Life changing transformation in 6 weeks

'This healing programme will blow your mind'
'I transformed and healed my inner world and outer realms'

'I'm a radically different person now'

'It was life changing'

Hidden Chambers

You're trauma aware and ready to heal the root causes

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You're trauma aware and ready to heal the root causes and work with all levels from physical, to emotional to spiritual. This is a 6 week programme consisting of 6 weekly sessions of 60 mins each. 

What people say:

'I am a new person now. I never imagined I could feel like this'
'It was a profound and life changing journey'
'Healing with Safa will blow your mind and transform you'

'Her ability to feel my system at each moment was amazing'

'Safa is pure brilliance. A force of nature''

'Her healing ability is a gift from the universe'

£1,600 for the 6 session programme 

Family Re-Constellation

Heal your whole family, together

Radical approach to family healing - I work with all family members nervous systems and fields at the same time - they will not need to be present but will feel the change. Families that heal together grow and deepen together. 

What people say:

'Now my two young boys have freedom to thrive in their unique individuality' 

'I can finally nurture a happy family and so much more'
'Rebirthing my son gave us the start we always wished we had'
'I healed so much guilt and shame and reconnected with my children'


Each session is 70 mins 






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