Facts about fascia that will leave you in awe

Fascia is an incredibly intelligent system interacting and touching every single structure and organ of the body. In this post I discuss what fascia is and how craniosacral therapy can help you to access the healing power within your fascia.

What is fascia?

Fascia is a multidimensional matrix of information about what we are and what we've done. It's an alive and highly adaptive web that surrounds all the structures in our body, including our bones, nerves and our vessels. It is our inner web that connects us to the entire web.

What does do?

It main role is structural integrity. It also transmits vital information necessary for our movement and vitality and the whole fascial system is reflected in any part - because it is continuous. This means engaging in fascia is simultaneously an engagement with the entire system.

The fascial web adapts as a living intelligence to support and nourish our inner architecture. All parts of the web communicate with each other at all times, because the web is one. If one part of the web becomes compromised or injured there is a response throughout the entire web, because integrity has been compromised. It has been said that fascia is the soul of the body.

This image below shows surface layer of fascia in the body, as you can see, it's everywhere and the feint stripes show its cellular structure.

As you can see from the image below there are different layers of fascia, superficial and deeper layers. Craniosacral work accesses all layers of fascia.

There are 10X more sensory receptors in fascia than in muscle. It learns us, what we need, and adapts to give us that. Information transmitted through our fascia is many more times faster than information transmitted through our nervous system making it highly sensitive, adaptive and responsive. It responds independently to the nervous system and contracts independently to muscles

Fascia holds memories and information and reacts to emotional stress - each square inch of fascia holds thousands of stories at different levels, about our existence. Bringing awareness to our fascial layers through therapy can help us become aware of unconscious stories that may be holding us back or may be offering an opportunity to deepen our health.

Fascia contains fibroblast cells which are constantly spinning and connecting this intelligent web or matrix. These cells hold information about our immune and nervous system and are constantly working to help us heal. If we have a wound, injury or constriction fibroblasts proliferate and produce collagen to facilitate the repair process. Overtime, if injuries are not healed properly, there can be an overproduction of collagen which creates scar tissue. Scar tissue is dense and rigid and can start to impact our tissues and nerves if it is not softened

Below are two images of fibroblast cells.

See the blue and black fibroblasts here

How does injury, illness and stress affect fascia?

Fascia can become constricted or impacted through illness, injury, surgery, operations such as C sections, postural imbalance and persistent stress or misuse of the body. This has the effect of creating a chaotic and dense structure in fascia which prevents it from sliding smoothly around structures, creating friction and restriction. Immunity issues can also affect our fascia. This can manifest in tightness, tension, discomfort or stiffness. It can also manifest in headaches, migraines, IBS or insomnia etc.The list is endless. It's usually the kind of tension that doesn't seem to go regardless of having physio, massage etc. The psychological impact of fascial restrictions are often a feeling of being stuck, of having a 'nagging' pain that just won't go away or being 'loaded up' with something to carry.

How facial work can help you heal

Movement and hydration are key to fascial health. Daily stretching and exercise as well as the drinking of pure water counters the overproduction of collagen in fascia, reduces inflammation in the body and speeds up the healing of wounds and injuries.

Craniosacral therapy as well as other forms of bodywork can address these deep fascial restrictions but more importantly - the information and messages that are being contained and carried through fascia and fibroblast cells. It can help collagen fibres to realign and enable improved water absorption through cells which helps fascia to slide more easily. This improvement in cell metabolism increases body temperature which increases enzyme activity and has a positive effect on tissues of the body.

Fascia is key to our health and wellbeing. It can help restore the body back to harmony and eliminate pain at the root cause. If you're interested to heal an injury or illness contact me safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk