Experiencing your inner alchemist

Alchemy is a practice of liberating a physical substance from its “fixed” physical properties (Teal Swan). It is commonly referred to as the transmutation of the base metals into gold - but this is also symbolic - everything can be turned into gold - everything can be revealed for it's true essence.

Alchemy is the essence of the human being- hence the name Kimiya that I named my practice after. Kimiya is the Arabic word for alchemy, where the word chemistry is derived from). Everything can be alchemised. Energy is the fundamental basis of physical form, and all energy is transmuted, never created and never destroyed - it is just changed.

So what do you need to change? How do you change? It is even possible to change? All good questions. In my practice I invite my clients to become a witness. An impartial observer. I invite them to first notice the physical fixations in their body. For many people who are in alot of pain, or numb or disconnected from their body this can be a huge step and can take a few sessions. Others will know immediately the points in their body that are calling for their attention. Calling to be witnessed.

Fixations include emotions and thought forms as well as pain, tension, contraction etc. They are all valid sources of information about our living process.

Then, I invite them to listen.

Most people can get to the point of noticing their body, specific limbs or pains, sometimes people can even sense their organs and fluids. However, listening to the body requires a deeper ability to actually feel and translate this sensation or sensory information into insight. Usually, this is where it gets difficult for people, and this is when the resistance walls start being built. For people who have tried to distance themselves from their body and emotional pain, there is little desire to seek insight but a potent tendency to look externally and blame the outside world for the way they are.

This is where I come in, as a therapist, helping people to hear, to listen. By translating the body's messages into personalised insight, I can help to reconnect a person with their inner intelligence.

This ability to 'listen' with your inner ears, to see with your inner eyes, to know, with your inner heart, what is happening to your body and mind, does become more natural with time and as sessions deepen clients usually get more used to listening to what their body is actually telling them or asking for. Once the insight starts rolling through, it is incredibly beautiful.

It takes the conversation from 'my leg leg is numb and feels heavy' to 'my left leg is numb because it's in shock, it's in shock because I've broken it twice by falling and it expects to be broken again, so it has seized up to protect itself' This makes it much easier to understand that the body is not working against you, it's working for you!

When we get to this point, it is much easier for people to understand why their body is the way it is. There is always, always a good reason. The body is highly intelligent and is always working to protect you and keep you alive.

So once we are aware that the leg is scared, we have identified not just the physical fixation - the stiffness, but also the psychological fixation - e.g falling renders me helpless and will make me feel pain to the emotional fixation - fear, fear of falling, fear of being in pain.

Then the question is - do you want to move from this fixation or do you want to keep holding it?

What is it giving you to hold onto illness pain and suffering?

All experiences are multidimensional and there is no wrong or right answer.

Owning your choices, especially the ones you are making out of habit or unconsciously as a reflect response or an old programming handed down to you, becoming aware of what you are choosing is a key step towards healing.

Alchemy is the ultimate liberation and the ultimate choice. You are the alchemist. You make the choice.

When clients witness their own body, their own process, they can observe the choices they are making, and decide in that moment they’ve had enough of their own self limiting and self sabotaging ways, when their craving for their own love and health to emerge outweighs any sense of fear of being judged, shut down, destroyed- then, they rise up.

Their entire system recalibrates before their eyes, at their command, tissues bones and fluids, organs all in discussion with each other about reorganising. Miracles.


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