, it's too dangerous and i don't know how' the reply comes

And so the cycle continues, the heart and bones become cold. The identity solidifies in the physical structure. Chronic betrayal and lies become chronic conditions. Energy and money is spent on curtains and coats.

Meanwhile, the sun comes every day to shine. For free.

'The sun never shines for me' the trauma identity says, 'it is always dark where I live.'

One day the sun knocks directly on the door and the trauma identity answers. 'I am the sun, I have come to offer you light.'

'Nooooooo!' the trauma identity screams and slams the door. 'Look! i didn't put my sunglasses on in time-now you have blinded me! Damn the sun, damn the light! Look at me, I am hurt and injured. This is terrible. I am never answering the door again! Now i cannot see even if i wanted to - for now i am blind! The sun blinded me! Let me call my friends now and ask them if they can help me find my heart, let me find a lover that will love me the way I can't love myself, let me spend my last penny on another pair of sunglasses just incase the sun comes back, and then I can have another reason to put on a ski coat in the middle of summer.'

The trauma identity is a distortion that refuses to learn.

Open the door.

This is the light of your soul that knocks. The harder it feels to open up to it, the more you need this.


This is why rebirth in Womb Room is so powerful. It is an entire identity and existential transformation. If you want a healing breakthrough and you're ready to love yourself unconditionally to get it, reach out to join the next Womb!

Join the next Womb Room and discover why people call it: "life changing, a miracle, healing beyond imagination"

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