Transformational 1-1 therapy

'This healing programme will blow your mind'
'I transformed and healed my inner world and outer realms'

'I'm a radically different person now'

'It was life changing'

Hidden Chambers

You're trauma aware and ready to heal 

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This programme is for you if you are seeking to heal physical symptoms including chronic illness, pain and neurological conditions and are aware of your emotional traumas. You've done some therapy before and are embracing your inner work. 

What people say:

'The toxins and tensions were discarded from every part of me'
'I released and let go everything that was no longer needed'
'Healing with Safa will blow your mind and transform you'


Personalised integrated healing programme consisting of 6 sessions:

Programmes can include elements of:  

Experiencing deeper safety and reclaiming lost power

Inner child / feminine and masculine integration 
Accessing hidden chambers of the heart

Meeting and understanding emotions

Spinal re-alignment | cranial integration 

Nervous system re-attunement and adrenal rebalancing

Visceral integration, healing and reconnection
Womb healing, Birth work, Rebirthing of children

Brain detoxification | lymphatic drainage | fluid flow

Retrieving and integrating memories

£900 for 6 session programme (£150 per session)
Payment is required upfront before the sessions begin

Each session is 60 mins 

Sublime Mastery

You're a healer / therapist looking to attain self mastery

This programme is for you if you are looking to go deeper within, to clear the final imprints of old structures in your system, to master your physical and energetic space, clarify your purpose and work and experience a sublime level of inner alignment.

What people say:

'Her ability to feel my system at each moment was amazing'
'Safa is pure brilliance. A force of nature'
'Therapy with Safa changed my inner self radically.'


Personalised integrated healing programme and practices

Programmes can include elements of:  

Integrating the purpose of pain -accessing soul insight
Shadow work and clearing relational cords and imprints

Spinal re-alignment, grounding into the grave

Crown, root and heat attunement 

Understanding and dissolving ancestral structures 

Pre-conception consciousness and soul contact work

Rebirthing of self and children

Accessing all subtle imprints and clearing deep unconscious toxicity 

Inner child / feminine / masculine integration

Heart work and accessing kingdoms of the heart
Clearing of ancestral curses, black magic and evil eye
Spirit release / Jinn release
Creating new vibrational self healing structures and refining tools

Working with spiritual initiations


£900 for 6 session programme (£150 per session) 
Payment is required upfront before the sessions begin

Each session is 60 mins 

Family Re-Constellation

You're a parent looking to heal yourself, your children and your relationship

Radical approach to family healing - I work with all family members nervous systems and fields at the same time - they will not need to be present but will feel the change. Families that heal together grow and deepen together. 

What people say:

'Now my two young boys have freedom to thrive in their unique individuality' 

'I can finally nurture a happy family and so much more'
'Rebirthing my son gave us the start we always wished we had'
'I healed so much guilt and shame and reconnected with my children'


Full consultation 

Personal sessions for you x 2
Sessions that incorporate your children x 2 (they do not need to be present)
Sessions that incorporate your partner x 1 (they do not need to be present)
Healing the whole family as a constellation x 1

Programmes can include elements of:  
Working not just with your system but your whole family- at the same time(!)

Healing conception, in utero and birth trauma and attachment dynamics
Healing unconscious relational disconnection and behavioural challenges

Healing from separations, divorces

Rebirthing of children
Accessing heart of partner at a deeper level

£1500 for 6 session programme (£250 per session)

Each session is 70 mins 

Radical leadership

You're a leader / entrepreneur looking to facilitate clarity and creativity 

You've outgrown your life coach and you are looking to become a visionary leader and pioneer in your field. 

What people say:

'Her knowledge is vast and all through her own explorations and experiences'

'She has throughout helped me see my own gifts and abilities and become the best version of myself.'
'I found out my strength and the direction I want to take in my life and career.'


Personalised roadmap encompassing aspects of your personal and business goals 

Programmes can include elements of:  
Access radical alternative dimensions of thinking 
Read situations at a deeper level, access subtle dynamics in your business

Gain clarity on your purpose in life and soul quest
Align your personal and business vision with your practical life

Accessing altered states to drive productivity and focus

Balancing personal ambition with family responsibilities
Build somatic resilience to thrive under stress and pressure 
Identify and heal self limiting beliefs impeding your success
Understand heal root causes of self doubt 
Access deep somatic knowledge, leverage intuition in a powerful way

Investment: £1200 for 6 session programme, £200 per session
Each session is 60 mins