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Client Case: The Courage to Clear Toxicity Caused by Unresolved Childhood Sexual Trauma

Picture a life burdened by a tumultuous past—a childhood marred by sexual abuse, a harrowing head injury, and a relentless struggle with substance abuse. Now, imagine carrying the weight of these traumas beneath the suffocating shadow of depression and self-doubt. Enter Claire (name altered for confidentiality), my courageous client. She wasn't just grappling with her past; she felt shackled by it, haunted by a deep-rooted sense of unworthiness. As her therapist, I embarked on a mission: to guide Claire in breaking free from the chains of her history and reclaiming the vibrant life she deserved.

At the age of 55, after countless futile attempts at therapy, Claire took a leap of faith and embarked on a transformative journey with me. Our approach was anything but conventional, blending trauma-focused somatic healing, shadow work, inner child integration, cranial therapy, and energy healing. With each session, we delved deeper, peeling back the layers of trauma that had long been buried within her nervous system.

Issues, Symptoms and Challenges

  • Persistent feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt

  • Chronic depression

  • Digestive issues

  • Recurrent episodes of substance abuse

  • Headaches related to past head injury

  • Flashbacks or intrusive memories related to childhood sexual abuse

  • Difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Feelings of being trapped in her past and unable to move forward

  • Struggles with regulating emotions and managing stress

  • Limited sense of joy or fulfilment in life

  • Uncertain about deeper purpose

  • Unable to 'achieve' anything

The Healing Journey

Emotional Breakthroughs Unveiled: Tears Shed, Rage Released

As our sessions unfolded, a profound journey of emotional release ensued. Tears flowed freely, and suppressed rage emerged, especially during the cleansing of her liver, purging decades of internalized pain. These cathartic experiences illuminated the depth of her trauma and its enduring impact on her life.

Confronting Shame: A Transformative Act of Purging

A pivotal moment arrived when she courageously confronted her long-held shame and self-hatred. Choosing a majestic oak tree in the forest as her witness—a symbol of strength and sanctuary—she embarked on a powerful purge. This symbolic act marked a pivotal turning point in her healing journey, enabling her to confront and heal the wounds of her past.

From Self-Doubt to Self-Worth: Nurturing Confidence Through Practice

With each session, she blossomed, cultivating a newfound confidence and inner stability. Through diligent practice in regulating her nervous system and embracing her emotions without reservation, she nurtured a growing sense of self-worth. Guided by meditation, journaling, and daily grounding rituals, she embarked on a journey of profound self-discovery and self-love.

Unleashing Feminine Power: Dancing Under the Stars

In a moment of triumph, she embraced her feminine power and stood tall in her own strength. As the final session approached, she joyously danced beneath the twinkling stars alongside the mighty oak tree. No longer shackled by feelings of inferiority or unworthiness, she radiated confidence and self-love, reclaiming her true essence and embracing her innate power.

Client Reflections

"Safa holds a safe, powerful space. I knew I was being 'held' in non-judgment, the safest of spaces. I have no fear with Safa. I feel her unconditional love. I can be me. I came face to face with my shadows. I met them full-on, the trauma, the fear, shame, the terror, the toxic energy surrounding them. The toxins and tensions were discarded from every part of me. They flushed and gushed out of me. My body moved and writhed around in the releasing. I let go like I've never let go before. Safa held space for me throughout and liberated all this negative, unwanted, old, energy from me. I released and let go of everything that was no longer needed. Safa was focused and rooted and stayed by my side while finally every last drop of the murky dirty water was released.

I could not have ever imagined this calmness and newness. As I write this, I'm sending love and healing to every cell and organ in my body! I'm self-reflecting and building an awareness of myself that is brand new. If you are ready to be the best version of yourself, if you are ready to cut through the layers of bullsh*t, then connect with Safa. She reminds you of who you truly are." - Claire


In conclusion, Claire's healing journey was remarkable. From grappling with the depths of her childhood abuse to reclaiming her power and stepping into her magic, Claire's transformation is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Through a combination of somatic work and energy healing Claire navigated the darkest corners of her nervous system and heart and emerged stronger than ever before.

Trauma focused somatic work as well as structural reintegration of her cranial space and spine, and emotional healing work that included many purges of energetic toxicity, all played a pivotal role in Claire's healing journey.

Each session was a step towards unraveling the layers of trauma and reclaiming her sense of self-worth.

As Claire moves forward, no longer defined by her past but empowered by her resilience, the world better get ready for her radiance. This case study underscores the profound impact of therapeutic intervention in empowering individuals to not just survive, but to thrive.

Claire's story is a reminder that healing is possible, even in the face of the deepest wounds

P.S. If you’re ready to heal you can:

1. Work with me privately in a 1:1 transformational journey

2. Heal yourself in these self paced online courses at the School of Healing Alchemy. 3. Tune into the Kimiya Healing podcast for free healing practices and guidance 4. Join my group healing circle for powerful alchemy sessions every two weeks


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