1-1 therapy

'This will blow your mind '

'i'm a radically different person now'

'life changing'

hidden chambers

you're emotionally aware, you've done some trauma work and you're ready to free yourself

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You're aware of trauma that underpins your physical and emotional symptoms. You're self aware, emotionally available and ready to resolve the root cause. You've done some therapy work before. 

'The toxins and tensions were discarded from every part of me'
'I released and let go everything that was no longer needed'
'Therapy with Safa changed my inner self radically.'

Investment: £720 for 6 session programme


sublime mastery

you're a therapist looking to go deeper and swiftly remove blocks in your path and purpose


Master your own creation, swiftly remove any blocks in your path. Notice and dissolve subtle hooks. Redefine your world. Rise to become your greatest. 

'Her ability to feel my system at each moment was amazing' 

'Safa sparkles with clarity, truth and wisdom'
'Her powerful energy  lays bare old patterns and gives light to new possibility.' 

Investment: £720 for 6 session programme


radical leadership

you're a conscious leader looking to pioneer new ways and go beyond coaching towards alchemy in an altered state


Access the pinnacle of your creativity, leadership and authenticity. Remove all blocks that are in your way. Break new ground by going within, to transform the external. 

Investment: £950 for 6 session programme 



Low cost therapy

If you are a member of BPOC or a marginalised community and facing severe financial difficulties I have a set number of spaces allocated for low cost work. 

Assessment fee (30 min zoom call) £15

If we continue therapy it will be 1 session per week for 4 weeks. Each session lasts 45 mins. 


 The fee is £40 per session which is payable upfront and non refundable. I only accept payment by bank transfer or online.

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