A life changing transformation in 6 weeks

'This healing programme will blow your mind'
'I transformed and healed my inner world and outer realms'

'I'm a radically different person now'

'It was life changing'

Hidden Chambers

You're trauma aware and ready to heal the root causes

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You are trauma aware and ready to heal the root causes. You've tried other therapies and healing paths and they've got you to a certain consciousness level but you want to go beyond and deeper.  Something has called you to be here, you are wondering what rapid and radical transformation at an identity level would mean for you. You have dreams and goals that you've been stuck on for too long and you want to dissolve self limiting beliefs . You are ready to work with all levels from your physical structure and spinal alignment to your emotions and your energy field. You are open to being shown whatever you need to see in order to resolve trauma in your body, once and for all. You are ready to embody your true power and learn how to harness your inner alchemist. If you are ready, I am here. 


No stone is left unturned. I will work with you as deeply as you are willing to work with yourself. This is the safest space you can find yourself in. I feel all that moves and I show you how you move. Together, we create a path to inner peace, harmony, health, purpose and vibrancy.


I work in an unparalleled depth and the benefits are evident immediately. All healing work is conducted live. I value complete transparency and integrity throughout the work, you will know exactly what is happening at all times because I will show you, tell you and explain. 

What my clients say:

'I am a new person now. I never imagined I could feel like this'
'It was a profound and life changing journey'
'Healing with Safa will blow your mind and transform you'

'Her ability to feel my system at each moment was amazing'

'Safa is pure brilliance. A force of nature''

'Her healing ability is a gift from the universe'

Family Re-Constellation

Heal yourself and your children together

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You are here because you know there is serious healing work that needs to be done in your family. You are ready now, to take yourself and your entire family into a new way of being, where you are healthy, united and living harmoniously with one another. You have come together and created this family for a reason, it is a living universe, each soul plays its part. My radical approach to family healing is unparalleled and I am the only healer who will work at depth with your entire family structurally and energetically at the same time. I will also show you exactly what is going on at all levels, so that there is no doubt about the healing process. Often families end up seeing separate therapists and having individual sessions that continue for many months without big shifts or change. Healing together in this programme is a catalyst for the transformation and health of what is probably the most important thing in your life - your family. Please note, this programme does not require the whole family to be present, ideally you and your partner but if it's just you that's fine too.

What my clients say:

'Now my two young boys have freedom to thrive in their unique individuality' 

'I can finally nurture a happy family and so much more'
'Rebirthing my son gave us the start we always wished we had'
'I healed so much guilt and shame and reconnected with my children' 

'Over six weeks we delved deep. It took our whole family into so many sacred and spiritually connected realms; I would need to write a novel to describe them all (and only in 6 weeks!).'

'Safa could feel what each of my two boys really needed physically and emotionally. She talked through the sessions clearly and openly as she was doing the healing work. She also actively involved us to also try to feel them as she was working her magic healing and we could feel the changes happening immediately. After just six weeks they are now like 2 new boys. Their bodies have healed. They can grow into who they need to be.'

Investment: POA

Each session is 60 mins and involves healing of yourself, your partner and your children at the same time. This work includes structural and visceral healing, relational healing and trauma resolution. 

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