How Fear Influences our Immunity

Obesity kills 2.8 million adults globally every year- that’s more than 230,000 human beings a month. This has increased 100pc in the last 40 years. Nevertheless refined sugar, processed foods, overconsumption of animal flesh and toxic alcohol- all proven to contribute to obesity and cardiovascular mortality are widely considered a normal and acceptable privilege of being human.

The issues of persistent stress, trauma, shame, disconnection and grief, widespread food, water and environmental toxicity are compounding a system insistent on compartmentalising bodies and minds. In these seemingly sophisticated societies this is further fuelling food addictions as the mental health of a world more affluent than ever seems to be degenerating before our very eyes.

Perhaps, this is what we need to watch.

Fear and worry especially at a sustained and collective level affect our immune system and gut health. Persistent fear rewires the brain to seek protection instead of liberation, to stop and freeze instead of to move and flow.

To be stuck is to be removed from your true essence.

Personal perspective is key to maintaining your own health, awareness, integrity and balance- let’s ask ourselves what we pay attention to and why, what are we willing to see differently, are we willing to choose self love and self awareness over blame and ignorance.

What are you really scared of, except your own extinction?

What is a life lived in fear except existence in a small prison?

Turn your TV off. Listen to the birds. Let their song remind you of your true privilege. Of your inherent liberty, to take a seat within yourself, to watch the world in all its merry delusions and perfections. To make a choice.