Svasthya (स्वास्थ्य): Finding health through finding yourself

The Sanskrit word for health is Svāsthya (स्वास्थ्य). It is coined of two components “SWA” (The being) and “STHA” (Centered).

It means 'Getting Centered into One's Own Being',

It can be understood as - to realise yourself, or to be rooted within yourself.

All your answers are inside you. Nowhere else.

Nothing comes from the outside to give you insight.

That’s why it’s called INsight. Because it comes from within.

WISDOM comes from the root word sapience which is the ability to think and act using experience. The only experience you can have is your own.

When we seek health, solutions, insight, clarity and gifts from anything external we don’t find what we are really looking for. This includes working with sacred plant medicines and healers.

I get lots of people who come to me and say they’ve tried everything but they still don’t have the answers they feel they need.

Usually I listen for a while and then I ask them, did u really want to know? And right here, right now, how much of you really wants to know?

'Of course I want to know!' they say

OK. If getting your answer involves looking at yourself, how much are you willing to see?

That's when the squirm starts. the dance.